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UV Protection Tips To Keep You Healthy

Throughout the decades, hats have been a linchpin for fashion and functionality. We have a ton of designs made of various materials in every conceivable colour, size and shape. Hats have been adorned for centuries from warriors to construction workers, homemakers, models and humans across every walk of life. If you thought there could be no new invention of the hat, you thought wrong. Even though caps have been previously won for sun protection, we relied on their coverage.


UV Protection Tips


The ultimate UV protection hat is here! Researchers have found a new way to ensure we look stylish while protecting ourselves from the harmful UV rays. Can you imagine a sun hat with built-in UV protection? An arctic hat gives your skin the ultimate protection from harmful sun rays so you can go out into the sun with confidence.


UV Protection
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What determines UV exposure?


  • Season of the year: UV rays are most active during summer and spring than during autumn and, winter. So if you’re looking forward to summer, you’ll need to gear up and get your UV Protection game on if you’re headed somewhere tropical like Mexico.
  • Time of day: UV rays are strongest at noon and between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. We recommend you stay in the shade if you are out during these times. Wear protective clothing, put on sunscreen and wear a hat.
  • Distance from the equator: as you go further from the equator you are much less exposed to harmful UV rays.
  • Cloud cover: even though the cloud cover can vary with time of the day or location, UV rays can still hit the ground even during cloudy days.


Why do you need sun exposure?

The sun packs a variety of positive effects on our skin and health including;



  • Provision of Vitamin D:


Vitamin D is essential for healthy, strong bones. You can get vitamin D through exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet light. However, you don’t need to bask in the sun for hours to get your daily dose of vitamin D. A 15-minute exposure to the sun is enough to provide you with the necessary Vitamin D your body needs.



  • Relieves stress:


Stress is a necessary part of life from work to health and family issues. No one is immune to stress, but you should not let stress affect your life. According to experts, there are a variety of ways you can relieve stress, including exercises, indulging in exciting hobbies and a little sun exposure.

Sun exposure has also been shown to effectively treat patients with seasonal depression (seasonal affective disorder).



  • Elevates your mood:


The sun is a free mood enhancer. Exposure to the sun can make people feel more energetic and lighten their spirits. Sunlight boosts the level of serotonin in the brain, which is responsible for giving us a happy mood. No wonder serotonin levels are at their peak during summer.


So why do you need to wear a hat in the sun?


The sun is good for us, but it also gets a bad rap for hindering our skin goals. Here are the reasons why you need to adorn a hat when stepping out in the sun:



  • Cooldown your body


If you’ve ever been under the scorching sun for a prolonged period, you know how painful and annoying a sunburn feels. It’s a nightmare wearing anything over the sunburn because of the painful irritation. Apart from sunburn, you can quickly get sun rash, heat exhaustion or worse, heatstroke. 


Heat exhaustion is the body’s response to excessive sweating where you lose a lot of water and salt. If you work in a hot environment, you are at risk of heat exhaustion. Symptoms include: 

  • nausea
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • irritability
  • profuse sweating
  • minimal urine output
  • elevated body temperature

Heatstroke, on the other hand, is due to untreated heat exhaustion. Heatstroke is fatal and can be life-threatening. Heatstroke causes the body temperate to rise rapidly up to 107 degrees Fahrenheit within 15 minutes. If left untreated heatstroke can result in death or permanent disability. Symptoms include:

  • hot, dry skin and excessive sweating
  • confusion and slurred speech
  • loss of consciousness
  • seizures 

A  hat works by blocking the harmful, hot UV rays, especially during summer, from blasting your skin directly keeping you cooler. 



  • Lessen skin damage


Prolonged sun exposure causes various changes on the skin like damaging the elastin fibres causing the skin to stretch and sag. Sun exposure can also cause premature wrinkles, freckles, yellow discolouration of the skin, and tumours. 

As a result, you look much older than you are. By blocking the harmful UV rays, hats ensure your skin is healthy and in excellent condition. They minimize wrinkles, discolouration and sunspots that can damage your skin.



  • Minimize the risk of skin cancer


According to experts, 90% of skin cancers occur as a result of exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and tanning beds. There are many varieties of skin cancers, but melanoma is the most lethal. It has the risk of spreading to other major organs of the body and is fatal.

There are two main types of UV rays that affect your skin: UVA rays and UVB rays. Even though UVB rays are more potent, both UVA and UVB rays have the potential to damage skin and cause skin cancers.

If you are out in the sun, we recommend you wear protective clothing and lather on sunscreen of at least SPF30, especially when the sun’s rays are strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Research also indicates that UV rays also increase your chance of developing cataracts and ocular melanoma. Blocking these harmful rays lessens the risk, making UV Protection very important.


So there you have three excellent reasons why you need to wear a hat in the sun. If you’ve not been wearing a hat, you might want to reconsider that. You’ll be doing great justice for your skin.

 Invest in a hat with a wide brim to keep your face and neck away from the sun. And take it with you on your next outing whether it’s in the park, a game of golf, or at the beach. Your eyes and skin will thank you.

Also, don’t forget to apply sunscreen at least SPF30 and you should reapply during the day, especially if you are sweating or swimming a lot. We also recommend you wear UV-blocking sunglasses and protective clothing like pants, or blouses with long sleeves to protect your entire skin.



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