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Favorite Holiday Tradition and Special $20 Giveaway

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Traditions are so important to any family unit, even if it’s family-like friends. No matter how great or small, they give you and the people you love something special to look forward to. Whether it’s birthday traditions or holiday traditions, they are intangible and special. For young families, maybe you’re looking for something special to make into a tradition. This is why I’m sharing my favorite special tradition with you.

Baking Christmas Cookie Baskets for Friends and Family

This is an old tradition which goes back to when I was a child. My sister always baked cookies for Christmas. She made these amazing icebox cookies. It was guaranteed to happen every single year. The smell of fresh cookies baking and the whole experience of coming together to make these treats was so special to me. I found myself trying to replicate the tradition while I was in college but didn’t truly master it until my son was about two years old. Now, every single holiday season we make Christmas cookies and give them away in little baskets or goody bags. I always make a special sugar cookie dough early in the season and freeze it so we can bake all winter long and be ready for a season of holiday giving.

This year I was starting to get nervous that I wouldn’t have the time to dedicate to the elaborate cookies which I’m known for. Baking Christmas cookies is such a big part of the whole holiday season for me. It’s not an option, it’s something I love to do. Now, being a busy blogger creates a need for me to opt for the most time-saving solutions. I was really happy when Betty Crocker asked me if I wanted to try their simple cookie mix. A total relief just came over me knowing I would be able to squeeze in easy holiday treats without all the major preparations and shopping. So, I went to the store with a mission, to make lots of yummy cookies in as little time as possible and surprise our loved ones with a #SpreadCheer basket!

Check out these awesome recipes!


Surprising the special people in our lives was more simple than ever with Betty Crocker cookies. We were able to make delicious cookies, have some fun together and seriously spread some cheer! I truly feel that we made the neighborhood a happier place this week and kicked off the holiday season with our gifts of cookies!

The Deliveries!

Handing out our sweet treats was super fun! It really made the whole baking process worth while, not to mention we kept a few for ourselves!

The Neighbors

We spread cheer with neighbors!
We spread cheer with neighbors!


We spread cheer with family!
We spread cheer with family!


We spread cheer with friends!
We spread cheer with friends!

Spread Your Own Cheer!

By surprising our favorite people with fresh-baked goodness, it shows we care and that we want them to know it. You can celebrate the season by spreading the cheer with cookies too! This Christmas it’s easier than ever with simple cookie recipes from Betty Crocker. Just follow this link to their site for cute printables, awesome recipes and a coupon!

Cick for couponprintrecipes

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Holiday Giveaway

Now you can really score with this fun giveaway! One lucky winner will get a $20 gift card to spread cheer! Enter here!

Betty Crocker

Everything you need to #SpreadCheer is right here!

Screen grab

Holiday traditions are so important and are the true reason why we come together. Presents are fun and it’s always nice to see your children’s eyes sparkle with anticipation, but it’s the traditions which stay with you and your kids forever. And who knows, they may even be passed onto generations to come.

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