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Top 9 Most Romantic Castle Hotels in Germany

Most Romantic Castle Hotels in Germany


Germany is home to some of the world’s most romantic castle hotels. Having lent its landscape of dark forests, rolling emerald hills, and sleepy valleys to the fairy tales we have grown with, you might be inclined to think of regions like Bavaria and Hesse as “Ever After.”


The “Fairytale Route” and “Romantic Road” highlight centuries of Germanic folklore and Renaissance history — a history that has left a footprint of medieval times, echoing legends of monsters, knights, and princesses…and maybe even a prince charming. Here are the 9 Most Romantic Castle Hotels in Germany.


Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany


Gotzenburg Castle hotels in germany
Gotzenburg Castle


Schlosshotel Gotzenburg — A Knight’s Castle


Step inside this medieval 15th-century castle hotel named after the famed German Knight, Götz, remembered by his Robin Hood type legend of stealing from the rich to give to the poor. He is also known as Götz of the Iron Hand, (due to a prosthetic he wore after losing his hand at the siege of Landshut). Every room here is unique with antiquated furnishings.


Getting there:


Jagsthausen is northeast of Heilbronn. From the A-81 autobahn, exit at Möckmühl and follow the signposts


Special package: Celestial Castle Dreams


Single rooms: 79–89 euros    Double rooms: 130–165 euros    Suites: 155–165 euros

Rates include breakfast, tax, and service


How to reach:


D-74249 Jagsthausen
Tel: ++49 (0) 7943 94360
Fax: ++49 (0) 7943 9436-200
Hotel website

Eberstein Castle
Eberstein Castle

Schloss Eberstein — The Dark Forest


This 13th-century castle hotel overlooks the black forest, home to Hansel and Gretel’s evil witch, Little Red Riding Hood’s terrifying encounter with a toothy wolf, and believe it or not the cuckoo-clock. With two famed restaurants serving the region’s finest cuisine, you get a Gothic castle ambiance with culinary delights.


Take a romantic stroll on the nearby trails or check out the castle’s vineyards for some special couple time.


Getting there:


Jagsthausen is northeast of Heilbronn. From the A-81 autobahn, exit at Möckmühl and follow the signposts


10 rooms and 4 suites    Double rooms: 158–175 euros      Suites: 198–248 euros


How to reach:


76593 Gernsbach
Tel: ++49 (0) 7224 995 950
Fax: ++49 (0) 7224 995 550
Hotel website

Bavaria, Germany

Colburg Castle
Colburg Castle

Hotel Burg, Colmberg — Romantic Road


Just like a page from a storybook, this 13th-century castle hotel recalls Germany’s medieval and baroque period, commanding attention upon its hilltop and wrapped in the Bavarian Alps. This castle and its fairytale location on the Romantic Road is a perfect stay for exploring Rothenburg.


Getting there:


Colmberg is about 20 km east of Rothenburg. The nearest rail station is Fussen (5 km), a car is needed to get around.


24 rooms; 2 suites  Single rooms: from 49 euros  Double rooms: 99–155 euros Suites: 185 euros


Rates include breakfast, tax, and service. Open: March through January


How to reach:


An der Burgenstrasse
D-91598 Colmberg
Tel: ++ (0)9803 91920
Fax: ++ (0)9803 262
Hotel website


Hesse, Germany

Waldeck Castle
Waldeck Castle


Hotel Schloss Waldeck


Hotel Schloss Waldeck is that picturesque castle hotel you imagine from fairy tales, set high above the land commanding attention from high upon a massive rock. This  12th-century fortress is the perfect place for a romantic weekend, with candlelight dinners and medieval-styled banquets in a modern contemporary appointed atmosphere.


It’s the perfect blend of antique and modern with breathtaking views of the Edersee. A room inside the old castle will bring you back in time.


Getting there:


40 km southwest of Kassel, along the eastern shore of the Edersee, car hire is a must.


40 rooms     Double rooms: 98–256 euros    Rates include breakfast, tax, and service.


How to reach:


D-34513 Waldeck
Tel: ++ 49 (0) 5623 5890
Fax: ++49 (0) 5623 589-289
Hotel website

Trendelburg Castle, Rapunzel's Tower
Trendelburg Castle, Rapunzel’s Tower


Burghotel Trendelburg — The Rapunzel Tower


Located on Germany’s Fairy Tale Road, this 13th-century castle hotel has a tower that has been nicknamed “Rapunzel’s Tower.” It’s authentically adorned with shining armor, antiques, and wood-beamed ceilings making this experience exciting and interesting.


Hotel Burg Trendelburg is serious about their fairy tale and even holds special Rapunzel events, making your experience like none other.


Getting there:


North of Kassel on route B-83. The nearest train station is at Hofgeismar, 10 km away.


Special package: Rapunzel Days


Single rooms: x4 –  105–135 euros    Double rooms: x15 – 155–175 euros    Suites: x3 – 235–265 euros

Rates include breakfast, tax, and service


How to reach:


Steinweg 1
D-34388 Trendelburg
Tel: ++49 (0) 5675 9090
Fax: ++49 (0) 5675 9362
Hotel website

Sleeping Beauty's Castle, Sababurg Castle.
Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, Sababurg Castle


Dornröschenschloss Sababurg — The Sleeping Beauty Castle


If you ever dreamed of sleeping in the real “Sleeping Beauty Castle” then pinch yourself, this is it. Part of Germany’s Fairy Tale Route, this castle hotel was frequented by the famous Brothers Grimm.


It was in fact the castle that influenced their version of Sleeping Beauty. This stunning 14th-century fortress is wrapped in a deep forest and boasts two commanding towers. Storybook rooms are appointed with antiquated furnishings and the dining has a great local reputation.


Getting there:


About 25 km northeast of Kassel, take the N-7 north to the N-83 toward Hofgeismar. Follow the signposts to Sababurg.


Double rooms: 68–170 euros    Tower room: 230 euros

Rates include tax and service    2-night stay requested on weekends and holidays.


Open: February through December


How to reach:


D-34369 Hofgeismar
Tel: ++49 (0) 5671 8080
Fax: ++49 (0) 5671 808-200
Hotel website


Liebenstein Castle
Leibstein Castle

Hotel Burg Liebenstein — The Haunted Castle


If you really want a romantic weekend filled with quality time and scenic views, then this is your spot. Perched upon a hill with stunning views at every window, this 14th-century castle hotel was made for romance.


Get unplugged and cozy and trade the TV and internet for medieval ambiance. Sunsets here are simply amazing. There is even a resident haunt, the Baroness of Liebenstein has been said to appear at night on the spiral staircase!


Getting there:


From the train station or the cruise boat landing stage, it’s about a 5-minute walk to Hotel Garni Café Nickenig Rheinischer Hof, and from there a transfer service will take you to the castle hotel.


8 rooms and 1 suite


Double rooms: 125–240 euros     Suite: 165 euros


Rates include breakfast     Cash payment preferred.


Open: 3rd week of March through December; closed Mondays


How to reach:


56341 Kamp-Bornhofen am Rhein
Tel: ++49 (0)6773 308
Fax: ++49 (0)6773 7686
Hotel website

Rheinfels Castle
Rheinfels Castle

Romantikhotel Schloss Rheinfels — Legend of Lorelei


This romantic fortress and ruins are located in one of the most stunning spots on the Rhine. Appointed with modern furnishings this 13th-century castle hotel is easily one of the most romantic in Germany.


It is tied to a cool legend with views of the Lorelei Rock. Lorelei is known by locals as a flawlessly beautiful siren who would lore fisherman with her song and beauty and ultimately crash their boats onto the famed rocks. Pump up the romance with a dinner for two in one of the alcoves of the Auf Scharfeneck Restaurant.


Getting there:


St. Goar is a stop on the Koblenz-Bingen line and a stop for the many Rhine cruise boats. You’ll need a taxi or the tram (charge) to get up the hill with luggage. Steep path as well.


61 rooms with 4 suites


Single rooms: 90–150 euros    Double rooms: 115–210 euros    Suites: 225–280 euros

Rates include breakfast, tax, and service


How to reach:


Schlossberg 47
D-56329 St. Goar
Tel: ++49 (0) 6741 8020
Fax: ++49 (0) 6741 802-802
Hotel website

Schoenburg Castle
Schoenburg Castle

Burghotel auf Schönburg — Rhine River Views


Exceedingly romantic with stunning views of the Rhine, this castle hotel is rich with medieval architecture and comfortable modern touches. Many of the guestrooms have window seats and balconies, most with a view of either the river or the rolling vineyards.


Getting there:


Rhine boats stop at Oberwesel and trains along the Koblenz-Bingen line as well. Take a taxi up the hill to the hotel.


Single rooms: 120–170 euros    Double rooms: 260–340 euros    Suites: 310–360 euros


Rates include a 4-course dinner, breakfast, tax, and service.


Open: mid-March until mid-December


How to reach:


D-55430 Oberwesel/Rhine
Tel: ++49 (0) 6744 93930
Fax: ++49 (0) 6744 1613
Hotel website

If you want to feel like you’ve stepped into a fairy tale or ghost story, visit these romantic Castle Hotels in Germany. You will have a lovely time making wonderful memories to cherish forever.


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