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4 Thrilling Stone Mountain Attractions to Visit this Summer For Nature Lovers

Are you looking for the perfect summer getaway that includes scenic views, family-friendly activities, camping, lodging, and so much more? Look no further… these Stone Mountain attractions are as good as gold! 


If you’re a fan of the outdoors, these Stone Mountain attractions are just right for your summer vacation plans. Nestled a few miles East of Atlanta, this 3200-acre park is centered around a breathtaking 1,686-foot quartz mountain! 


Mountains aside, Stone Mountain Park is perfect for you if you enjoy breathtaking views, interesting history, and a multitude of things to do, especially for families. 


So, if you’ve been thinking about making a trip to Stone Mountain but are unsure of where to start, keep reading. We’ve got 4 epic Stone Mountain attractions that will kickstart your summer vacation plans!

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Stone Mountain is the Perfect Place to Explore This Summer

Attractions at Stone Mountain Park 

Situated somewhere between the Stone Mountains themselves is Stone Mountain Park, one of the biggest amusement parks in Atlanta. This park is one of the best Stone Mountain attractions. It is the best place to visit if you want to get some things ticked off your bucket list without leaving the state of Georgia!

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SkyHike is unique among Stone Mountain attractions because here, no two hiking experiences are the same. Bring the whole family along for the hiking-inspired adventure course of your life! This obstacle course features net and wooden bridges, and other activities add fun and thrill to the whole experience and make the course tougher to finish.


You can now even select the type of hike you wish to go for based on the difficulty level.  Overhead safety systems secure you in place, and several obstacles on the way keep you engaged. 


However, in an instance like this, you have to be sure to select the difficulty level that best suits your physical strength and capability. For example, beginners might feel best suited for the 12-foot high treks, and those who feel more experienced can opt for the 24-foot ones. 


This is one of the most thrilling of the Stone Mountain attractions because you might feel like a stunt double in an action movie as you jump from wooden slats, balance on a rope, or climb up a vertical net! 

Stone Mountain Attractions, stone mountain park, georgia

Dinosaur Explore

To add to our list of unique Stone Mountain attractions, consider an activity like Dinosaur Explore. If you prefer artifacts and increasing your knowledge of dinosaurs, this dinosaur exploration might be the best place to go!


And if you consider yourself a dinosaur fanatic, we think you’d love this even more. It gets its inspiration from the all-time blockbuster movie Jurassic Park. This activity is perfect for the little ones in your life!


The exhibit features 20-foot models of giant dinos such as a T-rex and triceratops! We wanted to include this on our list of Stone Mountain attractions because it’s interactive, includes photo-ops for the whole family, and adds a little bit of education to your trip! 


Therefore, if you want to treat yourself to a fun-filled adventure, take the opportunity to observe 20 life-size dinosaur figures up close and personal. Bring the kids, too! The best part is that these giant statues even depict sounds that archaeologists hypothesized existed at the time.

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Stone Mountain Inns

Planned on a short trip but had such a thrilling time that you wish to stay for longer? You can now extend your stay at Stone Mountain if you want to prolong a trip to the park for a bit more than just a day. The unique hotels here definitely deserved a spot on our list of Stone Mountain attractions. 


Stone Mountain Park offers travelers the most luxurious night’s stay that might be hard to find elsewhere. It might not be as posh as their Conference Resort, but it lies nothing short of a 5-star hotel. Stone Mountain Inns feature a structure consisting of 92 well-constructed rooms, with one of the rooms perhaps waiting to be booked by you.


Additionally, the place also has swimming pools and various food options at Mountainview Restaurant. It is one of the best spots to enjoy with friends and family, and you could even secure some decent budgeted deals if you book your room in time. 


If you’re looking for a more outdoorsy experience while staying at Stone Mountain Park, opt for their spacious campgrounds. They have over 400 RV hookups, yurt rentals, and plenty of space for pitching a tent. Sprawl out on over 3200 acres of natural beauty and enjoy the Stone Mountain attractions! 

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Summit Skyride 

The Summit Skyride is perhaps one of the most exhilarating of all Stone Mountain attractions. Do you wish to zoom over the mountains and take a better look at the landscape from an aerial view after hiking?


The Summit Skyride makes you feel like you’re flying up the mountain, with a high-speed cable car that can hold the whole family inside. It soars above ground level, at 825 feet, going all the way to the summit. The ride gives incredible views of the place and keeps you wanting to come back for more!


The skyline features the Appalachian Mountains, and the lush greenery leaves you speechless. However, the one drawback is that the Summit Skyride often gets prone to seasonal closures because of unexpected weather changes, so it’s something to definitely keep in mind when booking your summer trip. 

atlanta attractions, atlanta, georgia, stone mountain

Last Thoughts on Stone Mountain Park 

Although we’re keeping this list short, there are so many good Stone Mountain attractions to choose from. It has a little something for everybody- hiking, museums, sight-seeing, obstacle courses, gift shops, dining, lodging, and more. If you’re looking for a sweet summer escape right outside of Atlanta, then consider booking at Stone Mountain Park. 


Even if you can’t make it to Stone Mountain Park this summer, they host a multitude of festivals and events throughout the year, including the Pumpkin Festival and Stone Mountain Christmas! There are so many Stone Mountain attractions throughout the year.


However, once you’re done visiting the many different Stone Mountain attractions, consider reading our list of possible day trips in and around Atlanta if you’re looking for more adventure! 

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