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Visit Costa Rica

Experience True Paradise When You Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a lush Central American country full of biodiversity. Residents follow the mantra of Pura Vida, the pure life, reminding themselves to enjoy the world around them and stop to smell the roses. Travelers are encouraged to visit and experience Pura Vida for themselves.


Costa Rica has something for everyone, regardless of age. Adventure, relaxation, rich environments, and more await. Keep reading to learn how you can experience true paradise when you visit Costa Rica.

Visit Costa Rica

Reasons to Visit Costa Rica This Year

World-Class Accommodation

If you’re looking for word-class hospitality, then visit Costa Rica!


Costa Rica is filled with luxury resorts and private rentals. Why consign yourself to a tiny room and sharing a pool with dozens of strangers when you can wake up to the sound of monkeys playing through the canopy or enjoy a glass of wine while watching the ocean from an infinity pool?


The best villas feature a private chef so you can experience the tastes of Costa Rica without having to venture out to a restaurant.


A private villa would also include a personal concierge and maid service. The concierge will be familiar with the area; they can help you plan the best excursions at the best prices and help you keep a relaxing schedule.


If you want to stay at the villa and private beach, you can ask your concierge to stock your accommodations with food and drink for when the chef isn’t there. And with a private beach and spa services, you may not want to go out!

Visit Costa Rica

Thrilling Adventures

Costa Rica offers a variety of fun activities for thrill seekers. You can go bungee jumping in Monteverde or kayak through Golfo Dulce or Manuel Antonio National Park.


The coastline hosts a wealth of watersports like snorkeling, diving, and jet-skiing or land-based adventures such as rappelling, canyoning, or tree camping.


Have you ever wanted to spend the night in a lush forest? Visit Costa Rica and you can  go tree camping, suspending yourself above the forest floor within dense foliage as you listen to the wildlife all around you. If you’ve ever wanted to experience a volcano up close, visit Mount Arenal and hike the lava fields and rainforest surrounding it.


You can go kayaking through Golfo Dulce, a rare tropical fjord. Tranquil turquoise waters reveal bioluminescent life if you venture out at the right time. Or you can paddle along the rainforest-covered shoreline, enjoying mangroves and even wales as you go further out.


If white water rafting is more your speed, head to the Pacuare River and raft through sheer canyons draped with vegetation.


Whatever your adventure style is, one trip to Costa Rica and you’ll be hooked for life!

Visit Costa Rica

Rejuvenating Treats

If you are looking to rejuvenate when you visit Costa Rica, consider a soak in the local hot springs. You can also bathe in rich volcanic mud, coating yourself with healthy minerals.


Many visitors enjoy relaxing massages and volcanic stone treatments, or you can treat yourself to some volcanic mud. Resorts and villas offer meditation and yoga classes, or you can go lounge on the beach and listen to the waves.


You can also walk through markets packed with fresh fruits and vegetables grown in Costa Rica’s many rich agricultural areas. If you don’t like eating fruit straight, or you just want to try something new, you can find a variety of blended drinks that mix the fruit with milk or water.


Costa Rica also offers a variety of yoga retreats, so you can find peace surrounded by beauty and the sounds of nature. You can even find classes held on the beach!

Visit Costa Rica

Freshly Sourced Coffee and Exquisite Cuisine

No trip to Costa Rica is complete without a taste of their famous coffee. You can find it almost everywhere or, if you stay in a villa, request it be provided.


Costa Rica has many ideal conditions to grow coffee, from high altitudes to fertile volcanic soils. Coffee holds a special place in the heart of Costa Ricans, as well, so they know how to make a delicious brew!


Coffee aficionados may also wish to tour one of the local coffee plantations. You can learn all about how the coffee is grown, harvested, and prepared— some plantations even let you help pick!


Don’t miss out on the rich and diverse tastes of Costa Rica during your travels. Few people know that Costa Rica can send your taste buds on a vacation of their own.


Residents enjoy a variety of dishes, including fresh seafood straight from their own waters. You could eat nothing but Costa Rican cuisine for an entire week and still only have a sample.


Their food culture is a wonderful mix of Spanish, African, and Indigenous tastes. Make sure to try their delicious Gallo Pinto, a regional collection of rice and beans seasoned with ingredients like bell peppers and onions. Pork lovers shouldn’t miss the Chifrijo, a mixture of fried pork with red beans often used as a bar snack.


If you want to combine your love of seafood with a hint of the tropics, try Rondón, a seafood and coconut stew.


Picadillos is a delicious vegetable hash, but vegetarians be warned: it’s sautéed in fat and stock and may come with ground beef or chorizo on top! Pick a breakfast to sample Chorreadas, pancakes made from corn that can be sweet or savory.


If delicious cuisine is your travel style, then you most definitely should visit Costa Rica!

Visit Costa Rica

Lush Wildlife

Did you know that Costa Rica has dedicated almost 25% of its land as national parks? From volcanic trails to lush jungles, you can hike through various biomes, get up close to some gorgeous waterfalls, and see hundreds of species of wildlife.


Costa Rica is home to a wealth of different species, around 5% of the global populace. The lush forests are home to ocelots and jaguars, margays and pumas, sloths and monkeys, bats and more! Don’t miss the armadillos trundling along or the vibrant tree and dart frogs hopping about.


Costa Rica is home to over 170 amphibian species and 900 bird species. There are 53 documented species of hummingbirds alone! The beaches are often dotted with turtles or watching nests hatch, and the coral reefs are an ecosystem full of movement and color.


If you have trouble spotting jungle residents on your own, consider embarking on a guided tour or visiting a wildlife rescue sanctuary. Or you can simply close your eyes and listen to their voices all around you.

Visit Costa Rica

Vibrant Nightlife

If your party is more nocturnal, you have a rich selection of things to do once the sun has set. Costa Rica has an unforgettable nightlife experience!


You can find numerous bars and clubs scattered along the coastline with their own pools and lounge areas, or you can wade through shallow waters until you find one of many beach parties. You can also travel to Jaco during one of their many music festivals to feel the rhythm of the jungle through your very bones.


If you prefer a more relaxed party, head to Dominical and enjoy their bohemian vibe.


Beachside parties and livewire nightclubs await the more nocturnal adventurers. Enjoy a variety of cocktails while dancing the night away.


In addition to pubs, clubs, and parties, you can also book nighttime nature tours to experience the nocturnal wildlife.

Visit Costa Rica

Pura Vida Awaits

As you explore pristine white sands, vibrant urban centers, and lush jungles, you will find yourself surrounded by pura vida. You will hear it in conversations all around you and read it on signs. For Costa Ricans, pura vida is more than a motto— it’s a lifestyle, a central tenant to their culture.


When you should visit Costa Rica depends entirely on what you would like to do. Volcanoes and cloud forests are better during dry seasons; from November to April, roads are more drivable, and you’ll have shorter downpours.


But May through October tends to be less crowded, primarily because it’s the wet season.


The first two weeks of January will let you experience the festivities of Palmares, or you can aim for a more religious holiday on the Catholic Calendar to experience a Costa Rican celebration. No matter the time of year, you can find sea turtles nesting or hatching, learn how to surf, and experience a variety of other activities.

Visit Costa Rica

In Closing

As you have read, there are many, many reasons to visit Costa Rica this year! From the adventure to the food and every coffee bean between, Costa Rica is a paradise that awaits you!

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