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Halloween Recipes

20 Spooky Halloween Recipes You’ll Love

Halloween Recipes

because it’s time to start planning…

I can’t even believe it’s already time to start writing about Halloween recipes. What I can’t believe even more is that I’m actually home long enough to do it this year! Since I started The Fairytale Traveler, I’ve always played with the idea of making time for fun, geeky recipes but have just never been home enough to actually make it happen. Well this year is different friends. Starting now I am so happy to announce our “between travels” section where we will be featuring fun, geeky stuff we do at home like cool parties, recipes and games. And what a better time to start than with the pending holiday season! So, I decided to put together a roundup of some pretty cool recipes…

Halloween is a super fun time of year. For me, it’s more than just costumes and candy. Our family longs for Halloween because it marks the near end of a long hot summer in Florida. It really brings on the feels for baking and decorating. Oh and dare I forget the anticipated fall trip!

Every year we take a road trip to the mountains of North Carolina and into Tennessee. We love seeing the fall colors and feeling the brisk air. Oh, we love it so much I can’t even put it into words! It’s the beginning of our absolute favourite time of year! Hiking, baking, family, friends… what more could you want from October-January! So, to get us started on these big plans…

Here are 20 awesome Halloween recipes you’ll love to make for friends and family

1. From Sugar Hero: OMG I love this blog! Seriously, I have THE biggest sweet tooth in the history of sweet teeth! Here you can find loads of awesome sweets like these Red Velvet Hot Chocolate and Almond Witch Fingers Cookies! These are so easy to make and are a total crowd pleaser.

red velvet hot chocolate

2. Cookies and Cups has the cutest Melted Witch Push Up Pops! Seriously, these are super easy to make and super fun! Oh and did I mention they are delicious!

Halloween Recipes Melted Witch Push Up Pops

3. Frugal Mom Eh is one of my favorite sites and since I’ve never met a cake pop I didn’t like, I figured you would love her Pumpkin Cake Pop recipe. OMG! These things will leave you the Queen of Cake Pops.

Halloween Recipes Pumpkin Cake Pop

4. Flour on My Face has an awesome Gluten-Free Halloween Candy Corn Pudding for your GF needs. This fun and easy recipe is a great snack for any party or even just for an after dinner Halloween treat!

Halloween Recipes Gluten-Free Halloween Candy Corn Pudding

5. Jade Louise Designs has this Spooky Pudding Cup Trifle recipe to die for! Kids and grown-ups will love biting into this fun and spookilicious dessert. You can usually pick up these cool cups for $1 at the dollar store too.

Halloween Recipes Spooky Pudding Cup Trifle

6. Frugal Antics Recipes made these yummy Mummy Cookies. These take a little bit of skill but are totally worth it and will definitely impress the house guests!

Halloween Recipes Mummy Cookies

7. Just Us Four Blog made these Candy Corn M&M Halloween “Trash”  balls. These are always a win at parties and super easy to lug over to other people’s houses and school.

Halloween Recipes Candy Corn M&M Halloween Trash"

8. Rick A Bam Boo made these insanely simple Rice Crispy Treat Zombie Brains.Literally anyone can do this and they are definitely bringing the spooks. Fun for kids and yummy all the way around.

Halloween Recipes Rice Crispy Treat Zombie Brains

9. Simplee Thrifty made these crazy cute Spooky Spider Cupcakes. I love the presentation on these, they are easy and adorable. Totally a winner. You can get the eyes at Walmart. I always get them after Halloween for next year at a discount.Halloween Recipes Spooky Spider Cupcakes

10. Five Heart Home has these terribly cute Halloween Cookie Pops-Nutter Butter Bats & Mummies.No matter who you are, these are adorable. I think they may be my favorite in the whole list.

Halloween Recipes Halloween Cookie Pops

Halloween Recipes Halloween Cookie Pops

11. The Girl Who Ate Everything brings these Dracula’s Dentures which are one of my favorite things to bite! We did these last year and they went like hotcakes (except they were dentures) ha!

Halloween Recipes Dracula's Dentures

12. Cookies and Cups nailed it with these adorable Witches Broom Cupcakes! These are really simple to make and easy for last-minute party treats too.

Halloween Recipes Witches Broom Cupcakes

13. Sugar Hero brings us what may be the easiest recipe of them all, these Floating Eyeball Jello Shots. Not only are they super easy, they are super creepy (which kids and grown ups totally love).

Halloween Recipes Floating Eyeball Jello Shots

14. Frugal Mom Eh brings another winner. I love the Nightmare Before Christmas! These Jack Skellington Cupcakes are really easy and totally bring on the Halloween feels. One of my favorite Halloween recipes for sure!

Halloween Recipes Jack Skellington Cupcakes

15. Jade Louise Designs brings us another cool Halloween recipe, these Leaky Cauldron Brownies are fun and yummy. Totally a great pick for the not-so-spooky party.

 Halloween Recipes Leaky Cauldron Brownies


16. A Girl and a Glue Gun rocked it with this super Easy Halloween Drink With Peep Straws. These are totally adorable and super easy to make. On a scale of 1-10 for easy, these are a 10 for Halloween recipes plus they are super low cost. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Halloween Recipes Easy Halloween Drink With Peep Straws

17. Ink Happi made these fun Zombie Boogers with printables. She’s always bringing the ink! I love that! These are easy and fun for kids too.

Halloween Recipes Zombie Boogers

18. Five Heart Home has these really cute Pretzel Candy Spiderwebs. I love the mix of sweet and salty which is what these are all about. YUm!

Halloween Recipes Pretzel Candy Spiderwebs

19. The Girl Who Ate Everything has this not-so-spooky recipe for Scream Cheese Brownies which I think are great for really any fall occasion.

Halloween Recipes Scream Cheese Brownies

20. I Heart Naptime has these adorable Monster Cupcakes which are pretty simple to make and fun for kids to help with.

Halloween Recipes Monster Cupcakes

So what are you baking for Halloween?

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