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Ant Man Teaser Trailer

Ant Man Teaser Trailer Just Released from Marvel Studios

July 2015

When it comes to trailers for movies I already know I want to see I’m a little hesitant with them. It’s not that I believe my enthusiasm would diminish but, the fear of spoilers (considering I’ll be watching the movie and thinking of parts from the trailer(s) that haven’t been shown yet).

The next evolution of the Marvel Cinematic Universe brings a founding member of The Avengers to the big screen for the first time with Marvel Studios’ “AntMan” when master thief Scott Lang must embrace his inner-hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, protect the secret behind his spectacular AntMan suit from a new generation of towering threats.

-Marvel Studios


The Hulking Reviewer on the New Ant Man Teaser Trailer


The latest Ant Man teaser trailer gives a tremendous amount of information but thankfully it doesn’t SEEM to give any spoilers. It does confirm the speculation about the story line from (my earlier post) about Hank Pym and Scott Lang. Hank tells Scott that he’s been watching him for a while and the opportunity being presented to him is a second chance.


The images of Scott with his daughter and surrendering to police as if he was just caught after breaking and entering confirms that he was led down that path out of necessity relating to his daughter. And since the name Ant Man has already been chosen, which Scott doesn’t like (and as a nod to those who may feel the same), clearly Hank was once Ant Man himself.


I don’t think the timing of this release during the new Agent Carter series is a coincidence as Hank Pym being Ant Man allows for a generation of superheroes prior to the Avengers Initiative shown in the first Iron Man. Since she does have a role in the movie could it have revelations for the show similar to what Captain America: Winter Soldier had for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? But what other clues does this trailer contain that might shed light on where this movie is headed?


Hope Van Dyne played by Evangeline Lilly is shown as having an active role in what appears to be Scott’s hand-to-hand combat training demonstrating her proficiency with firearms. Her character is interesting in terms of her roots in the comics as a villain, and it almost seems safe to say that she’ll be following in the footsteps of her mother, the Wasp, as opposed to becoming the Red Queen. Still, it opens up tremendous possibilities for her character since the technology already exists for her to become the Wasp or even the Red Queen.


Darren Cross has the appearance of a self-made millionaire but unlike his comic book alter ego who also fought with Scott Lang as Ant Man, he becomes Yellowjacket and his Ant Man’s nemesis. There is a brief sequence where Scott is shown throwing Darren into glass, and perhaps that tussle is connected to his daughter’s health condition.


As head of Cross Technological Enterprises, Darren would rival other technological giants such as Stark Enterprises, so I’m curious as to his role in the current situation and how he would acquire the technology to become Yellowjacket. Either way it sounds like nasty business with Hank telling Scott that it’s not about saving his own world but about saving his loved ones’ worlds. And I can’t wait to see how he does this.


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3 thoughts on “Ant Man Teaser Trailer Just Released from Marvel Studios

  1. Marvel always creates awesome movies much appreciated by the active persons.
    After watching the trailer I realized that I need to see the movie to truly understand what is all about.
    I saw that Ant Man uses a flying ant to fly around and I need to know if that is a mutant ant or a robot.

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