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20 Ways to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Garden This Summer

We want to spend more time outside now that spring has arrived and summer is on its way. When we have a clean, clutter-free outdoor garden, our time outside is much more pleasant and serene.


Many of us have a variety of “things” in our yards, decks, patios, and other outside spaces in order to relax. Decluttering our outdoor garden will make them easier to maintain and allows us to utilize them more.


An outdoor garden can grow clogged and untidy throughout the year. Since these spaces aren’t in our main living area, it’s easy just to open the door to your outdoor garden storage boxes and toss them in.


Organize your storage facilities into zones to keep clutter at bay. Clean and clutter-free living spaces are more inviting, pleasant, and peaceful. You can also invite company over too for an outdoor picnic or grill. 


We all know this applies to our indoor areas. Still, many of us lose sight of the fact that an outdoor garden can become just as cluttered, limiting our ability to host lavish dinner parties or simply relax on the patio at the end of the day.


When we declutter and spruce up our outdoor garden spaces, they become more appealing and functional, so if you have too much stuff cluttering up your backyard. 

outdoor garden

Tips To Declutter Your Outdoor Garden

Start With The Basics

When beginning to clean your outdoor garden, there are a few things that seem redundant but are actually really important!


Get the most important job done first, and you’ll have a better idea of how much storage space you have to work with to keep the rest of your landscape tidy.


Gardening tools and accessories, outdoor toys, and garden furniture are likely to be stored in your shed or storage boxes. Take everything out and sort it into those categories, tossing out everything that is broken or won’t be used again.


Excess items can be donated to charity stores or sold/gifted locally or online, and garbage can be heaped up ready to be sent to the dump or recycling center.


Return the contents to the shed or storage box in an orderly manner, allowing as much room as possible for extra stuff so that you can quickly access what’s currently in there.


Use labeled storage bins for smaller hand tools or products like slug pellets, plant food, or compost, and put hooks to the walls to hang larger tools like spades and hoes.

outdoor garden

Tidy Up & Ensure A Clean Environment 

Next up on our list of ways to declutter your outdoor garden is simply tidying up! Go through your garden with a fine-toothed comb, gathering toys and equipment that should be stored.


If your children spend a lot of time in the outdoor garden, it’s worth investing in a toy box that they can easily access – it may be difficult, but try to train them to put their toys back in the box at the end of day!


Everything else should be kept in the shed or storage box, with the most often used items (such as garden chairs, cushions, and tools like trowels, lawnmowers, and hedge trimmers) placed in the front for easy access.


This is the best way to see exactly what you have going on in your outdoor garden. This will help you make improvements later on down the road.

outdoor garden

Get Rid Of Unwanted Things

Broken plant pots are unattractive and of no use or decoration in an outdoor garden! Gather them, put any usable dirt in bags, and toss the rest in the trash.


You could always recycle your shattered pots to construct mosaics if you’re the artistic sort. If not, take anything that can’t be reused to a landfill or recycling center.


Check your front and back gardens for stray litter that may have blown in from the street, and dispose of any broken footballs or other toys. These are both ugly and hazardous to your outdoor garden. 

outdoor garden

Sort The Greenery

Broken plant pots are unsightly and useless as decorations! Gather them all, place any usable dirt in bags, and chuck the remainder away. If you’re an artist, you could always use your shattered pots to create frescoes.


If not, take anything that can’t be recycled or reused to a landfill. Check your front and back yards for miscellaneous household waste brought and dispose of any malfunctioning sports equipment or other devices.

outdoor garden

Place Your Garden Furniture

If you have a lot of lawn chairs, only set out enough for the number of people that regularly sit in them! Save the rest for when you have visitors in the shed.


Make sure your garden table and chairs are in a bright or shady location and that the cushion pads are clean and dry. Keep the cushion pads indoors overnight every evening to avoid mildew.

outdoor garden

Spring Clean

After the harsh winter and months of being deprived of sunlight, your garden may appear unkempt. A good spring cleaning can give you a fresh start for the months ahead. Other wrecks, including dead sticks, leaves, and any debris that has accumulated, must be cleaned up. 


A Flymo Garden Vac 2700 is an excellent place to start. The 4-in-1 electric vacuum has a shredding feature that collects unwanted leaves and garden waste, allowing you to effortlessly dump the material into your compost heap.


A specific Jet-Vac device can be used to remove wet leaves. Start by laying a groundsheet on the grass and blowing trash into the center with a leaf blower. This will make moving and disposing of the pile easier and less time-consuming.

outdoor garden

Organize Your Patio, Deck, and Pool Areas

People should be able to sit, stroll, and perform a variety of tasks in these areas; thus, decluttering is necessary. Consider what kind of equipment and supplies you’ll need and want in these places, and make sure you have enough storage space.


You may want to keep outdoor or yard toys for the kids, barbecue equipment, and a place to store patio furniture and cushions in these spaces. Basically, list the things you do in these areas and stock up on items you use frequently.


Of course, there isn’t always a handy spot on your patio, deck, or poolside to place these items. Deck or patio boxes and bins are one of the most popular and effective storage options for all three of these settings.


Consider installing a bar on the deck to create a fun and convenient outdoor entertaining area for yourself and your guests. Investing in a sturdy and stylish bar with ample room for drinks and snacks can enhance your outdoor space’s overall look and functionality. In addition to providing a social gathering space, it will keep all your drinks and supplies organized and accessible, freeing up space in your storage containers.


There are several outdoor storage benches, sheds, and deck boxes available, and many of them may also be utilized as seating for family and visitors, thereby doubling their utility. Make sure the size you choose is appropriate for the items you plan to store.

outdoor garden

Make Your Storage More “Green”

Consider whether you can recycle any items you no longer use and repurpose them as storage before purchasing a pegboard or new shelves. For instance, any old racks or furniture, including drawers, could be useful.


They’ll make use of the vertical space and help you organize all of your tools.


You could even use an old automobile wheel to hang a long hose and old jars or tins to store little items like screws or nails if you have one. Simply add some labels to complement your ‘green’ shed organization.

outdoor garden

Declutter Your Storage

Your shed and garage can quickly get clogged with all kinds of junk. While it may be tempting to stuff your belongings into a closet or other storage space, it’s vital to create a system instead.


Get a few boxes or containers if you don’t already have any, and organize everything in your house. This will result in a better, more peaceful, and safer outdoor environment for you and your loved ones. Also, when it comes to storage, don’t be reluctant to get creative.

outdoor garden

Revamp Your Tool Shed

Lawnmowers, landscaping tools, planters, and hoses are all stored in tool sheds, which are a practical and effective method to maintain and brighten up your garden.


The only issue?


On the inside, tool sheds aren’t often well-designed. If that’s the case, take a page from The Cavender Diary’s book and make a few simple alterations to your tool shed.


Remove any heavy shelves. To hold tiny gardening equipment, use an IKEA grundtal rail, utensil holder, and s-hook. Install wall hooks. Alternatively, hang a robust bin to keep fertilizer and plant spray.

outdoor garden

Use a Hanging Organizer to Organize Your Tools

A hanging holder is an organizational item that resolves all issues. Why not keep your shoes, winter accessories, makeup, beauty products, crafts, and even cleaning materials on your patio with hanging organizers?


Fill the pockets with gardening gloves, clippers, plant stakes, twine, and seed packets, then place them on the greenhouse or tool shed wall as The Coupon Project did.

outdoor garden

Turn an Old Shutter Into a Towel Rack

If your weathered, deteriorating shutter is about to fall off its hinges, give it a new lease on life by turning it on its side, adding a few hooks, and calling it a shutter towel rack.


You can skip painting it and sanding the edges if you don’t want to. Its rustic, antique beauty will add to its dilapidated appearance.

outdoor garden

Garbage Storage Ideas

After you’ve decluttered your home, you’ll have several bins full of objects you want to keep but don’t have a space for. You might believe that outside storage is exclusively for lawnmowers, gardening equipment, or large goods draped in tarps, but a portable garage can be used for a variety of things.


Like storage shed, a portable garage allows easy access to the stuff you need while allowing you to enjoy your home without the clutter. 


Backyard storage is made easy with portable garages and storage structures. Home décor, clothing bins, children’s bicycles, and anything else you wish to transport out of your house or garage may be stored in these robust and beautiful constructions.

outdoor garden


After taking away the leaves and debris, start weeding. If you remain on top of it, this may be a daily task that takes very little time. Cut back and prune any overgrown or dead plants for regeneration the next season.


Once your flower beds are tidy, using bark to keep weeds at bay is a good idea. Invest in an electric lawnmower, which is less destructive to the environment. It is recommended that you mow your grass once a week.

outdoor garden

Low Maintenance Plants

Avoid annual bedding plants if you want to keep your landscape simple and low-maintenance. Define the edge of your flower beds to prevent them from overrunning the lawn.


Hedges, bushes, and trees that have become overgrown should be clipped. Dealing with overgrown plants might be time-consuming, but the end result will be worth it: your yard will be much fresher, and you’ll have more space.


Following your outdoor garden’s first decluttering. To maintain things neat and tidy, make a list of daily and weekly duties. On days when it doesn’t rain, water your garden. You can enjoy your garden more if you trim and rake it on a weekly basis.

outdoor garden

Create a Nice Space

After you’ve arranged your clutter, you should be able to envision how you want your outdoor garden to look before you do the finishing touches. Consider what plants and bushes you’d like to have in your garden to add color and charm.


Deck Guardian – The Top Deck Builder can also install decking on which you can place your garden furniture and have family dinners outside. Make it your own by integrating any other features that pique your attention.

outdoor garden

Vertical Storage

When working with limited space, the golden rule is to avoid introducing any solutions that will eat up the remaining breathing room.


As a result, keeping your outdoor garden equipment in an extra-long wooden box is far from ideal. Furthermore, because these flat storages are within reach of children, it is a poor choice for your family.


Gardening gloves, shears, seeds, and other items can be stored in a hanging organizer. Pool toys like rafts, squirt guns, pool noodles, and even pool cleaning equipment like the pool scrubber may all be stored on a DIY wooden pallet.

outdoor garden

Mobile and Multipurpose Carts

Moving storage solutions would be the most valuable equipment in a larger property. Consider transporting firewood supplies back and forth until you find a suitable location.


By having a moving cart around, you can leave the heavy lifting to the gym and save as many preparation hours as possible on family days.


These carts can also be used to store items such as cleaning rugs, bug sprays, a shovel, or a rake while on the road. Add hooks and several levels to provide additional useful tools.

outdoor garden

Deck Storage

Households with wooden decks can create a tool shelter or a firewood cubby with enough space. They can be employed as innovative storage solutions owing to their space-saving design. They are cool additions to your outdoor garden! 


However, they look better with above-ground pool decks, which are more versatile than in-ground pool decks. 


Decks can be used as an extension of a couch, and the area beneath them can be used to store tools, pool toys, firewood, or anything else.


To optimize their potential storage capacity and efficiency, homeowners merely need to look outside the box. Households with wooden decks can find enough space to build a tool shelter or a firewood cubby. Owing to the space-saving design, they can be used as creative storage solutions.

outdoor garden

Befriend The Greenery

Plants are a beautiful way to connect your conservatory/patio and yard, but don’t let them dry out. Any dead plants or old pots should be discarded. Clean your window sills so you can take in the beautiful view of your landscape.


Owing to the amount of light they receive, conservatories are ideal for growing plants. Energy-efficient glass also aids in the creation of a more comfortable environment for them to thrive.


Check out this tutorial on how to pick the proper plants for your conservatory and get rid of the ones that aren’t working. This will make your outdoor garden neater and more pleasant to look at!


You’ll have a tidy landscape to match your home if you declutter the outdoors. Don’t forget about these outdoor storage options.


You will not only appreciate them more, but you will also maximize the value of your home by making them more usable. Get occupied this summer, and you’ll be able to appreciate the outdoors throughout the fall and winter. The final result will be extremely pleasing.

outdoor garden

Boxes For Storage

If your conservatory is being used as a playroom, sort all of the toys into categories and storage bins. First, make sure you finish the keep, discard, and donate stages.


Open up any old boxes you have in your conservatory and go through them. You won’t need them in your outdoor garden, conservatory, or patio. 


If you haven’t used any of the products in a year, you probably don’t need them. Conservatories are frequently used to dispose of old cutlery duplicates and other home objects.


Discard or donate whatever you aren’t using now or won’t be utilized in the foreseeable future. This will ensure everything in your outdoor garden is useful! 

outdoor garden


Decluttering your outdoor garden is as important as decluttering your household items. Ensure you make this decluttering process as smooth and quick as possible.


You need to ensure that your garden is spick and span by keeping the setting neat and clean. Your green garden needs to look eco-friendly with proper garden storage. 


Spending time outdoors is relaxing and if your outdoor garden is clean, you’ll want to spend more time out there! It’s one way to spend more time outdoors this summer.


Gardening plays a major role in keeping the environment healthy and moist. Keeping your environment and surroundings clean allows you to appreciate the space you live in while also providing an enabling environment for fresh air.


It is also our responsibility to look after our plants and the environment, just as we do with our offspring,  as they too require our attention, care, and time. Cleaning your outdoor garden is one example of how we can do that! 

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