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10 Things You Need To Know Before Going on a Cruise to Falkland Island

Falkland Island is a paradise on earth. It is one of the picturesque tourism spots, which is accessible via any North Pole cruise. As an adventurer and avid traveler, I like to explore new places that excite and make me leave the bed.


A few months ago, I was searching for a new place to visit that was not famous to many. I came across Falkland Island, a wonderful location in the Southern Hemisphere. To be honest, this place is a hidden gem. 


You don’t need to visit Antarctica to see penguins, Falkland Island has penguin colonies. There, you’ll come across healthy marine life, places for hiking & trailing, and exotic flocks of birds. 


On the internet,  it’s almost impossible to find all the information you need on visiting the island in one place. Therefore, I have put together ten (10) things you need to know before going on a cruise to Falkland Island.

falkland island

10 Things You Must Know Before Going to Falkland Island 

Where is the Falkland Island?

Many people wonder about the location of the island because its remote location takes a bit of finding. Falkland Island is situated in the South Atlantic, 480km away from the Argentine Mainland. 


The island consists of 260 small islands and two main islands known as East Falkland and West Falkland.

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How To Get to the Falkland Island via the North Pole Cruise?

There are three ways to reach Falkland Island. You can travel on a North Pole cruise, by air, or on a personal boat ride from the UK.


The best time to visit is from October till March. Perhaps it is better to book the trip a few months ahead because of the weak internet connectivity on the island that makes it difficult to process bookings and limited hotels and guest houses, which rent out quickly. 


It is a small island with a very limited population. So to enjoy the scenery and nature of Falkland Island, you’ll need to book hotel rooms and other facilities like rental cars by yourself.


There’s no one-point booking system, which can make bookings a hassle. Things are getting better as I have come across many booking agents offering full-fledged service.

falkland island

How Is the North Pole Cruise Trip to Falkland Island?

To make it more convenient, I have highlighted itineraries for your guidance. However, a lot depends on the weather.


The expedition explores one of the untapped areas of the world. The journey begins from Ushuaia, Argentina.


Then the vessel goes through Carcass Island and Saunders Island before settling on Falkland Island. The cruise will halt at Port Stanley, where you can visit historical museums.

falkland island

Connecting to the Antarctic

The voyage will resume to South Georgia crossing the Antarctic Convergence. Here, you will see numerous species of seabirds, including albatross, shearwaters, and skuas.


Soon, the cruise will arrive in South Georgia where you can visit other islands like Prion Island, Fortuna Bay, Salisbury Plain, Gold Harbor, and Grytviken.


The next stop will be the South Orkney Islands, sailing through sea ice and interacting with south polar skuas and snow petrels. Arriving at South Orkney, depending on the weather, you might get lucky and visit Orcadas Base.


After experiencing expansive views of South Orkney, the cruise will push to the Antarctic. There will not be a dull moment in this journey as you sail into the Weddell Sea.


The last stop in the Antarctic will become memorable if ice conditions permit. You can visit colossal tabular icebergs, Paulet Island, and the majestic view of Adelie penguins.


There will also be an opportunity to set foot on the continent itself via Brown Bluff. Imagine standing on the ice of the Antarctic, certainly a moment for life.


On your return, the breathtaking scenery of the Drake Passage will welcome you. You’ll also receive warm greetings from the different species of seabirds.

falkland island

How Much Is a Cruise Trip?

This memorable voyage lasts for 20-21 days. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can compare different packages starting from USD13,000.

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What To Do on Falkland Island?

Surprisingly, Falkland Island is also famous for war places. So if you’re into that, you will be thrilled. Also, an expansive range of wildlife awaits you.


There are more than 170 types of native plants, several penguin species, a vast array of bird species, and extensive marine life.


The capital of Falkland gives you contrasting views of the city. You can visit the Anglican cathedral, Dockyard Museum, Globe Tavern pub, and enjoy the city via cycling and trekking.


And if you prolong your trip, you can visit nearby islands. These islands include Pebble Island, Keppel Island, Saunders Island, Carcass Island, Whirlpool Island, and Jason Island.

falkland island

Who Can Visit Falkland Island?

Anyone can visit the Island. There are no restrictions apart from the harsh weather.


The people are very friendly and welcoming. During the season, you’ll notice that a major part of the population will become guides and drivers and offer their houses for rent.


The primary language is English, while Spanish is the secondary language. So, there’s no language.

falkland island

Where Can You Stay on Falkland Island?

Being a small place with a limited population, there aren’t many options to choose from. Surprisingly, there aren’t any hotels.


You’ll find guest houses, lodges, accommodation rooms, and cabins. This is why I urge you to book a place in advance when planning to visit this tiny island.


There’s an option for camping as well. If you’re looking for an extreme adventure, you can ask permission from the local police to camp.


In case you run out of luck and could not find a place to stay. There’s Darwin Hotel with six rooms only, but it’s far from the city and no nearby places.

falkland island

How To Move Within Falkland Island?

You can opt for cycling or trekking in hilly areas. Because the Island has uneven routes mostly made of gravel and clay, you’ll need a 4 x 4 jeep.


The weather is unpredictable here. So to be on the safe side, a jeep would take you in the distance. You can easily hire a rental jeep locally.


You can either drive the jeep by yourself (if you have an international license) or hire a driver.

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Which Currency Is Used on Falkland Island?

In this regard, the island is flexible. You can spend British Pounds and some places also accept US dollars.


The local currency is the Falkland Island Pound, which is equal to the British Pound. There is only one bank on the Island, Standard Chartered Bank, from where you can get the local currency.


The island also accepts payment via cards. However, you will not find any ATMs here. And also, before leaving the island, you need to spend all your local currency because no exchange in the world will exchange the currency.

falkland island


This island is a great place to visit. An island that offers heritage, history, beautiful beaches, and wildlife. I don’t think many places on earth are even close to this Island.


It is accessible by air or by water. A perfect place to travel solo or with your beloved one. People here are welcoming and friendly. Most importantly, this island will take you close to nature. If you choose to take a cruise expedition here, you won’t regret it. 


For more information on how to have a successful cruise adventure, check out our guide. 

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