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It’s Never Too Early- Ideas for Your Christmas Trip This Year

The most wonderful time of the year is closer and closer, and if you’re as festive as we are, you’re definitely searching for inspiration on where to spend your holidays and what activities to engage in. 


This article suggests spending your Christmas holiday in Europe. We don’t know about you, but we think there’s something magical about celebrating Christmas on the old continent, especially in the UK.


From the rich Christmas markets to the fragrant smell of gingerbread and mulled wine, Europe offers some seasonal treats you’ll find in no other place.


The holiday vacation is the perfect opportunity to experience the Christmas concerts, markets, and all the seasonal merriment. 


If this is the first time you plan a Christmas trip, here are some things you should keep in mind. 

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6 Recommendations for Your Christmas Trip This Year 

Scout for the Perfect Destination

Deciding what destination would suit your family’s preferences for a Christmas vacation is essential. Ask them what activities they’d like to do while there, the weather they like, and what other preferences they might have.


Suppose you’d like to have a true snowy Christmas holiday; you’ll want to travel somewhere further north. Sweden, Norway, Lapland, Iceland, and any country with a mountain landscape are great for getting a white Christmas.


If, on the other hand, you prefer a sunny Christmas in warm weather, you might want to book a trip to a more exotic destination such as Thailand, Maldives, or the Caribbean. 


However, we recommend picking one of the traditional European destinations where you can visit a Christmas market, like London, Prague, Budapest, Berlin, or Cologne. 


Book Accommodation

Let’s say you decided to spend your Christmas vacation exploring old London; now you have to rent accommodation because you want to feel comfortable during the winter holidays.


We recommend renting a house or apartment instead of booking a hotel room to get that homey feeling. Use well-known accommodation providers like Booking or Airbnb to find the perfect house to rent for your family.


It would be nice to have more space than a crowded hotel room to enjoy your holidays with your family, away from home.


Renting a house or apartment also offers you access to a kitchen, so you can cook any delicious Christmas dish you like to eat during this time of the year. 


Make a Packing List

Going on a family vacation requires excellent planning because you must ensure you pack everything you might need during the trip and book all the services required for a comfortable and relaxing holiday.


Experts state that traveling for Christmas requires extra attention because the last thing you need is for Santa to forget to put the gifts under the Christmas tree at your rental.


Create a list of essentials and check each item once you put it in the luggage. Remember to pack your kids’ favorite toys, presents, stockings, essentials, and clothing layers because London is famous for its chilly weather during December.


It’s best to wrap the gifts from home so that you won’t spend time hidden in the bathroom at your rental house. 


Keep an Eye on the Weather Forecast

As we mentioned, London weather is moody, to say the least, so it’s best to watch the weather forecast if you plan to visit it during winter.


Knowing how cold it will be, enables you to get the necessary clothing articles to feel warm and cozy while visiting the Christmas markets and traveling around the English capital.


If you plan to visit the English countryside during your vacation and rent a car, ensure the provider equips the vehicle with snow chains you can put on the tires if a blizzard starts.


Chains are essential during the winter because they offer stability and traction to your car when the road is icy or snowy. 


Bring Entertainment 

Just because you spend Christmas away from home doesn’t mean you should leave all your entertainment at home. There are still moments when your kids will stay inside and need some entertainment tools to stay busy.


The winter vacation is the ideal time to engage in relaxing and chill activities like reading books, playing board games, solving puzzles, or watching movies.


If your children love playing online games, don’t forget to pack the laptop or tablet because they might get upset if they cannot engage in their favorite activity while away from home.


However, ensure they don’t connect to public Wi-Fi networks when using their smart devices because they might fall victim to cybercriminals.


Also, if they register on local websites to benefit from services or buy products, ensure they don’t provide sensitive information to shady websites.


However, if you experience a cyberattack while on vacation, know you can get compensation for a data breach in the UK. 


Plan a Christmas Market Trip

Europe is filled with Christmas markets, and London has one of the most charming ones.


If you plan to spend your Christmas vacation in London or somewhere around England, visiting the Christmas market is a must-do because it offers you a taste of the English regional food and traditions. 


There are some recommendations on how to plan a trip to the Christmas market.


Determine why you want to visit the Christmas market. Your family members might be foodies, and then you’ll focus on visiting the plethora of food stands.


Make sure to feast on mulled wine, chocolate milk with whipped cream, and other traditional dishes. 


Decide if you want to shop for souvenirs for the loved ones you left at home. Shop for homemade ornaments, traditional decorations, and other items that will remind you of this vacation. 


Search for entertainment. This is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your family, so research what activities you can engage in at the Christmas market.


The local City Hall will probably share on social media or its local website the list of entertainment means you can take advantage of. 


Find how you can get to the Christmas market. You can choose from several transportations means to reach your destination, so discuss with your family and pick the one you find most suitable. 



Did you ever spend Christmas away from home? If this is the first time you do it, share your opinions with us!


If you travel to any of these locations or participate in any of the listed activities, be sure to let us know. 


Christmas is truly the most magical time of the year, so there’s no reason why your Christmas vacation shouldn’t be absolutely magnificent! 


Pack up the whole family and try out some of these locations if you can. If you desire a truly “white” holiday, with snow flurries and crystalline lights, consider going across the pond to Europe. 


There’s nothing quite like celebrating an old-style holiday with your family. It might be time to step outside of your comfort zone and plan something terrific this year. 


Be sure to check the weather, bring entertainment for the kids, and carefully plan out your trip. If you follow the steps listed in this article, you’re well on your way to having a wonderful holiday vacation.


It’s never too early to plan a holiday vacation. Happy holidays from The Fairytale Traveler!

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