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Kampung Naga, Indonesia,

Exploring Ancient Civilization from Bandung, Kampung Naga

If you’re taking a trip to Bandung, Indonesia you may be asking yourself “what the heck is there to do in Bandung?” Great question, glad you asked. Located centrally and towards the west of Indonesia, also known as ‘West Java’ Bandung is a great place to call home base if you’re looking to explore this exotic destination. Home to a variety of travel tastes, Bandung really has it all for the traveler who wants it all, like maybe an ancient village such as Kampung Naga.

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Now if you know my style then you know that by day I am romping around in search of ancient civilizations, heritage and myths. By night, it’s that luxury towel robe and wine in my room. That’s just how I roll. This is why I want to share with you a few really cool places near Bandung where you can get your nerdy fix, while still staying in style.

Ancient Civilization and Heritage in Bandung

Kampung Naga, Indonesia,

Kampung Naga, Garut – Traditional Ancient Village

Just 2 hours east of Bandung is Kampung Naga, Garut. Kampung Naga is a traditional Indonesian village. Its name means “Dragon Village” and unlike many places in Indonesia, it is still governed by the same laws as it was hundreds of years ago and maintains its ancestral traditions.

The village is very primitive without electricity and remains very isolated from the advancements of Indonesia. So why so appealing?

Why do People Want to Visit Kampung Naga?

The attraction to Kampung Naga lies in the preservation of its traditions and beliefs. For example, they maintain traditional customs such as the ceremonial holy days of the Islamic ‘Mulud’ months and ancestral readings such as Pedaran Alif.

The ancestral influence in the community of “SaNaga” meaning Grandmother of Worship. Her tomb lies west of the village and is considered by their society as a shrine. Pilgrimages and ceremonies are held for all of the descendants of SaNaga. This article tells about some unique legends and history associated with Kampung Naga.

There is also an interest in the buildings of Kampung Naga which are made of palm leaves, coconut leaves, injuk, bamboo, rattan, and rocks. Situated among lush green hills, the village is quite picturesque.
Kampung Naga, Indonesia,

To Get There

Visiting this village requires the permission the village’s head. You can learn more about scheduling a tour here.

To get to Kampung Naga from the road to Garut, Tasikmalaya down the steps that have been walled (Sunda sengked) up to the river bank slope Ciwulan with approximately 45 degrees with a distance of approximately 500 meters. Then, through a path along the river to Ciwulan in Kampung Naga. According to data from the Village Neglasari, land surface form in Kampung Naga hills of soil productivity can be said fertile.

So if you’re planning a trip to Bandung, it is certainly worth a visit to explore Kampung Naga. You will find yourself fully absorbing the ancient world of Indonesia while still being able to order room service by night.

Photos by dany13 under the CC License

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