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Our Master-List of The Best Vampire Diaries Quotes

We all have been loyal fans of the Twilight series – the epic drama that stays in our minds even now. Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) were our favorites, to say the least.  

BUT!! Have you heard of the Vampire Diaries? Well, if you’re reading this, we hope so. 

The major twist in the tale started when the next era of vampires called “The Vampire Diaries” began in 2009. The ever-gorgeous-looking Elena(Nina Dobrev) mesmerized us with her on-screen presence, killing us with her deadly looks as Katherine.


Not to mention the Salvatore brothers “Damon(Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan(Paul Wesley)”, whose gorgeousness in the Vampire Diaries can make any woman fall for them. 

However, the story of the Salvatore brothers’ destiny to love the same lady twice is still a fan favorite. Doomed love triangles, sad deaths, witchy loopholes, nice guys doing awful things, and bad guys doing good things are top hits!

Being a lovely partner to Elena, Stefan was more obedient when compared to Damon, who was more aggressive than ever.


To be honest, the story should have focussed more on Elena and Stefan’s love story rather than shifting to Damon and Elena’s new bond love.

The imaginary town of Mystic Falls was the setting for the novel. Other narratives included Elena’s brother, aunt, friends, teachers, and other mystical entities, in addition to these three major protagonists.


The town’s Founder’s Council was formed to protect the settlement against vampires and other supernatural forces. Damon and Stefan were shown as good vampires who attempted to protect mortals from their evil vampire companions.

The quotes shown in this article are one of the most remembered aspects of the series. You’ll love to note these quotes in a book or a diary, whether it’s Damon’s never-ending stream of insensitive remarks, passionate confessions of love, undying devotion, or tear-jerking farewells. 

Don’t worry! 

We will not give you any spoilers or break the barrel of an interesting story. On the contrary, we are here to delight you with some of the classy one-liners of Damon, Stefan, and Elena. 

Let’s get binge-reading the vampire diaries quotes! 

Starting with Damon, we have compiled some of his best quotes that will make you laugh and giggle. 

vampire diariesThe Best Vampire Diaries Quotes

Some famous quotes from Damon

“If I had to hear the word Doppelganger one more time then I will have to know how to spell it,” said Damon


He refers to Elena’s Doppelganger as Katherine, whom he hates. 

“It’s cool I’ve grown old, I like to be the eternal stud”. Said, Damon

He admires his looks in the mirror and appreciates himself. 

“Believe it or not Stefan, some girls don’t need my persuasion, some girls just can’t resist my good looks, my style, and my charm and my flinching ability to listen to Taylor swift”. Said Damon.


He is speaking to Stefan about his personality. 

“You want a love that consumes you, you want passion and adventure and even a little danger”. Said Damon. 


He is speaking to Elena’s long-lost memory. 

“Because when people see good they expect good,” said Damon 


During one of Damon’s and Elena’s numerous private conversations, Elena questioned why he never showed his “nice” side to others. Damon is practically a hero in later seasons, but in the beginning, he rarely let on that he had a good heart beneath layers and layers of snark.

Damon’s retort to Elena was heartbreaking in and of itself. He admitted that he disliked displaying that aspect of himself since it caused others to have expectations of him, which he wasn’t sure he could always achieve.

“I would rather spend every moment of agony than erase the memory of you”. 


Damon conveys to Elena that he would not want to erase a memory of her. 

“I just have to say it once. You just need to hear it. I love you, Elena”. 


Damon expresses his sentiments, but Stefan’s apology for forcing him to become a vampire is still fresh in Damon’s memory.


So Damon, who honestly believes he is unworthy of anyone’s love, including Elena’s, resigns himself to confessing her and erasing the memories.


“You better watch your back because I may just need to go get a hero hairdo of my own and steal your thunder.”


Damon displays an unexpectedly tender side by assisting Rose in finding peace and pleasure in her final hours. When confronted by Stefan about his kindness to Rose and his feelings for her, Damon wants to maintain his bad-boy reputation.


Next up is the vicious Katherine (Nina Dobrev).

vampire diariesSome famous quotes from Katherine

“Go ahead Stefan, torture me, drain me of my blood till my body turns to dust but it will never change the truth, I never compelled your love.” 


Katherine says this quote when Stefan keeps her captive with chains attached to her hands. On the other hand, Stefan goes down memory lane when they are deeply in love. 

“Does Elena enjoy having both of you worship at her altar”?


Katherine returns to Mystic Falls. However, Stefan and Damon hatch a plan to kill Katherine. Moreover, their efforts are in vain as Katherine connects her body to Elena.


When they attack Katherine, Elena gets hurt. Katherine says the above quote when Damon is about to kill Katherine. 


Now, let’s come to the gorgeous beauty “Elena”. 

vampire diariesSome famous quotes from Elena

“When you lose someone, it stays with you. Always reminding you of how easy it is to get hurt”, says Elena.


Elena has lost many people and conveys the same to Stefan. 

“It’s okay. We met, and we talked, and It was epic, but … then the sun came up and reality set in.” 


The word “epic” comes to mind when describing Elena’s feelings for both Salvatore brothers. Elena’s gaze is soon drawn to Stefan. Elena, in particular, has more difficulties in her way to becoming a couple than she realizes.


Elena realizes she and Stefan may not be ready for each other after spending the night together just chatting in season 2’s “Night of the Comet.”

“The only person worse at being a vampire than me is you”. 


Elena faces some major choices in “Graduation,” after spending Season 4 adjusting to life as a vampire, exchanging one Salvatore for another, and attempting to obtain the cure.


Elena conveys that Stefan should take the cure to become a human. 

“If you walk away, it’s for you because I know what I want. Stefan, I love you.”


Stefan decides that the risk of falling in love with Elena is too great, and he is correct. The death toll in Mystic Falls is rapidly growing, and there are more paranormal mishaps in the works.


“I am not sorry that I met you”. 


Delena enthusiasts will most likely recognize the quote we were referring to from the following statement, no matter how brief it was.


Elena’s full quote is: “I’m not sorry for meeting you. I apologize if knowing you have caused me to doubt everything. That you were the one who made me feel most alive in death.”


The speech she gives to Damon once Elena realizes she really loves him and their connection isn’t based on the sire bond.

It’s a quote that’s been utilized in countless fanfiction stories and revisions, especially the last line. One of the reasons the Delena ship drew people was because Damon embraced Elena as either a vampire or a human, but Stefan did not want Elena to be a vampire.


“Breath, eat, sleep, wake up, and then do it all over again until one day it’s not as hard anymore,” says Elena 


Although the message is solemn, Elena offers sound counsel to everyone who is grieving. Even if it’s difficult to see, she knows there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Elena understands how it works, as she explains.

Elena will never stop missing people she has lost, but she understands that the agony will pass. Elena can get through each day because she understands that mourning is a process that improves over time.


Despite everything that has happened to her, she continues to be happy.

“Peace exists. It lives in everything we hold dear. That is the promise of peace, that one day, after a long life, we find each other again.”


Elena never gives up hope that she and Damon will be reunited with the people they love, despite Stefan’s devastating death. Elena is happiest with friends and family, shedding light on her tranquil personality.


Elena’s heart is built out of the people she’s loved and lost, and her journey comes full circle when she reunites with her parents in the afterlife.


Elena doesn’t have the series’ final sentence, but her voice-over contributes to the satisfying conclusion of The Vampire Diaries.


“The worst feeling is the moment that you realize you’ve lost yourself.”


Elena is a relatable character, despite her circumstances. Elena’s statement immediately tugs on the viewers’ heartstrings, as not being able to recognize oneself is a terrible experience.


Elena suffers from her sadness in the first several seasons, yet she never loses sight of her values.

“Our actions are what set things in motion, but we have to live with that.”


The Vampire Diaries’ core characters tend to blame themselves for every tragedy. Elena helps her pals remember that some things are beyond their control, even though they make many bad decisions.


Although Stefan may have coerced Damon into becoming a vampire, Damon informs his brother that Stefan is not to blame for his actions.

vampire diaries

Some famous quotes from Stefan

“We choose our own path. Our values and our actions — They define who we are.”


This is not only one of Stefan’s best quotes but also one of the series’ most important sentences. Instead of taking responsibility for their actions, all characters blame their actions on a lack of choice.


However, according to Stefan, there’s always another option, even if it has disastrous repercussions.


“I think I still need to be drunk to understand this story.”


Although Stefan may be referring to Qetsiyah’s story, several other stories in the series can be perplexing. Even if there aren’t any loopholes, some of them are simply ludicrous. Stefan makes fun of Qetsiyah while simultaneously making fun of the show.

“I am a vampire. And this is my story.”


This phrase serves as a reminder that the show has always revolved around Stefan and his relationship with Damon. It starts with Stefan’s return to Mystic Falls and concludes with his reunion with Damon in the afterlife.

“I have never met a woman quite like you, I look at you, and I see an angel.”


When they were in love during the initial stages, Stefan said this quote to Katherine. 

“Honestly, when I’m with her, I completely forget what I am.”


Stefan said these words to Lexi while talking about Elena, and Lexi recognized right then and there that Stefan was head over heels in love with Elena.


Stefan’s admission of how safe and regular Elena made him feel was a major deal, especially given the guilt he carried all the time.

vampire diaries

Some famous quotes from Caroline Fobes

“You are not even worth the calories I burn talking to you.”


If you don’t want to talk to a person, you can use this pick-up line by Caroline Forbes. 

Caroline (Candice King) is one of the funniest characters in The Vampire Diaries because of remarks like this. It’s still a mystery how she comes up with such snarky quips. Caroline may put Damon to shame when it comes to sneaky burns!  

“Anyone capable of love is capable of being saved.”


Whoa! What a quote!! 

It’s simply amazing to express love in this manner. In general, this is one of Caroline’s best lines. Her capacity to find the good in others is motivating, and she has a special effect on the world’s oldest and most vicious vampire.

No one could blame Caroline if she spent her final minutes blaming Klaus for his misdeeds, yet Caroline exhibits compassion when faced with death. She gives her assailant a second shot at redemption and helps Klaus evolve as a character in The Originals.

“Now you want me to eat bunnies and I’m kinda freaking out!”


Caroline is amusing as a human, but vampirism enhances her personality and takes her to a whole new level of amusement. Caroline seems to have been born to be a vampire, even though adjusting to immortality is difficult for everyone.

The first few days after her transformation are more comical than anything else, and she’s the only one on The Vampire Diaries who expresses what fans are thinking. Her bunny-related worries are legitimate.  

“I just want everyone to be happy. Even in the midst of all the crazy, unhappy bits.”


It is pointless to live life if they do not want to enjoy it. Caroline tries to remain positive despite her hardships, encouraging her friends to do the same. She enjoys making others happy and has genuine empathy for others in the Vampire Diaries. 

vampire diariesSome famous quotes from Klaus Michaelson

“Love is a vampire’s greatest weakness. We do not feel, and we do not care.”


Klaus (Joseph Morgan) must have had firsthand experience with love to have such strong feelings about it. Klaus is capable of endearment, as evidenced by this comment, and even feels intimidated by the intensity of his own emotions.

Klaus is a reclusive individual who rarely speaks directly. The subtext is essential for understanding who he is, and in every viewpoint, he has a backstory in the Vampire Diaries. 


Klaus understands that love encourages people to prioritize others over themselves, which is a flaw for someone who wishes to prioritize self-preservation.

“Don’t underestimate the allure of darkness. Even the purest hearts are drawn to it.”


Klaus’s remark is meant for Caroline, even though it is addressed to Stefan. It doesn’t take long for the characters or the audience to notice their connection, but Caroline does everything to deny it. 


Even those who follow the honorable road are filled with gloom. Making the right decision might be difficult due to how attractive the wrong one can be. Caroline’s feelings for Klaus make her a human, not a horrible person.


She demonstrates that she is the most compassionate of the vampires by choosing to find the good in someone others have given up on.


“He’s your first love. I intend to be your last, however long it takes.”


Klaus is no slacker. Caroline is attracted by Klaus’ love and promises to show her things Tyler would never show her, and Klaus has been around long enough to understand Tyler and Caroline don’t have consistency.


Unfortunately, this ship never actually sets sail in the Vampire Diaries. 

vampire diariesConclusion

Vampire Diaries has indeed been an “Original” benchmark in the vampire category of TV shows. None of the other vampire series can beat the class and legacy of what “The Vampire Diaries” has built. 

You must be wondering what we mean by “Original” benchmark. Well, we have tried to connect the sequel of Vampire Diaries, “The Originals,” and the “Legacies” under one context. 

If you happen to complete watching “The Originals”, quickly schedule a time to watch “Legacies”. As per the latest updates, the 4th and final season of “Legacies” will end on 16th June 2022.


Also, if you’d like to participate in more of the magic behind the Vampire Diaries, check out our list of places to stay where it was filmed! 

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