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How to Pack for a Zombie Apocalypse You Just Never Know

Okay Walking Dead fans, I think we can all agree that if and when a zombie apocalypse happens, it’s going to be bad. Yeah, that’s an understatement. As the undead prowl the earth, you’ll witness the most awful things that the world has to offer. Your daily existence will be little more than an arduous struggle for survival, evolving into a man-eat-man, survival of the fittest, no holds bar cocktail of hell on earth.


The unraveling of crazed, rotting corpses on a perpetual hunt for the living is pretty far off. Instead of preparing for a zombie apocalypse, we curl up on the couch and watch it unravel on cable television, but what if it actually happened? Would you be prepared? Would you find yourself alone, abandoned, and without a friendly face to talk to with no supplies or training?


While a Zombie apocalypse is an unlikely end, it’s still a pretty sweet idea to get some tactical training and while you’re at it, know how to pack for the end of the world by flesh-eating corpses. Whether you’re headed for a temporary apocalypse at a zombie camp event or preparing for the real deal, here are a few useful tips to help you pack some essentials for the end of the world.


Get tactical training for a Zombie Apocalypse with actual zombie attacks and gun training, if you can last, you live.


Start with Snacks


Running for your life from hoards of walkers is tiring work, and the fight for resources means there won’t always be food to hand. Our number one apocalypse essential is a decent rations pack.


One of the few upsides of a zombie apocalypse is that nobody’s worried about their weight or shaving a few years off of their lifespan. It’s the ideal time to stock up on fatty, carb-filled snacks that’ll give you a quick boost of energy as and when you need it.


At the same time, the only thing separating you and the undead is your health – so be sure to pack plenty of water to keep you hydrated as you fight off the hoard.


What to Wear, It’s Not a Fashion Show


When the zombies arrive, you’re in for the fight of your life, not a fashion show. Be sure to dress for comfort and practicality, not for the latest trend. A pair of decent walking trousers will give you complete coverage, while staying flexible enough for you to walk and eventually run away in terror. You should also look for a pair with plenty of pockets, so there’s always somewhere to store your snacks and shivs.


Equally, your upper half should be suitably covered too, safely secured away from scratchy zombie fingers. Pick a long-sleeved shirt or sweater, and cover it up with a heavy jacket or coat. After all, there’s nothing worse than being eaten and cold at the same time.


Boots Made to Escape the Walking Dead


As you struggle to escape from the undead, you won’t always be able to stick to familiar terrain. That’s why a strong pair of hiking boots are an excellent addition to your survival kit. Of course, finding the right boots is a balance between comfort and functionality. You’ll need something strong enough to cope with long periods of wandering the earth in a desperate search for hope – but comfortable enough to run in.

You’ll be running and most likely screaming, a lot.


Weapons Made for Killing, the First Time Around


So far, we’ve talked a lot about running. We’ve talked about escaping the undead by any means necessary, grabbing a snack here and there while you’re on the move., but sometimes you can’t move. Sometimes you have to stop and fight.


While evasion remains your best hope of survival, the best tools to defend yourself with can be found on the move. After all, it’s easier to grab a spade or a baseball bat when you need one, rather than carrying one around with you all year. On the same note, if you find something that’s easy to carry around you should hold onto it. Knives, small guns, arrows, and spears are good to keep on hand.


Focus on the things that’ll keep you alive first. Worry about staying that way later. If you’re unlucky enough to be caught up in a zombie invasion be sure to head to one of these bolt holes to maximize your survival chances. Good luck!


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Christa Thompson

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5 thoughts on “How to Pack for a Zombie Apocalypse You Just Never Know

  1. Nice work, Christa!
    You’ve made the zombie apocalypse seem like any other getaway that one can handle with ease if well prepared. Way to be timely, nerdtastic and practical all at once.

  2. When I was a bored teenager, I used to spend days preparing for a zombie attack…

    Now that I am a grown up, we wanted to try a Zombie survival run in the UK. The truth is I think I am gonna die from a heart attack. There is this horror alley attraction in Krakow, it lasts for 15 minutes… even that was so much for me to handle. I am afraid… but I like it so much!

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