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Follow These 5 Easy Steps and Get Your Cyprus Flight Pass Today!

Cyprus is a small island country located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Despite its size, Cyprus is home to an abundance of ancient ruins, stunning beaches, and delicious food. It’s a fantastic place to go on vacation- as long as you fill out your Cyprus Flight Pass!


Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation or want to explore the culture and history of this fascinating country, Cyprus should be at the top of your list! If you plan on visiting the Republic of Cyprus, you will need to prepare a few documents and complete the Cyprus Flight Pass within 48 hours of departure.


Online travel registration has been introduced because of the ongoing pandemic as part of the additional safety measures within the country. That just makes filling out your Cyprus Flight pass even easier!


All these additional requirements and documents that need to be collected may make international travels seem overwhelming. While this may discourage you from taking the trip altogether, don’t worry! Keep reading to find out everything you need for your Cyprus Flight Pass. 


This article has everything you need for your Cyprus Flight Pass form, from how to prepare to what happens after you have submitted your application – making your visit to Cyprus stress-free.

cyprus, cyprus flight pass, ocean, destinations

Filling Out Your Flight Pass is Easy- Don’t Worry! 

What is the Cyprus Flight Pass? 

The Cyprus Flight Pass is simply an online health and travel declaration that must be completed by every traveler planning to visit the Republic of Cyprus during the ongoing pandemic. 


The Cyprus Health Declaration is mandatory for both adult and underage travelers. However, in the case of children, it is the responsibility of the parent, or legal guardian to complete the form on their behalf. The online health declaration requires travelers to provide their personal, contact, travel, flight, and emergency contact details.


Completing the Cyprus Flight Pass results in a PDF confirmation of the filled-out form issued and delivered to each traveler via email. The confirmation should then be printed or saved in an electronic form before departure and kept safely for the planned travel.


Airport officials may ask you to show proof of completing the Cyprus Flight Pass before boarding the aircraft and after you arrive in the Republic of Cyprus.


cyprus, cyprus flight pass, ocean, destinations

What do I Need For It?

To complete the Cyprus Flight Pass application, you’ll need a few things handy! For starters, you’ll need a valid passport or ID, an active email address, stable internet, and a phone/laptop/tablet.


Don’t forget to include all of the essential details of your trip to Cyprus, including the address for the stay, flight details, and more! It might seem overwhelming, but once you begin, the process is actually quite easy. You may also be asked to bring the details of your Covid-19 test. 

cyprus, cyprus flight pass, ocean, destinations

More Details on the Cyprus Flight Pass Application

To fill out the Cyprus Flight Pass application form, prepare the required documents and all the details of your planned trip to Cyprus. Next, with the needed information on hand, you can start filling out the application. 


For this application, you’ll need to provide all of the required information listed above. Don’t forget to double-check and make sure everything is correct on the form. You should then wait for a confirmation email to be delivered. 


Since the Cyprus Flight Pass application form is available entirely online, completing it does not take too much time, especially if you prepare and have all the needed information and documents on hand when applying.


Remember to submit your application within 48 hours of your scheduled arrival in the Republic of Cyprus since this is the stipulated time frame within which applications should be delivered.


Don’t start completing the form earlier to avoid issues upon entering Cyprus. Such a short time period required to complete the form tells the Cypriot Government that the provided, by travelers, data will be as up-to-date as possible.

cyprus, cyprus flight pass, ocean, destinations

Just a Few More Details…

Now for the most important part of filling out your Cyprus Flight Pass… you’ll need to include a few things, like your contact and flight information. 


You will be asked to provide personal details like your name, surname, ID, nationality, date of birth, gender, and permanent address in your home country. You’ll also want to include any relevant Covid-19 information, like vaccination records or previous positive tests. 


Additionally, for your Cyprus Flight Pass, you’ll want to add some basic details about your travel companions! Any travelers visiting Cyprus with family or friends will need to provide basic details of their travel companions. Don’t forget to add an emergency contact! 


Add the details of your trip to Cyprus and the address for the stay. You will also be asked to provide a reason for your visit to Cyprus. You can choose between vacation, business, visiting friends and family, longer stays, or other unspecified reasons. 


Take your time when completing the form, do not rush it to make sure that the information you provide will be correct. Double-check the completed form and look for any misspellings or missing data. Submitting data that is free from any errors will ensure that your application will be processed quickly and with no issues.


Once you’re done completing the application form with the required data, it’s time to check a few boxes and confirm you agree with the rules of the Cyprus Government.  The Cyprus Government requires travelers to accept a few rules.


These rules include random Covid-19 testing upon arrival and the acknowledgment of risks associated with visiting Cyprus during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. You also need to inform the government if you develop any symptoms within 14 days of arrival in your home country. 


These symptoms include fever, coughing, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, body aches, loss of taste or smell, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, sore throat, congestion, runny nose, and that you have not been in contact with an infected person within the last 14 days.


The very last declaration to be made is to state that the information provided in the form is correct and up-to-date.

cyprus, cyprus flight pass, ocean, destinations

What Happens After I Submit? 

After you submit your application, the Cyprus Government will start reviewing it. It will then issue a PDF confirmation for each traveler who has completed the online health declaration before departure.


The PDF confirmation reaches each traveler via email in PDF form, which can easily be downloaded and either printed or saved as an electronic copy. You might be asked to present your Cyprus Flight Pass at the airport in Cyprus! 


The confirmation of completing the Cyprus Flight Pass should then be presented upon arrival in Cyprus to appropriate airport officials. Sometimes, travelers can be asked to show proof of having filled out the Cyprus Health Declaration even while pre-boarding the airplane.


Completing the Cyprus Flight Pass is quick and easy if you prepare beforehand and do your research. It’s important to fill out the online health declaration within 48 hours of your scheduled arrival in Cyprus and to provide correct and up-to-date information.


Remember about these few basic rules when completing your health declaration to grant yourself an enjoyable trip abroad during the pandemic and its hazy travel requirements and rules.

cyprus, cyprus flight pass, ocean, destinations

To Conclude

Cyprus is a beautiful destination to visit this summer. It is a land full of rich history and breathtaking views! While filling out the Cyprus Flight Pass may seem daunting, don’t let it be. As long as you follow all of these requirements, you’re in the clear. 


Before you go, check out our list of beautiful Villas to visit in Cyprus! 

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