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8 Best Restaurants In Valencia, Spain

Valencia is a hugely popular city in Spain that is visited by thousands of tourists each month. Host to a multitude of restaurants, it may be difficult to decide where to indulge your taste buds. Let us help you with our recommendations for some of the best restaurants in Valencia, Spain


Being founded as a Roman colony in 138 BC., Valencia is rich in its history and culture. Not only is it a tourist hot spot, but its own population is over 2.5 million making it the 24th most populated city in the EU.


Fortunately for food lovers, this manifests as having great culinary options. It’s almost a given that a culturally rich city will have great food!


Being a great place to eat out also makes it a hugely popular destination for families too, so be sure to watch out for family travel tips.


If you’re looking to eat out but are overwhelmed with the choice of restaurants in Valencia, Spain, then check out this carefully crafted list below. VisitValencia is also a useful tool to assist you in planning your trip to the coastal city.


Valencia, Spain


Restaurants In Valencia Spain – 8 Recommendations

1. Sucede


This restaurant list isn’t in order, but if it was, Sucede would still be at the top. Sucede is a truly unique place to eat. You’ll never experience anything like it anywhere else.


In a gorgeous and tactful celebration of Valencia’s rich culture and history, the dishes on the menu have a playful approach for Roman, Arabic, and Christian cuisine. 


The celebration continues with Sucede’s interior design. Sat amongst grand stone walls and whitewash design, the luxury is on the eyes as much as the taste buds.


El Poblet restaurant in Valencia, Spain
Photo Source CCL


2. El Poblet


Our first two on the list are Michelin stars, but you can view more family-friendly restaurants below. The El Poblet is the only restaurant in Valencia with two Michelin stars and two Repsol Suns.


The iconic dishes on the menu are created by well-known and highly respected chef Quique Dacosta. You will arguably not find better food in Old City Valencia.


3. Bodega Casa Montana


Bodega Casa Montana is a quaint and rustic restaurant situated beside the port. This is a great choice for genuine tapas and the wine cellar is equally impressive.


The wine cellar represents their dedication to broadening wine culture (it has 20,000 bottles!). You’ll be in no shortage of fantastic wine and wine experts to help you pair the best wine with the best tapas.




4. La Pappardella


La Pappardella is a great budget choice if you love pasta and Italian food. It’s predominantly a fusion between Italian and Spanish food (is there any better combo?), and the place has a unique hipster quality to it.


On the walls throughout the restaurant, you’ll find art created by local artists. And if you’re a pasta lover, there are 29 choices of pasta for you.


It appears small at first but there are two floors, one of which has a patio and a street terrace with some great views of the Miguelete Cathedral. 


fava bean dish


5. Palace Fesol


Palace Fesol is also, a great place to eat that’s inexpensive, yet steeped in history. It has been open since 1909 and is situated right in the financial area of Valencia.


Here, you can find a mix of traditional foods with a contemporary twist. Its location makes it cosmopolitan because it is situated in the commercial part of the city, but it’s not like your average cosmopolitan restaurant.


At Palace Fesol, there’s something for everyone, but it’s famous for its recherché fava bean dishes.

6. El Colmado De La Lola


De La Lola, situated in the Old City Valencia, is well known by locals and tourists. Its origins trace back to a family-owned grocery shop. Since carrying over into a restaurant, there’s an integrity to the place that wants to uphold its reputation.


Here, you can find homemade croquettes, cod fritters, scrambled eggs, and great salmon tapas. The establishment also won the Catering Design Award in 2016, proving its worth.


Marina Beach Club, Valencia, Spain
Photo Source CCL


7. Marina Beach Club


As the name suggests, this is where you want to come if you want a meal by the beach. There is an indoor section as well as an outdoor one to choose from, and it’s more than just a restaurant.


There’s a swimming pool, a huge terrace and enough seats to house 100 eaters. The Beach Club is open every single day of the year.


This may not give you a small family-owned Old Town vibe, but there is a certain luxury and decadence to the place.


8. Q de Barella


Q de Barella is a reliable and atmospheric place to eat. The establishment truly indulges the charm of great dishes, whilst maintaining a casual and relaxed cafe environment complete with sofas.


Favorites dishes at Q de Barella include squid and eel, and you’ll see mostly Mediterranean meals cooked with care. Fairly priced, Q de Barella has fantastic customer reviews and it comes as no surprise why.


Valencia may not be as popular of a tourist destination as, say, Mallorca, but we can see it has a lot to offer, such as a multitude of great places to eat.


Whilst we’ve only scratched the surface, above are some of the best places to eat out. Sure, there are some other restaurants to represent different cultures, but the ones closest to their history tend to have the most soul.


And, it’s important that when visiting such a beautiful place, you also dive right into their traditional cuisine as it usually tells you a lot about a place. Hopefully, this list of some of the best restaurants in Valencia, Spain will help you as you make your vacation plans.

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