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Tesla Model Y Will Feature “Full Self-Driving” Capability

Diving a car can be stressful and taking care of one can be expensive. Tesla has been developing fully electric cars with the latest features available, including auto-pilot. In fact, the Tesla Model Y will feature a full self-driving mode.


In addition to being more cost-effective over time, electric cars such as the Tesla models are better for the environment due to a lack of petroleum-based emissions.


Tesla cars also offer modern convenience and comfort with the latest safety systems in place. So, there are many reasons why you might consider trading your current vehicle for an ultra-modern Tesla.


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Tesla Model Y – Why You Might Want To Get One



Since Tesla vehicles are fully electric, you don’t have to worry about gas. They require being charged, which you can do by simply plugging it into a Tesla wall connector. That way you can charge it at home.


As electric cars increase in popularity, more and more places offer charging spots where you can park and charge your car during your shopping or meal outing.


Tesla also offers its own Supercharging stations around the world and has a network of other charging stations you can access through an app.


The best part of having a fully electric car is that you don’t have to worry about the same level of maintenance. For example, since it doesn’t require oil, you won’t have to worry about getting regular oil changes.


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Smooth and Ultra-Modern


The Tesla Model Y will maintain the all-wheel dual-motor drive used in their other models. What this means is that each model has two motors.


The dual-motor design has one motor in the front of the car and a second one in the back. Each motor is optimized for a different function. They work together to make handling easier and the overall ride smoother.


In addition, the Tesla Model Y has a futuristic aesthetic. From a larger front view area to an all-glass roof, this model has the inviting appeal of being roomy and open.


The interior is sleek and simple in design. In addition to this classy look, it also has a 15″ touch screen and superb all-around sound system.


Based on style, convenience, and maintenance alone, you may already be thinking of upgrading your vehicle for a Tesla. But, you may also be worried about the cost.


Overall Cost


It’s true that the upfront cost of a Tesla (as with other electric cars) is more than average, but the yearly savings in gas and maintenance make up for it in the long run.


For example, the Tesla Model 3 is about $12,000 more than the average medium sedan, and the Model Y is about $25,000 more. However, the average amount spent on gas per year for that size car is between $7,000 and $10,000.


Considering a modest savings of $7,000 per year in gas doesn’t include the amount of money required to keep up with oil changes, the difference in price is easily made up within approximately two years.


Should you decide you want to purchase a Tesla, you may want to sell your current vehicle first and use the cash as your downpayment. One option to do this is to use a cash for cars company.


Tesla Model Y – What’s Special About It?

Autopilot Vs Full Self-Driving

The difference between autopilot and full self-driving capability is a bit ambiguous considering they both involve the vehicle having control rather than the driver. And therein lies the misconception. 


Autopilot does not actually mean the onboard computer system takes over driving control. Instead, it’s a compilation of driving aids that help the vehicle drive without much input or effort on the part of the driver.


Some of these driving aids include emergency braking, blind-spot awareness, collision warnings, autosteering, and traffic-aware cruise control. But, and this is really important, the driver must still be in ultimate control.


Full self-driving basically means autopilot plus extra features. Although the technology for autonomous driving is being developed, it’s not yet legally approved for a driver to completely relinquish control.


So, the difference is that the extra features that come with full self-driving include traffic and stop sign control, auto lane change, and auto park. There’s plenty more, so do your research.


Besides, it’s good to be aware of one of the biggest predicted changes in how we travel. Self-driving cars may indeed be the future of the automobile industry.


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Tesla Model Y Standard Safety Features 

Lane Departure Warning Systems


Lane departure warning systems are becoming a safety standard in many modern cars. Its function is exactly what it sounds like. It warns a driver if they are veering out of their lane.


It functions by using cameras to monitor lane markings and the positions of other cars relative to yours. If you cross the line or another vehicle is too close, an alarm will sound within the cabin.


Lane departure warning systems also monitor your blind spots and will sound the alarm if you turn on your blinker to switch lanes or start to veer in that direction to let you know another vehicle is there.


The exception to this is if you turn on your blinker and there are no vehicles nearby. Then the computer system knows you are not accidentally veering into the lane. This can be very handy for new drivers.


Reverse camera, car safety
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Reverse Cameras


Reverse Cameras, also known as back up or rearview cameras, are cameras that are mounted to the back of your car that send a wide-angle view to a screen in the dashboard of your car.


Just as with lane departure warning systems, reverse cameras are becoming a standard feature in new cars. Reverse cameras also usually make use of warning sounds if there is something behind your vehicle when you are backing up.


In addition to a better view and warning systems, most reverse cameras also include guidelines for reverse parking. That makes it easier and faster to reverse into a parking space fully without hitting another vehicle.


This feature is very helpful in reducing accidents due to a car backing up over or into an unseen object. It’s a safety aspect that is beneficial to all drivers, new and experienced.


Although many of the Tesla Model Y features are available in other vehicles, the combination of these features with a fully electric motor system and autopilot/self-driving components make it a desirable investment for many.


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