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America's Stonehenge

Visit America’s Stonehenge So Your Inner Goddess Can Thrive

You know about Stonehenge in the UK, but did you know America’s Stonehenge? Tucked away in the small town of Salem, New Hampshire lies one of America’s greatest mysteries, a Stonehenge in the USA! Excuse me?


I can only conclude that it was built by a culture that we have no knowledge of.”

– The late Robert Stone, owner and researcher, America’s Stonehenge


Still referred to by locals as ‘Old Mystery Hill,’ America’s Stonehenge preserves a series of stone walls, chambers, and standing stones that have inquired the minds of researchers, archaeologists, and writers for over 70 years.


Still today, many questions have gone unanswered. Who built a Stonehenge in the USA? And how and why did they do it?


America's Stonehenge, Stonehenge in the USA
Approaching the main site by Christa Thompson


What We Know About America’s Stonehenge


At first glance, Stonehenge in the USA is a marvel of mystery and wonder. It seems like the more answers you get, the more questions you have. And of course, it raises the million-dollar question, “is this complete BS or should I start packing my goddess glitter now?”


The owners of this Salem attraction boast that it’s a megalithic site dating over 4,000 years old a fun idea but not necessarily a fun fact.


In recent years, archaeologists have concluded that the stones were assembled by local farmers in the 18th and 19th centuries. See the “sacrificial stone” which was debunked as coming from an old farm and used to extract lye from wood.


Not exactly the otherworld fairies from a mythical island off the Irish coast that I was hoping for. Still, there is a truly fascinating note to share. The main stones are perfectly aligned with astronomical events!


America's Stonehenge, Stonehenge in the USA
This explains the astrological calendar that the standing stones are aligned with by Christa Thompson


Visiting Stonehenge in the USA for a Solar or Lunar Event


Among one of the most fascinating facts about this Stonehenge in the US is, if you were to stand at the Summer Solstice stone, you could draw a straight line all the way to Stonehenge in the UK! Right through one of the trilithons to be exact.


Summer Solstice Monolith courtesy of America's Stonehenge Interactive Journey CD ROM all rights reserved
Summer Solstice Monolith courtesy of America’s Stonehenge Interactive Journey CD ROM all rights reserved


Lunar and solar events can still be determined by the standing stones. For that reason, America’s Stonehenge has become a place for ritualistic worship, celebration, and healing from many different spiritual cultures including Native Americans, Druid, Mayan, Inca, and African.

America's Stonehenge, Stonehenge in the USA
A clay goddess for ceremonial events by Christa Thompson


Some of these events gather hundreds of people, and others are much more intimate. Here’s an example of the events in 2021:


  • February 1st: Cross-Quarter Day (Imbolc)
  • March 20th: Vernal / Spring Equinox (Ostara)
  • June 20th: Summer Solstice (Midsummer)
  • September 22nd: Autumnal / Fall Equinox (Mabon)
  • November 1st: Cross-Quarter Day (Samhain)
  • December 21st: Winter Solstice (Yule)


America's Stonehenge
One of the many chambers at the main site of America’s Stonehenge by Christa Thompson


If the very existence of a Stonehenge in the US isn’t enough to blow your mind, Ogham, Phoenician, Iberian Punic Script, and other various inscriptions are scattered throughout the “maybe” +4000-year-old site. Whether these are authentic is left to question.


America's Stonehenge
One of the many chambers at the main site by Christa Thompson


The mysteries of this Stonehenge in the USA are many. Regardless of their validity, hiking its series of short trails through the open woods, you’re sure to have fun speculating.


America's Stonehenge
One of the alignments with a solstice by Christa Thompson


Things to Know About America’s Stonehenge


America’s Stonehenge is not only home to cool standing stones and trails, but it’s also home to 7 alpacas who have taken residence there for nearly a decade.


The main site of America’s Stonehenge consists of a series of chambers, standing stones, and stone walls claimed to be the oldest megaliths in North America.


These mysterious 3-4 ton stones are enclosed by equally mysterious walls of stone that extend for almost 4 miles around the site, about 30 acres, with no recognizable pattern.


It’s such a fantastical and mysterious place that it’s attracted the likes of H.P. Lovecraft and even, The X-Files as mentioned in Season 2, Episode 14.


Check out my Mystery Hill photo gallery!



On a crisp fall day or warm summer morning, whether you’re alone, with a friend, or with your family, a visit to America’s Stonehenge in Salem, Massachusetts is a fun and exciting place to visit in Salem. Whether it’s 4,000 years old or 100 years old, it’s just a cool place to see.


The infamous Stonehenge in the US is compelling, to say the least, having inspired writers and spiritualists for years. Maybe America’s Stonehenge will inspire you as well. For more information and to plan your trip visit

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