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Adelaide, South Australia

Fun Things To Do In Adelaide This Year

The capital of South Australia (SA), Adelaide is a modern, vibrant city with a rich cultural history and a wide range of historical sites and fun things to do.


South Australia was the only colony free of convictions because it was established as a free and voluntary settlement. 


Significantly, the law establishing South Australia as a colony in 1834 also included a guarantee that the state’s aboriginal people and their descendants would maintain the land they have ‘now occupied or enjoyed.’


Adelaide quickly became known as the City of Churches for the various churches built in the area; many still remain and are still used, and their beautiful architecture gives a fascinating look into the history of the region. 


The city today has tasty, ethnic restaurants, a thriving café, a neighbourhood of bars, and excellent shopping.


Adelaide is an outstanding destination for beautiful scenery; with a lot of natural beauty readily accessible in the city itself and an abundance of rural beauty just a stone’s throw away from the capital.


 Lonely Planet’s South Australia ranked 5th in 2017, for good reason. This is a society with so much to offer and Adelaide is a beautiful gem in itself.


There’s plenty to do in Adelaide, both within the city and in the surrounding boroughs and suburbs. From climbing the treetops to tourist attractions and discovering the adrenaline-fueled obstacle course, there’s a lot to be done on school holidays for the majestic punters. 


So, banish the fearful ‘I ‘m bored’ and use your favourite things to do as a starting point to discover your personal must-see attractions in Adelaide. You can plan out you’re itinerary including places to stay and eat with sites such as Red Balloon.


Adelaide Zoo, South Australia
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Fun Things to Do in Adelaide in South Australia

Adelaide Zoo


If you’re looking for fun things to do in Adelaide, the Adelaide Zoo is a great choice. You’ll find over 3,000 animals of over 300 species in the zoo, not to mention both native and exotic species.

Take in the daily animal shows to learn more about the animals and wander through the zoo for a day of fun!


Adelaide Botanic Gardens


Over 50 hectares of land make up the impressive Adelaide Botanic Garden. And as you walk into all that greenery, you’ll feel like you’re walking into another world.


Native and exotic species are to be found in the gardens and a range of biomes take you from the romance of the rose garden to the eco-sustainability of the wetlands garden.


The gardens are one of the best places to visit in Adelaide for nature-lovers.


fun things to do in Adelaide, Rundle Mall
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Rundle Mall


Adelaide’s Rundle Mall is more than just a mall; it an icon of the city.


The mall is full of both historical elements like the classic architecture the city is known for as well as contemporary art styles like the two large, silver balls that stand proud in the Centre of the mall.


A walk through Rundle Mall means more than just a day of shopping, though of course, that’s on offer as well.


Art Gallery of South Australia


With a collection of almost 45,000 pieces, this gallery is a must-see Adelaide attraction for art-lovers. The gallery was established in 1881 and ever since it has hosted a range of art to inspire visitors from all over.


Inside you’ll find travelling exhibitions and regional galleries of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art as well as collections of European, Asian, and North American art.


If you’re looking for cultural things to do in Adelaide, the Art Gallery of South Australia is a great choice.




Just out of Adelaide is the Barossa Valley, South Australia’s biggest collection of wineries and vineyards. The most common varietal in the Barossa is Shiraz, but there are still plenty of other types of wine grown here.


Head to a few different wineries to sample the local palette, take in the stunning views of the vineyards, and relax. A trip out to the Barossa Valley is a great way to escape from the busyness of the city for just a day or two.


fun things to do in Adelaide, paddleboarding


Stand Up Paddle Boating


South Australia’s coastline of almost 4,000 kilometres of white ocean sand awaits and one of the best ways to explore this vast, watery playground is by gliding in the glassy waters.


A 40-minute drive from Port Willunga will lead you and your family to the pinnacle of paddleboarding. Check out SUP Down South to rent stand-up paddleboards or arrange a lesson with one of the accredited teachers.


You can also hire Xtreme Kites & Paddle SUP boards in Port Lincoln or take a SUP Adventure Kayaking tour with dolphins.


National Railway Museum


The largest rail museum in Australia will surely be a hit with train buffs! The museum features more than 100 exhibits and includes a 457-millimetre railway inside the framework of the museum.


The informative and interactive exhibits are interesting, and a valuable glimpse into Australian rail history is offered by an outstanding set of trains. There’s also a model railway that depicts Adelaide and the wider areas around it!


The Maritime Museum and the Aviation Museum are near you when you’re in the city and can be paired conveniently with a visit to the Railway Museum. These are just some of the many fun things to do in Adelaide that you can explore.

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