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Most Popular Things to do in Fiji with Family

Popular Things to do in Fiji


So you’re going to Fiji? How awesome is that! You’re excited, and you should be, Fiji is like a dream! But do you have a plan for things to do in Fiji? While planning your Fiji vacation, you may wonder what are the most popular things to do on the island that your whole family will enjoy. While the Fiji Islands are a beautiful getaway for singles and couples, there are all kinds of adventures awaiting families.

Of course, you need to consider the ages of your family members (seems obvious I know but you’d be surprised what people overlook).

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Things to do in Fiji

For Small Children

The Fiji Museum is one of the most popular points of interest as all ages can enjoy investigating the culture and evolution of the islands. The same goes for Sawa-i-Lau where you can enjoy caves formed by volcanoes. This area is known as the heart of the Yasawas with all kinds of legends and tales that this is actually the final resting place of the Fiji god, Ulutini which was a ten headed Fijian god.


Older Kids

If you do not have small children with you, you can take an adventure by kayaking through the island chain of the Yasawas. These are very remote islands that most visitors never venture to view.
You can also take full day cruises and see what the waters around Fiji have to offer. You can enjoy a complete day of Snorkeling and whale viewing with a wonderful lunch right on your cruise ship.


Fiji offers several different tours for all ages. You can talk with the various tour guides to ensure that you choose one that is perfect for the ages of your family members.


I highly recommend taking some time to explore the Bouma National Heritage Park with its magnificent waterfalls. Here the kids can actually play in the water and cool off while you just relax and enjoy the beauty that abounds.


Another great adventure in Fiji is a quiet boat trip up the Navua River which will take you passed villages and of course allow you to see the beautiful untouched areas of the islands with majestic waterfalls, gorges and even be part of a Kava ceremony. The trip will take an entire day but allows you to explore your taste buds when trying an authentic Fijian lunch.


Follow this with a dip in the mountain water.
No matter what type of tour you would like to enjoy, most companies will pick you up right at your hotel and bring you back, so you never have to worry about getting to the location you need to be in time for your tour. Paradise like the Fiji Islands must be one of those items you place on your bucket list or you will be missing out on one of the most gorgeous places on the earth. I hope you have an amazing trip if you’re heading there!


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