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6 Tips to Make the Best of Your Adventure in Kilimanjaro

One of the most famous mountains in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro, boasts a 19,341-foot height amidst Africa’s plains. It’s set as the highest point in the continent and has inspired both beginner and veteran climbers all around the globe. If you’re a thrill-seeking traveler, you may also want an adventure in Kilimanjaro.


The area around the mountain also houses the Kilimanjaro National Park that was established in 1973. This park protects wildlife such as antelopes and elephants and is considered a precious reserve by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).


Mount Kilimanjaro is ranked fourth amongst the most well-known mountains in the whole world and is located in northeastern Tanzania near the Kenyan border. Even with its popularity that attracts almost 35,000 hikers each year, the success rate in climbing this mountain is only at 40 percent. This rate goes up the longer you plan to trail Kilimanjaro.


If you’ve set your mind to traversing one of the Seven Summits, then there are a few things, including climbing tips, you need to remember to ensure you have the best experience on this mountain.


The first recorded hike of the highest freestanding mountain in the world was in 1861. But the summit of this mountain was only reached in 1889 by Hans Meyer, a German geographer, and Ludwig Purtscheller, an Austrian mountaineer. But don’t be disuaded by that fact. It’s also perfect for beginners as it’s the easiest to conquer amongst the Seven Summits or the highest mountains in each continent.


Beginners do very well with their ascent to Kilimanjaro, but it’s best if you’ve trained for the climb and you arrive in your best shape. The climb may be a good start if you’re just beginning your hiking journey, but do not make the mistake of underestimating this mountain. Like any other historic climb, you should be physically and mentally prepared.


Adventure in Kilimanjaro


Adventure in Kilimanjaro Adventure: How to Make it Fantastic

Here are some tips to make your journey become an unforgettable adventure:


1.   Do Your Research

Try to learn everything you can about the mountain, including what you need for the adventure and what you should expect from your climb. Even professional athletes don’t find Kilimanjaro easy. Go through everything you can, as it will aid you in your journey. And remember that victory loves preparation.


2.   Go Slow

There is nothing wrong with going slow. In fact, when you’re on the mountain, you should go slower than how you usually walk. This will help you conserve energy and be more aware of your body’s needs.


Kilimanjaro is not only known for its peak but also for making its climbers experience altitude sickness. So be prepared by understanding what altitude sickness is. Learn how to prevent it, know its symptoms, and how to cure it.


Altitude sickness is basically your body trying to adjust to the new height — your body is used to the plains and not here — where it’s high and lacking oxygen.


Pro tip: Your guide might say “pole, pole,” which translates to “slowly, slowly.” Listen to them. The climb is not a race, so take all the time you need.


water bottles


3.   Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water. When you’re on the trail, you’ll need to drink three liters a day, at the very least. Also, forget the capped bottled water. Choose a pack that’s easy to open instead. Those that don’t require you to remove your gloves are the best so that your hands don’t get bitten by the cold.


Hydration salts are good too. You can mix them with your water to help your body adjust to the new elevation as you climb higher.


4.   Bring the Right Stuff

Choose the right gear and clothing you need for the hike. Also, be wary of where you leave your things to make sure you don’t forget them.


Some of the things you need to have when you take your climbing adventure in Kilimanjaro are the following:

  • Sleeping bags
  • Thermal gear:
  • Those with fleece are best
  • Avoid cotton as they absorb sweat that will weigh you down
  • Down jacket
  • Hand warmers
  • Sun hat
  • Sun cream
  • Head torch with batteries
  • Tent
  • Toiletries


Hiking, adventure in Kilimanjaro


5.   Make Friends

Climb with your friends. Or at least, make some while you’re at it. Having people you can trust while you’re on the trail is essential as they’ll literally have your back. Plus, you’ll have someone to share all the hardships and successes with. It will make the climb more manageable and more memorable.


6.   Enjoy

Don’t forget to make the most of your journey. Let yourself laugh and do anything else that will boost the endorphins in your system. The climb will be tiring but you won’t notice it as much when you have fun and a good laugh when you need it.


While the climb to the top is hard, the end might seem so far away. This perception will affect your want to finish climbing, and you might even feel like giving up. It’s freezing; bathroom breaks are short, and you’re stuck somewhere unfamiliar.


It’s normal to feel this way but always remind yourself that nothing worth it is easy to get. Boost your morale so you can affect your group’s motivation as well.


Adventure in Kilimanjaro


Are You Ready for a Climbing Adventure in Kilimanjaro?


Make your history and leave your print on Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s majorly dependent on you how you’ll create your time on this amusing mountain. Have a fantastic adventure in Kilimanjaro. Be prepared, enjoy the journey, and conquer Mount Kilimanjaro!

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