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Aromatherapy for Travel: 6 Ways it Can Help You

Traveling can increase stress and decrease immunity. You might encounter sleep deprivation, jet lag, increased exposure to nasty germs, and that thing called adventure–when nothing seems to go according to plan.  Aromatherapy for travel can help.


Recently, several therapies have come to light to help ease the less glamorous parts of travel. Some ways to prepare for travel include mindfulness practice, regular stretching, a clean diet, and moderate exercise.


However, there’s one form of treatment that you can bring with you, and it will help you address nearly all of the ailments traditionally associated with a trip. It’s called aromatherapy, and that’s what we’re going to discuss today. Using essential oils can help you focus on the fun aspects of travel; let’s see how.


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Aromatherapy for Travel: Reduce Stress, Relieve Allergies & More

Travel Anxiety


One of the first issues many people have with travel is that they get anxious. They’re anxious about flying, driving, large crowds, remote places, unexpected contingencies, long stretches of boredom, spending too much money, and possible illnesses.


Hopefully, the rewards of your next trip outweigh the anxiety, which is one of the main issues that aromatherapy for travel can be very beneficial. 


Whether you put a few drops of holy basil in the cotton of a diffuser necklace, some lavender into your pre-flight bath, or bergamot and chamomile into your travel pillow, you can be proactive in dealing with the jitters.




Travel nausea can be caused by motion sickness, stress, anxiety, or something you ate. Some people get it in cars, others on airplanes, and still others on boats; in fact, seasickness can be the biggest offender in the travel-related nausea field.


If you anticipate nausea on your travels, try a ginger essential oil. One of the simplest ways to try this aromatherapy is to rub the essential oil onto pressure points on your wrists and forehead; this is especially helpful if you’re flying.


If you’re on a cruise ship, bring a room diffuser. If you’re in a car, an air conditioning vent diffuser or necklace diffuser may work. Other essential oils for motion sickness include peppermint oil, spearmint oil, fennel oil, or coriander oil.






A strong headache can turn a vacation into a nightmare. For those who suffer from migraines, stress, and motion sickness can trigger an attack. Airport stresses include worrying about being on time, TSA screening, delayed flights and sprinting across the airport for tight connections.


Trying to entertain yourself or sleep while sitting in a cramped seat on a long flight can wreak havoc on your nerves. Essential oils recommended for headaches include peppermint, rosemary, lavender, chamomile, and eucalyptus oils–either individually or in a blend marketed for headache reliefs. 




Travel can trigger a nasty allergy attack in some travelers, whether it’s the air quality in a new location, exposure to animal dander, or some other environmental factor. Lavender essential oil, an anti-inflammatory, can work as a natural antihistamine to help relieve allergies.


Peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils can help open clogged airways, while holy basil supports the immune system and fights inflammation. Finally, lemon essential oil is used both as an antihistamine and for its topical antibacterial properties. 


sleep, preparing for a trip




Travel can really mess with your sleep schedule. You can hop on a plane and end up in a time zone several hours ahead of or behind your home’s time zone. Some people find it extremely difficult to sleep in strange beds, even if that bed is in a luxurious hotel.


Just as aromatherapy for travel can relieve stress, lavender, chamomile, and bergamot essential oils once again step up to the task. Additional essential oils to help with sleep include sweet marjoram, clary sage, valerian, sandalwood, and ylang-ylang


Skin Dryness


Travel causes skin dryness in many ways. Airline travel dries out the skin even if you’re flying to the humid tropics. Many people travel to colder climates than they’re used to for winter holidays; the air outside is dry and the air inside–with fireplaces and heaters–is even drier.


The essential oils to try for dry skin include chamomile, an anti-inflammatory; frankincense, which assists with skin cell regeneration; geranium, an astringent; ylang-ylang, a skin-balancing oil; rose, another anti-inflammatory; and sandalwood, a hydrating oil. With all the aromatherapy for travel options, you should be ready to have a truly relaxing trip. 

Carissa Shuman

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