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Ollivanders Interactive Wand

Spells of Magic and Harry Potter Interactive Wands at Diagon Alley

Universal Studios Orlando really put the icing on the cake when they brought Harry Potter interactive wands into the game. Now, just as in the Harry Potter books, you can cast your own spells of magic and execute your wizardry in the new Harry Potter theme park at Universal’s Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. The wands are almost like another attraction they are so entertaining!


harry potter wands
In or out of the box, Harry Potter wands are captivating.

Oh, those Harry Potter Interactive Wands


Most every Harry Potter fan knows about Hogmeads Ollivanders Wand Shop, where you can buy movie replica wands for yourself or your little wizard. What most don’t know is Diagon Alley also has an Ollivanders, and they are selling the all-new Harry Potter interactive wands.


Plan on budgeting an extra $45 for your Diagon Alley experience because these little sticks cast magic spells that will take you on a multi-park map-guided hunt for magic medallions. These medallions give you directions for each of the magic spells that once done properly, interact with the park’s props.


Once you find a medallion, it guides you on how to wave that magic wand, and voila! Something cool happens in front of you! There’s no rhyme or reason to their layout, just a toad load of fun!


Universal Studios Diagon Alley spells of magic
A little wizard tries his hand at a magic spell with his interactive wand.

About the Interactive Wands


All of the “unclaimed” wands are available as interactive wands, as well as Dumbledore’s, Harry’s, and Hermione’s character wands. Unclaimed wands are ones not associated with characters in the Harry Potter books or films and are based on the Celtic tree calendar.


If you are the one special person that is “chosen” during the Ollivanders Wand Shop performance, you will be given a wand (magically of course) based on your birthday (and a few other magical tricks). The tips of the wands are made with what looks like glass.


Either way, they are pretty fragile. I have been lucky with mine, but some have broken the tips in the park. Make sure your little wizard treats their wand with care.


Harry Potter Interactive Wands 1
You don’t want to end up needing this. Especially since this is just a sign and not a real place. LOL.

Getting Chosen at Ollivanders Wand Shop


If you plan on buying an interactive wand, I highly recommend going to the Ollivanders Wand Shop where you can be a part of the wand show. It’s a very intimate and relaxing experience (as opposed to the cattle drive in other stores). Here you are brought back in very small groups, led down a long hall into an old room with shelves upon shelves of wands. One person from the group gets chosen at random to have a wand magically selected for them.


The Little Fairytale Traveler was in luck and was chosen for this magical experience! A mother couldn’t be more proud! I must say, watching my 5-year-old watch in wonder as a wand was magically selected just for him was beyond enchanting. He was so excited and so charmed! It was a very memorable experience for both he and I.


The Little Fairytale Traveler and his Harry Potter interactive wand
The Little was pretty stoked to get his interactive wand. The whole experience was so magical!

Harry Potter Spells of Magic


There are a total of 25 spells of magic for your heart’s content in both the Harry Potter worlds. Use your own wizardry and see what you can do! You will find the Harry Potter spells list on your map with your Harry Potter interactive wand. Fix a knight’s armor, make a fountain squirt or shrunken heads sing with a wave of your wand.


It’s seriously a cool experience and one that will bring you even deeper into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. There are several secret spells that are not listed on the map. Here are the ones we know of:


  • Slug and Jiggers Apothecary faux storefront (2 here).
  • The right-hand window of Scribbulus Writing Implements on Horizon Alley.


Universal Studios Diagon Alley Knockturn alley
With a wave of your interactive wand, you can make these shrunken heads sing.


Universal Studios Diagon Alley spells of magic
You follow the direction of the arrow and make a wave of your wand.

Tips on Waving that Magic Wand


We all know technology isn’t flawless. We experienced a few “technical difficulties” and I only imagine that this will become more of an issue as time goes on, but I have faith in Universal Studios. If they can bring Harry Potter books to life with animatronics and interactive Goblins, I’m pretty sure they can swing Xbox Kinect technology.


Be prepared to give your spells of magic a few good tries before something happens. Magic is a delicate thing you know! Here are a few pointers I picked up while casting my magic spells:


  • Stand directly behind the medallion.


  • Don’t make your magic wand go wild! Use short movements and be precise. You’re not wielding a sword.


  • Make sure to stand close enough.


  • Make sure the wand is facing in the right direction (no brainer I know, but you’d be surprised).


  • Be patient and mindful of the park members who are there to help you. They are all in character and offer a great deal of help when playing with your new Harry Potter interactive wands.


ollivanders wands Harry Potter
The window of Ollivanders Wand Shop in Diagon Alley. You can find me here.


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32 thoughts on “Spells of Magic and Harry Potter Interactive Wands at Diagon Alley

  1. I sold almost all of my Harry Potter to fund my travels. I held on to my quaffle though. I’m going to the park in October and I’m sure I’ll be buying one of these wands. How could I not?

  2. i was wondering how delicate the wand is, i know you said the little tip is known to break but what about the rest of it. also i was wondering if the wands are made of wood?
    thanks, I’m going this may and super excited.

    1. Hey! So the wand isn’t made of titanium steel (though it should be the way kids handle things). It’s made of resin I think. That’s what it feels like. I tell my son who was 5 when he got his, to be mindful that it’s thin and not something that can be beaten up. Not to mention it’s not cheap. He’s been great with it. We keep it away when we’re not at Universal and only take it out when we go. It’s been fine. Like anything that size, you can’t be too rough with it. I think it’s sturdy though.

  3. ThIs is a random question but I just returned from the wizarding world and could kick myself for not taking a photo of the plaques in Ollivander’s that describe what each wood means for the unclaimed wands. Do you have any photo or idea of where I can read what Holly means?

    1. Hmmmm… I may. I’d have to search my footage. I can tell you however, I have season passes and live but an hour from Universal. So, if I don’t have it, I can certainly find out for you when I return this summer. Send me an email so I can contact you directly 😉

    1. Oh of course! I ran around with the wand. It was good fun. not sure they take adults in the wand shop to be chosen. It is all at random. They may favor children over adults, but I’m sure there’s times when it’s all adults in there.

  4. How much fun is this! I’ve been on the Warner Bros Harry Potter studio tour in the UK, which was amazing (I am unashamedly a huge fan). My daughter’s still a bit young to appreciate the stories, but we’ll be going back at some point – whether she knows it or not, and I think this has to go on my list too. #globalkids

  5. This sounds incredible! What a truly magical experience for any Harry Potter fan to enjoy and I know that my oldest two would love this. #globalkids

  6. What a fantastic day out! My Mother in Law lives in Clearwater, and my two are desperate to go here on our next visit! It was great to see what we can expect! 🙂

  7. Would absolutely love to try this out! We went to Ollivanders when we were in Florida a few years back, but they didn’t have these wands then. They sound amazing. I’m so desperate to try them!! #Globalkids

  8. I just returned from the Wizarding World, and the sign for Wand Repair is actually real, they do repair wands… We had a broken wand, due to someone trying to use someone else’s wand and the expelliarmus charm. That ended in a broken wand a shattered bottle. I kid you not! We brought the wand back (in the box) to Olivander’s Wand Repair, a kind witch took the wand into a room, sparks burst under the door, and out she came with the wand repaired, just like that. It was fantastic!

  9. I was thinking og purchasing a preowned interactive wand before our trip. How do you tell the difference between the two?

      1. The interactive wands have a little glass tip for the IR signal and you should be able to just search it, but I recommend getting one there. It’s an amazing experience.

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