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Places with Cool History and Legends

Whether it comes from America, Asia, Africa, India, or Ireland, perhaps it’s ancient Aztec, Mayan, Celtic, or Christian we love all places with cool history and legends!

Norwegian Trolls and Why We Love Them So Much

If you’ve ever been to Norway then chances are you’ve seen a troll or maybe a dozen. Travelers visiting Norway might have noticed various Norwegian trolls in their wanderings be it by references, imagery or names. The Trollstigen mountain pass, the Trolltunga rock formation and the Trold-Tindterne peaks are all natural[…]

An Interactive Map of Folklore and Myths

Researching mythology can be difficult as it is a very academic subject and sifting through the material can be daunting. That’s why I always enjoy finding easy to digest content like this map of folklore and myths.   An Interactive Map of Folklore and Myths   It’s said that those[…]

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