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Must-See Historic Attractions Suffolk County Hides

Must See Historic Attractions Suffolk County Hides

Historic sites travel tours have gained in popularity for the past several years, but it is not just thanks to history geeks with a bit of a travel bug. It’s owning to the popular culture of England-based shows and series, such as Doctor Who or Downton Abbey, that these sites and historic attractions have gained more visitors yearly. While nothing may come to mind when someone says ‘historic attractions Suffolk’, we are determined to show you that it’s only your initial impression. You’ll soon see what we mean. 


Must-See Historic Attractions Suffolk County Hides


While there’s no city to speak of, the County of Suffolk is made up of scattered rural towns, with some being the best of what England offers. In the southern part of the countryside, you find water meadows and mills near the River Stour, which have been immortalized by John Constable, the 19th-century painter.


Further to the west, you can find the Wool Towns and medieval communities that time has forgotten and where the half-timbered houses have set the scene for movies such as “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”


However, the most appealing part of Suffolk has to be the coast, with low-key, authentic towns and amazing holiday cottages, like the ones offered by Regardless of where you plan to visit in Suffolk, there are more than a few things to do and see. Keep reading for some must-see places that should be on your bucket list.


Bury St Edmunds


Home to the only cathedral in Suffolk, the area of Bury St Edmunds may be the most picturesque town in the entire area. The history of this area is derived from several periods, and some buildings found here are older than they appear because the original timber-framing was bricked over during the 1700s, which was considered the Georgian “norm.”


There are several must-see places to go here, including the St Edmundsbury Cathedral, along with the ruinedmedieval communities, which stands in serene gardens you enter through a Norman gateway. More recent historic attractions Suffolk has been hiding include the Theatre Royal, which is the only regency theatre still standing in England and it has recently been restored to its pre-Victorian state.


If you are searching for even more fun, check out The Greene King brewery, which is also found here. This brewery has been brewing ale for over two centuries and offers tours throughout the year.




Found on the Orwell Estuary, the town of Ipswich is one that’s still vying for the title of the oldest in England. The history of this town dates to the 600s when a settlement was formed near the docks. Throughout the middle ages, Ipswich served as the main port, allowing trade for the area with other European countries. This legacy is highlighted in August, during the Ipswich Maritime Festival, when there are old sailboats that visit the town, historical re-enactments and street markets.


Just as it was in the past, the area in the west is the most engaging portion of Ipswich. This is where warehouses and (today) galleries, restaurants, the University of Suffolk, and apartments have injected a bit of youthful energy. If you travel to the Buttermarket area, you can visit the Ancient House, which is a 14th-century merchant’s house, which features the “pargeting,” decorative plasterwork that the area of East Anglia is known for.




The understated seaside towns found in Southwold is considered one of the best-hidden treasures in all of Suffolk. For example, the pier isn’t home to tacky amusements like most piers are known for. Instead, it hosts cute cafes, vintage coin-operated machines, and a restaurant, all of which has helped it achieve the title of “Pier of the Year.”


If you travel a bit further down the coast, to the oldest part of Southold, you’ll find a knot of maritime inns and painted old houses, all that is commanded by themedieval communities. This Lighthouse was originally commissioned in 1890 and it is still working today, helping guide vessels into the harbor safely and sending a warning signal up to 24 miles out to sea. During your visit to the Lighthouse, climb the 92 steps to reach the platform and look out from the top – the view is worthwhile.


cottage on a lake in the country side


If you are planning a visit to Suffolk, you need to make sure the historic attractions listed here are on your must-visit list. This town features an array of historic attractions Suffolk has to offer,  that will make for a memorable trip for everyone, regardless of where you are from. What are you waiting for? If you have never traveled to Suffolk before, now is the time to see what it offers.


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