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Southampton Instagram Spots

10 of the Most Romantic Southampton Instagram Spots

If you’re planning a romantic getaway to Southampton then you’re going to want to come home with photos of your adventure. And of course, you’ll likely want to update your social posts. Well good news, there are plenty of Southampton Instagram spots available for the occasion.


Southampton, located on the south coast of England, is known for its rich maritime history and vibrant cultural scene. It is an ancient city, founded between the Roman invasion of Britain in AD 43 and the conquering of the local Britons in AD 70, although there had been older, smaller settlements in the area since the Stone Age.


As such an old and well-preserved city, it is obviously full of culture and history. With a stunning medieval city center and complete city walls, it offers a wealth of opportunities to go back in time and get face-to-face with history.


It has also been the launch point of some of the UK’s most famous sailing vessels, from the Mary Rose and the Mayflower to the ill-fated Titanic.


Southampton isn’t just about the past, but the present and future as well. It is one of the largest cruise ports in the UK, meaning plenty of visitors come to the city to board a Southampton cruise and explore the Mediterranean.


It also has a world-class dining scene and some of the best shopping opportunities on the south coast. With all it has to offer, it’s a sure spot for romantic getaways where you can find an abundance of Southampton Instagram spots. 


If you’re among the romantic couples looking for Instagram-worthy photo opportunities, Southampton is for you. From scenic waterfront views to historic landmarks and romantic gardens, this seaside town has something for every couple looking to capture the perfect moment.


So if you are planning to pack your bags for a trip to Southampton, or just passing through on a grander adventure, here are some of the most romantic Southampton Instagram spots that you won’t want to miss.

Southampton Instagram Spots

10 Perfect Southampton Instagram Spots

Town quay

With the Itchen, the Hamble, the Solent, and Southampton Water, you are never far away from water in Southampton, and so many of its most picturesque sights and views are sea- or riverside.


The town quay offers the perfect blend of history, architecture, and stunning views of the marina. With its charming harbor and picturesque boats, the quay is a must if you’re searching for Southampton Instagram spots.


It may even be one of the most Instagram-worthy settings for romantic couples. This spot is perfect for sunset photos, as the sunsets over the marina can be truly magical.

Netley Abbey, Southampton Instagram spots
Netley Abbey

Netley Abbey

First among our recommendations for Southampton Instagram spots is the enchanting and atmospheric ruins of Netley Abbey. Nestled on the outskirts of Southampton just a stone’s throw from Southampton Water, the abbey is one of the best-preserved Cistercian abbeys in southern England.


The ruins include an almost complete 13th-century church, and more crumbling monastic buildings as well. The history of the Abbey is fascinating – converted into a house following the Dissolution of the Monasteries, it fell into ruin during the 19th century, when it inspired many Romantic poets and authors.


Nowadays it offers a romance of a different sort. With its breathtakingly beautiful arched windows and towering walls, the site offers a perfect backdrop for couples looking for an ethereal and romantic Instagram shot.


The ruins are located in a picturesque setting, surrounded by trees, gardens, and lakes, making it a favorite among Southampton Instagram spots and a place to take a leisurely stroll with your significant other.

Southampton Common
Southampton Common

Southampton Common

If you’re looking for nature and Southampton Instagram spots With an abundance of urban green spaces in then look no further than Southampton Common.


The city, not to mention the wild expanses of natural beauty in the New Forest just outside, Southampton is a nature lover’s dream.


Southampton Common is one of the finest green spaces in town, a large park in the heart of the city that offers a variety of natural settings and photo opportunities. Take a romantic walk with your partner and enjoy the colorful gardens, serene lakes, and picturesque woods.


This spot offers a range of photographic backdrops for your Instagram feed, with everything from tree-lined paths to wildflower meadows, without having to stray far from the center of town.

Southampton Instagram spots

Mayflower Park

Just on the edge of Southampton’s historic Old Town, Mayflower Park serves up some beautiful views of the marina and the surrounding waterfront. It is a great spot for photography enthusiasts and is in high demand among Southampton photoshoot locations.


With colorful boats and ships in the background providing the perfect romantic and nautical touch for your Instagram posts, it’s no mystery why Mayflower Park is one of the best Southampton Instagram spots.


It is also a great opportunity to dive a little deeper into the history of the city, as the park is named after the Mayflower, the ship which transported the original Puritan pilgrims from Southampton to Plymouth Rock in America.

Medieval walls, Southampton Instagram spots
Medieval walls of Southampton

The Medieval Walls of Southampton

Probably Southampton’s most popular and impressive attraction, the medieval walls are stunningly well-preserved, dating back to the 14th century, and offer a unique and romantic backdrop for couples looking to capture the perfect moment on their trip to the city.


The walls are a way to step back in time, giving you the chance to literally walk in the footsteps of history, and also serve up some pretty delightful views of the city and surrounding countryside. Be sure to add this to your list of Southampton Instagram spots. You will regret it if you don’t.

Ocean Village Marina, Southampton Instagram spots
Ocean Village Marina

Ocean Village Marina

When it comes to Southampton Instagram spots, you can find the glitz and glam at Ocean Village Marina.


Ocean Village Marina gives you one of the most picturesque and romantic spots in Southampton. With its stylish yachts and boats moored along the docks, the marina offers a perfect photo opportunity for couples.


Take a walk along the quay and capture the beautiful views of the water, or sit down in one of the charming cafes or restaurants and snap some photos over a romantic dinner.

Royal Victoria Country Park
Royal Victoria Country Park

Royal Victoria Country Park

The Royal Victoria Country Park is a beautiful, peaceful haven of gorgeous natural beauty located on the outskirts of Southampton.


The park’s beautiful gardens and stunning lakes make the ideal backdrop for a casual couple’s photoshoot, while its historic chapel and charming miniature steam train offer delightfully alternative Instagram opportunities.

Southampton Instagram spots, St. Mary's Stadium
Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash, St. Mary’s Stadium

St. Mary’s Stadium

No trip to Southampton would be complete without a visit to St. Mary’s Stadium, the home of Southampton Football Club.


A stadium tour is a must, giving you a deep dive into the passionate, exciting football team and its deep roots in the community, and it’s also a perfect location for couples looking for an alternative romantic backdrop for their photos.


The stadium offers a unique and modern setting that’s perfect for those who love sports, and the panoramic views of the surrounding area make it ideal for Southampton Instagram spots.

Southampton Instagram spots
The Pig in the Wall

The Pig in the Wall

This charming boutique hotel in the heart of Southampton’s old town is housed in a wonderful historic building with a cozy and romantic interior, charming rooms, and unique decor making it a must for Southampton Instagram spots.


The hotel also offers a restaurant and bar that serves up delicious cuisine and high-class mixology, making it a perfect spot for a romantic dinner or drinks. The hotel’s stylish decor and unique charm provide plenty of photo opportunities for Instagram-loving couples looking for a slightly more boujie vibe for their feed.

Southampton Instagram spots

Hythe Pier

Located just a short drive from Southampton, Hythe Pier is an exquisite historic pier that sits on Southampton Water, offering stunning views and a charming, retro atmosphere. The pier also features a small railway that runs along its length, providing a delightfully quaint and romantic experience.


Couples can take a leisurely stroll along the pier and capture beautiful photos of the surrounding landscape, including the city’s waterfront and the New Forest National Park. Not only is this a great choice among Southampton Instagram spots, but it’s romantic too.


Final Thoughts

From historic buildings and gorgeous green spaces to upscale hotels and modern marina luxury, Southampton is a fantastic place to grab some shots of you and your loved one. 


It doesn’t matter if you’re out with friends, family, or on a romantic holiday. These Southampton Instagram spots are sure to add to your social posts. 

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