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Good luck symbols from around the world

25 Good Luck Symbols from Around the World

Whether good luck symbols and charms work or not comes down to personal belief, but people have turned to various amulets, statues, and more to bring them good fortune and good luck throughout the years.


Some good luck symbols are specific to certain cultures and others are more general, spanning across multiple cultures. Here is a compilation of 25 good luck symbols and charms, as well as good luck animals from around the world

good luck symbols, alligator tooth necklace

25 Good Luck Symbols

1. Alligator Teeth 

In Africa, some tribes believe that alligators’ teeth will grant them good luck expressly whilst they are gambling. This amulet has been carried forward into the modern-day, with surfers from California wearing them for protection.

Acorns carving, good luck symbols

2. Acorns

It is said that oak trees attract lightning, and therefore in Norse culture, the Vikings believed that this meant they were protected from Thor’s wrath.


By placing an acorn on their windowsill, the home is protected from lightning strikes.

pyramids carving

3. Triangles

One of the reasons pyramids in Egypt were triangular-shaped is because the three sides each represent a part of the cycle of life: from birth to maturity and finally death.


Triangles and pyramids are seen as bringing strength.  

Lucky bamboo plant

4. Bamboo

In the Chinese principle of feng shui, bamboo is seen as a good luck symbol. So giving a lucky bamboo to someone as a housewarming present will bring them good luck.


You can generate your luck with bamboo by placing the plant in the East corner of a room.

Good luck symbols, horseshoe

5. Horseshoes

Legend has it that placing a horseshoe above your front door will protect your house from evil. If you put it facing upwards, you generate good luck, and if you face it downwards, you are covered in good luck. 

lucky cricket

6. Crickets

We’re talking about the little creatures, not the game here. In both Native American and Asian cultures, crickets are a sign of luck.


Killing a cricket, even by accident, is considered terrible luck. 

Dream catcher, good luck symbols

7. Dream Catchers

Dream catchers come from Native American culture and are traditionally hung by the bed. It is said that they will capture the bad dreams and allow the good ones to pass through. 

Kachina doll

8. Kachinas

Staying with Native American culture, we also find kachinas. These are dolls who are said to hold the spirit of things in the world.


When played with by children, the doll is welcomed into the home and brings good luck, specifically at harvest. 

good luck symbols, scarab beetle

9. Scarab Beetles

Most people are not fans of creepy crawlies, including beetles. However, in ancient Egypt, scarab beetle amulets were worn to ward off evil spirits and offer rebirth and transformation. 

Evil eye for good luck

10. Evil Eye

The evil eye originates in the Middle East and is also worn to ward off curses and repel any hostile glances. They are regularly sold in the Middle East to tourists. 

Good luck symbols, lady bug

11. Ladybugs

These pretty little insects are said to bring with them prosperity and good luck if they come into your garden. You are even luckier if one lands on your hand.


The number of spots on its back will indicate how many children a newlywed woman will have. 

Imperial guardian lion

12. Imperial Guardian Lions

These stone statues, also known as Fu dogs, are common across Asia and are placed in pairs at the gateway to someone’s home.


It is thought that they will protect the property from thieves and were often sighted outside temples.

good luck symbols, heads up penny

13. Coins

Coins are seen as lucky in many cultures, from Chinese coins given in red envelopes at the new year, to lucky pennies.


If you see a coin on the floor, you should only pick it up if the head side is facing you rather than the tail side up. 

Ankh, good luck symbols

14. Ankh

In ancient Egypt, the Ankh is seen as a symbol of eternal life. Gods are often depicted holding the anchor to someone’s lips as they pass through to the afterlife.

good luck pigs

15. Pig

The depiction of a pig collecting money in a Piggy Bank comes from European and Asian cultures. In both cultures, pigs are representative of prosperity and wealth. 

Good luck dragon

16. Dragons

Dragons, one of the world’s greatest mythical creatures, are seen as a symbol of power and can be used to advance your career. It is believed that the use of a dragon charm will enhance your leadership skills. 

Laughing Buddha

17. The Laughing Buddha

There are many different Buddha statue depictions, but in feng shui, the laughing Buddha brings luck because his spiritual wealth benefits material wealth.


When used in the home, you should place your laughing Buddha in the house’s West corner. 

Good luck symbols, rabbit's foot

18. Rabbit’s Foot

To bring luck, a rabbit’s foot must be from the hind leg of the animal. It can be used as a fertility-enhancing amulet because rabbits reproduce quickly. 


I’d like to note that I don’t endorse any harm to animals at all so, your rabbit’s foot should be faux to protect animals from poaching.

Money Toad, three legged toad

19. Three-Legged Toad

The three-legged toad is another symbol that comes from Asia and brings good luck. Generally, these statues are sold depicting a toad with a coin in his mouth. 

Wishing well, good luck symbols

20. Wishing Well

Throwing a coin into a wishing well will appease the gods and ensure the water does not run out. When you throw a coin into a well, make sure you can see your reflection and your wish will be granted.

Four leaf clover, good luck symbols

21. Four-Leaf Clover

The four-leaf clover is tied to the luck of the Irish and will bring you the same if you find it. Prized for its rarity, it was once used to ward off evil spirits.

old ladder

22. Ladders

While some cultures believe that you should never walk under a ladder as this is unlucky, ancient Egyptians placed ladders in tombs to help them climb to heaven.

Cat's eye, tiger's eye

23. Cat’s Eye

A cat’s eye gemstone offers good luck to whoever wears it. It’s also thought to ward off negative energy and promote positive thoughts.

Old keys, good luck symbols

24. Keys

Keys are another symbol of luck across multiple cultures. In some, keys are considered lucky because they unlock doors to success or love.


Some have even used them to symbolize entering the gates of heaven, while others consider wearing a key as a form of protection.

Good luck elephant

25. Elephants

Elephants are associated with power and wisdom, and of course, the Hindu god Ganesh. It is thought that elephant statues will bring luck, especially if they are placed by your door. Some also believe that elephant talismans will remove obstacles.

good luck symbols, new year's eve pig

Final Thoughts

There are many more good luck symbols that can be found throughout the world. These are just a few. You may fancy carrying a good luck symbol with you always for such luck in your day-to-day. Something like a custom lanyard or pin like the clover above that you can order now.


Maybe you would like horseshoes, ladybugs, rabbit’s feet, or four-leaf clovers. Wearing these as ribbons or lapel pins, for example, will bring you good luck and keep the good luck symbols close at hand. 

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