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There has been a slate of controversial news surrounding Marvel’s upcoming movie, Ant Man, from the departure of Edgar Wright, the popular director, to 3 cast members leaving right before SDCC, so it’s good to finally be able to get a first look at Paul Rudd as Ant Man.


Well, actually the first look of him as Scott Lang, the petty thief who becomes Ant-Man after donning the suit created by the original one, Hank Pym, which allows Lang to change his size at will using Pym Particles.


Speculating the Ant Man Still Shot


There is no context given for this picture, which has him standing under the Golden Gate bridge but there are some very interesting details that has me pretty excited, and is worth speculating on. Clearly he’s been in some kind of a scrap as the stitches above his eye would indicate but his gloves and backpack possibly shed light on his intentions.


It’s already known that Scott Lang is an ex-con who steals the suit in order to save his daughter’s life, and how much of that will factor into the upcoming movie remains to be seen. So this picture is interesting in the sense that it could either represent him as determined preparing to start his heist after a tough encounter or preparing to fully embrace the role as Ant Man, the hero. Considering he could use Pym particles in order to not carry around a bag that size I would lean towards the former.


Ant-Man 2
Paul Rudd plays the role of Ant Man in the upcoming Marvel Studios film. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios.

Not to be outdone, the internet was buzzing, no pun intended, with rumors about Evangeline Lilly eventually becoming the Wasp since she posted a photo of her hairstyle for the movie on instagram. She’ll be playing Hope Van Dyne, the daughter of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne, who is the Wasp in the comic books, and her hairstyle is exactly the same as her mother in the comic books.


There’s been absolutely no word that she’ll actually become the Wasp in this movie but seeing as how Marvel plans its movies and characters well in advance, it wouldn’t be surprising to see her assume this role down the line. At the very least it creates more excitement in the fanbase to see more of the original and long-time members of the Avengers finally get their due in the Marvel cinematic universe.


And with other recent cast announcements, Judy Greer (Arrested Development, Archer), John Slattery (Arrested Development,Mad Men), the rapper T.I., and Bobby Cannavale (Boardwalk Empire), Ant Man seems to be on track to becoming Marvel’s next hit franchise.


So what are your thoughts? Are you impressed by the first look or do you need more to be interested in the nearly microscopic hero?

This Ant Man first look was made possible by

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3 thoughts on “First Look At Paul Rudd As Ant Man

  1. After the whole wright-gate i have seriously mixed feeling about the film, which was a big interest for me for a number of reasons. Up until now Marvel have put very few steps out of place with the Cinematic universe, and Edgar Wright is a fantastic director, so that coupling was super exciting, plus comic book movies are really my speciality 🙂

    But i like Rudd and the photo is pretty interesting, and the rest of the cast sounds good so i am still going to keep my eye on it while it gets underway, but i’m not holding my breath for another Marvel classic.

    (Also to be that guy and say it, but Lily is playing Hope Van Dyne, Janet Van Dyne’s Daughter, not van Dyke.)

    1. Yeah, a lot of people’s expectation for the movie changed with his departure. I understand he was working on it for a very long time and the disagreement was due to Marvel wanting more of a direct tie-in to the current cinematic universe, which would change some of the characters. Adding Tony Stark’s father was one I heard was a point of contention. If that’s the case then I’m still feeling optimistic about it because I do enjoy the tie-ins and keeping all the movies in the same universe.

      Also, thanks for catching that

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