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Groveland Hotel Reviews

Groveland Hotel Reviews, at Yosemite National Park, CA

If Yosemite is your destination, and it should be on your list if you’re exploring America’s wild west, then why not stay in a historic hotel just a few miles from the park’s entrance in Groveland? We really wanted that wild west charm, so that’s exactly what we did. This is our Groveland Hotel review. We gave the Groveland Hotel 100 fairytale sleep points for staff, historic ambiance, convenience, and value. This was a straight-shooting perfect score for us, and here’s why.


Yosemite National Park
Road trip anyone? Doesn’t get more stunning than this!


A Quick History on Groveland Hotel


Now owned by Innkeeper, Peggy Mosley, the Groveland Hotel was once an adobe trading post. The original building was constructed in 1849, a year after the first discovery of gold in California. From there it was a saloon, gambling house, ranger station, business office, and even a bust station. There’s no doubt the Groveland Hotel had many tales to tell, but not before its rescue from demolition in 1990 by Peggy and Grover Mosley.


These two ambitious dreamers with southern hospitality in their blood stemming from the Sierra Nevada Mountains by way of Tennessee brought new hope to the historic building, and before Groveland knew it, new people.


Groveland Hotel Reviews
The Groveland Hotel is a historic site.
Groveland Hotel Reviews
The Groveland Hotel sits on the Mark Twain Trail.


Haunted Groveland Hotel and the Permanent Guest of Room 15, Lyle


If you’re looking for a bit more adventure than the average bear, you’ll want to reserve room 15 but beware, you’ll be spending the night with a friendly ghost. Lyle was a hotel resident and stayed in room 15 hence, Lyle’s Room. He has been known to move things, especially the chair and women’s cosmetics of the dresser. The Groveland Hotel is proud of its permanent guest and guests are excited to try to meet him. How about you?


Lyle's Room Groveland Hotel Reviews
The infamous “Lyle’s Room” where the Groveland Hotel’s permanent resident lives. He’s a friendly ghost.
Lyle's Room Groveland Hotel Reviews
This desk which Mr. Lyle seems to haunt. He tends to move women’s toiletries from here.


Our Paranormal Experience at Groveland Hotel


Being the Fairytale Traveler often means sleeping in some pretty old places. Naturally, with old places, there comes the possibility of old guests or residents. This means I end up spending the night in a lot of haunted hotels. Since I am always up for a haunted adventure, I love staying in places like these, and the Groveland Hotel’s ghosts must have known it because me oh my, was I up all night!

Click here to read all about our haunted hotel experience at Groveland Hotel

Haunted Hotel Groveland Hotel Reviews
This is the room that we stayed in and where I had my experience.


Our Groveland Hotel Review


As soon as we pulled up to the historic hotel, I could see from the well-maintained wrap-around porches that this was a beautiful property. It’s bright yellow exterior and beautiful hanging plants were charming and inviting.


Groveland Hotel Reviews
Summer time in bloom around the hotel.
Groveland Hotel Reviews
A nice laid back courtyard to sip wine and enjoy sundown. Keep an eye for the resident feline. She’s sweet as sugar.


The Staff


The first thing we looked for during our Groveland Hotel reviews was the friendly staff. Inviting, helpful, and very knowledgeable about the area are the first things that come to mind as I recall the staff at the front desk. I was greeted with a smile, given a walk around of the property, and a complete rundown of the local history which you can find here if you’re into it.


Historic Ambiance


Miss Peggy nailed it when she designed the rooms and common areas of the Groveland Hotel. Everything is late 19th and early 20th-century fitting, making you feel like you are back in time with all the modern conveniences newer hotels offer. We loved the courtyard and the second-floor reading area. It was like a little adventure wandering around the property.


Our room had a beautiful view of the restaurant’s courtyard which was perfect for the Little hanging back and playing on his tablet while we enjoyed one of their fine wines from their enormous wine collection. Click here to check their wine info out!


Groveland Hotel Reviews
This was where we stayed in the Hetch Hetchy Suite.
Groveland Hotel Reviews
Attached is a living room with a pull-out sleeper, fireplace and glass door overlooking the restaurant’s courtyard. This was a great way for us to get some downtime while the Little kicked it in the room.




For this part of our Groveland Hotel reviews, we found it to be very conveniently located just outside Yosemite National Park, right next door to a cool saloon, the oldest in all of California actually, an ice cream shop and several small local stores. At the hotel, we were delighted to have a full-service restaurant for dinner and breakfast, a saloon, and great reading spots. We didn’t have to wander far in this small town, but it was just enough to be an adventure.


Groveland Hotel Reviews
A very vintage looking saloon in the hotel.
Groveland Hotel Reviews
The restaurant is very cozy with a classic style, perfect for a special dinner or something casual.
Groveland Hotel Reviews
A view of the town from out front of the hotel.


Value for the Price


I have to say with the location, the historic charm, the dining options, and an included breakfast, this is a perfect price point for all that you get. Rates average $145-$329 and can sleep, 2-5 people. Some rooms have fireplaces and spas, they all have robes and wi-fi. For rates click here


For more information about the Groveland Hotel please visit their site here.

Special thanks for the Groveland Hotel reviews as it was made possible by the Groveland Hotel. While we were given complimentary accommodations for this visit, it in no way changes our opinion of this property. We strive to deliver the most accurate information possible and are committed to giving you the real deal on fairytale sleeps.

Groveland Hotel Reviews

Yosemite National Park
Just one of the many beautiful sights at Yosemite National Park.

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13 thoughts on “Groveland Hotel Reviews, at Yosemite National Park, CA

  1. I loved visiting Yosemite this year, if I went back I would definitely consider staying here, magical surroundings and a magical place to sleep, what could be better!?

  2. I would love to visit Yosemite to begin with, and if I ever will, I will definitely reserve Lyle’s room at the Groveland Hotel. People make fun of me when I say I believe in ghosts. My grandfather’s house was haunted by the ghost of a woman called Anna Neumann and I’ve spent my childhood with her playing tricks and moving stuff!

  3. That’s quite a hotel! I read the post on your experience too.. amazing! I’m not too fond of haunted places but this friendly ghost has definitely got me interested 😉

  4. Surprisingly enough, but I have actually visited Yosemite National Park, Christa. But as far as I can remember we only went there for the day. As it looks like you found a perfect little place to stay, with historical charms, fluffy beds and even an old school saloon. No wonder you enjoyed your stay… 🙂

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