4 Beautiful Places in Canada You Simply Must See

Whilst the world is on standstill, and any dreams we have of visiting some of the most glorious parts of this planet remain just that, now is a great time to really invest in some holiday planning. The future may not be exactly as it was, but the dense forests, snowy mountains, and other beautiful places in Canada aren’t going anywhere in a hurry.


So, if you’re getting a little cabin fever, we’ve got a little taste of the good life to keep that travel bug alive inside you. And just like the new Canadian online casinos that are helping with the lockdown blues, Canada’s favorite locations are right on your doorstep. You can find new Canadian online casinos right here, or just read on to get your travel juices flowing!


Why visit Canada?


The last 12 months have shown many of us that our mere freedom can be compromised in an instance. Wasting just one year of our lives in the confines of our dreary apartment or house is not what we signed up for, but it’s the last year we’ll take things for granted. Our lives were meant for better than that, and seeing the world is too great to leave for others.


Nothing is the polar opposite to our city-living like the incredible open wilderness of Canada. From the beautiful natural beaches, lush forests, mountain tops of pure, untouched serenity, to the friendly people that are happy to help and assist, there are many beautiful places in Canada to see.


Canada has just about everything you could want in a destination and here’s just a touch of what you’ll want to see, so start planning!


beautiful places in Canada, Jasper National Park


Beautiful Places in Canada

Jasper National Park


Starting with some of the most glorious nature on the planet, Jasper National Park is 2.7 million acres of natural beauty and home to 53 mammal species like bears, otters, and moose. Designated a UNESCO Heritage Site, the many lakes and forest walks that can be found there are truly magical. You can take a trip up the sky tram to really soak in the size of it all or check out Athabasca Glacier.


Summer sees a lot of tourists, but the weather is perfectly warm (great for water-rafting), whereas winter is freezing but even more magical. Hit the ski slopes and board through perfect powder before retreating to the local bars in the evening around roaring fires, hot cocoa in hand.


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Niagara Falls


Perfectly positioned on the border with America, this is one of the best places to visit in Canada. If you’re anywhere near the east coast of Canada, make the trip. Niagra Falls is one of the top natural wonders of the world. The power of the falls and their sheer size really will take your breath away. And a mere hour and a half’s drive from Toronto means a day trip is easy.


You can splurge on a helicopter ride to get a once-in-a-lifetime view of the roaring falls, or really feel their power from the boats below. You’ll get completely soaked from the mist, but who cares! After enjoying the view, you can take a walk through one of the abundant nature reserves in the vicinity, which will get your heart pumping some more.


Or why not leave the walking for the bears and hit one of the local wineries. The micro-climate in the area has produced some unique ice wines over the years so treat your loved one to a romantic stroll through the vineyards and a deserved tipple.


Vancouver, beautiful places in Canada




Vancouver is one of the best cities to visit in Canada, but as far as big cities go, this is more like a huge town. Considering Vancouver is actually pretty young for a city, it doesn’t have much in the way of old architecture and history. But it makes up for what it lacks with an abundance of beautiful beaches (11 miles worth), stunning parks, and a backdrop to take your breath away.


No, you don’t go to Canada for the cities, but a night in Vancouver (or two) on arrival or departure is still a treat in itself. The eclectic, healthy-living edge to the town and great shopping makes it perfect during the day; great food and restaurants will have you salivating the night away. Short trips to Stanley Park or Granville Island will have you far from the hustle and bustle but still on its doorstep.


beautiful places in Canada, Prince Edward Island, lighthouse


Prince Edward Island


It may not be as lush as its western counterparts, but the east coast of Canada is home to some of the most rugged beauty on earth. Beaches as far as the eye can see, world-class golfing, and incredible sandstone cliffs make Prince Edward Island one of the most beautiful places in Canada to see. 


Prince Edward Island is home to large populations of seals and is a seafood lover’s paradise. The many beaches are dotted with great restaurants with fare taken directly from the sea.


Worlds apart from the adventure-driven sports of the west, it’s all about taking time out here and breathing in the wonder of the barren. Springtime will have you basking in mild summer temperatures surrounded by wild lupins and red sand beaches. Think lighthouses overlooking secluded oceans, fishing trips, and horse riding.


Whatever time of year you visit Canada, you’ll end up with magical memories that will stay with you your entire life. But it’s the people that really make it that much better. They’re friendly and welcoming and keen to help make your trip an experience to remember. So, what are you waiting for? Start saving and planning to see some of the most beautiful places in Canada. It’ll be the trip of a lifetime!


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