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North Carolina Mountains

Best Places In North Carolina That Every Travel Lover Should Check Out

Places In North Carolina is one of the most exciting places to travel to. With all the places to explore and all the fun activities that you can take part in, North Carolina makes it on to the bucket lists of many.


However, most travelers arriving here have limited knowledge of the places to explore. As a result, they miss out on some of the most beautiful hidden gems that this state has to offer.


To get you started, here’s a list of some of those gems.


Places in North Carolina
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Places In North Carolina – 5 Secret Must-See Spots


Fayetteville’s Waterfall and Treetop Adventure With a Swinging Bridge


Speaking of adventure, this swinging bridge at the ZipQuest Waterfall and Treetop Adventure can send chills down your spine while offering a breath-taking view.


As the name says, this bridge swings in a terrifying manner. Apart from that, this is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of North Carolina.


The best part is that this place is not among the most popular spots. Therefore, it is not crowded, allowing the maintains to remain a calm and peaceful environment around the waterfall.


Don’t worry about crossing the bridge, the authorities looking after the spot will help you safely enjoy the adventure.


And for those yearning for a little more adventure, the spot also has ziplining.


American Museum of the House Cat, North Carolina
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American Museum of the House Cat


If you are a cat lover traveling to North Carolina, this is a place that you must not miss. This museum has a lot to share and show about cats.


Here you can get to learn the history of these furry friends and find some cat items that are exclusive to this museum.


Located inside the Old School Antique Mall of the Tar Heel State, it’s heaven for cat lovers.


Healing Springs, North Carolina
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Fountain Of Youth, Healing Springs


This is a naturally occurring fountain which is said to have healing properties. Located at the Cabins in the Healing Springs, this is one of the most relaxing places that you can find in North Carolina.


A hand pump was installed to harness the healing water. From poison ivy to indigestion, the elixir here has helped people with a variety of health issues.


No wonder the water from here used to be shipped across the US from 1889 to 1899.


If you want to refresh yourself, the fountain of youth will offer you an unmatched experience.


Pisgah Inn, Pisgah National Forest
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Pisgah Inn and Restaurant


If you love the hills and beautiful viewpoints, this is a spot that you must check out. Only 20 miles from Asheville, Pisgah Inn is located in the Pisgah National Forest.


Here you can stop for a meal and have a front-row seat to enjoy the magnificent views below. The trees around the area make spring and autumn gorgeous here.


The restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes throughout the day. So, whether you are stopping for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you won’t be disappointed.


If you are planning to visit the restaurant before dark, try to find a seat near the window. There you will get the best views.


Corova Beach, Wild Horses, Corolla, North Carolina


Carova Beach


If you have found the right vacation rental on the Outer Banks, you are in luck. Carova Beach is located in the Outer Banks and is one of the most unique places.


However, it’s not your typical beach. One thing about this spot is that you can only visit it with a 4X4 vehicle.


The beach is super-gorgeous with a vast coastline of over 11 miles, and the best part is that not many people visit it.


That makes it a secluded place where you can find wild horses. In fact, this is one of the very few beaches in North Carolina that are not crowded with tourists.


Whitewater Rafting


Places in North Carolina – More Exciting Things To Do

Whitewater Rafting


For those with an appetite for adventure, there are plenty of exciting activities that you can enjoy in North Carolina.


For instance, you can enjoy a mind-blowing rafting experience at the largest man-made whitewater river at the National Whitewater Center.


Mile High Bridge, Grandfather Mountain


Mile High Swinging Bridge


Another thrilling experience can be found on the swinging bridge located on Grandfather Mountain in Linville.


It’s one of the largest suspension footbridges in North Carolina that offers visitors breathtaking views from across the land.


But, it moves with the wind, so ensure that you have a tight grip and the right balance.


Pisgah National Forest waterfall


Pura Vida Adventures


There are also some cool places for all the water babies out there. At Pura Vida Adventures you can get everything ranging from mountain adventures to a guided waterfall tour.


North Carolina is one of the most fantastic places to visit in the US. From beaches to mountains and waterfalls, the state has something for everyone.


But the conventional stops don’t put an end to what a traveler can explore and find here. There are lots of hidden places in North Carolina that aren’t popular enough, but truly deserve a spot in your bucket list.


Hopefully, this helps you plan your next trip to North Carolina.


Carissa Shuman

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