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The Beautiful Pretender Book Review feature

The Beautiful Pretender Book Review

I was given a review copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

You know how much I love a great fairy tale. The Beautiful Pretender is a perfect fit for a travel-sized read. It’s a story of romance and deceit woven into an evil plot and captured by the strength of a courageous woman, just the right type of story to keep you entertained on your long journey. In the car or on the plane, you’ll certainly be able to pass the time with this good read.

A Princess and the Pea meets Beauty and the Beast”

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The Beautiful Pretender My Review

I have never read a book by Melanie Dickerson before, so I had no idea what I would be in for. It took me the first chapter to get into the book, but once I was there, I was totally there. I couldn’t put it down!

I recently took it home with me during a five-day trip back to Florida and really enjoyed relaxing for the first time in months, getting totally lost in a book. There’s nothing quite like it. Melanie is an incredible storyteller. She kept me completely engaged in The Beautiful Pretender, a thrilling story of romance, adventure and pure courage.

I love that it’s set in Germany. As a travel writer who specializes in fairytale places, this is THE place for a fairytale setting. With its half-timbered homes and fairytale castles, it really is the perfect setting for this medieval fairytale.

I especially love how strong and courageous Avelina is. And what a beautiful name!

I am a huge fan of both Disney and classic fairy tales from which their adaptations are so well known for. This really brought me back to Beauty and the Beast. What an amazing highlight to such a classic story.


If you’re looking for an incredible book for your next trip, pick up The Beautiful Pretender on May 17th. It’s on preorder now here on Amazon. You won’t regret this one!


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