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Dreamiest Destinations in South Asia Every Traveler Should Go To

The travel season has arrived and is peaking in full swing and while many people have already embarked on their holidays, some are still in the planning phase looking for destinations. With the increasing travel costs and the quest of exploring a unique destination, many western tourists today are keen on exploring destinations in South Asia belt.


Destinations in South Asia


The South Asian destinations are mainly popular for their tropical climate, unexplored natural treasures, and vibrant culture. Here are some true fairy tale destinations in South Asia, that you must not skip in 2019.


Maya Bay


Located within the geographical boundaries of Phuket, Thailand, Maya Bay exists as a separate Zealand and is part of the Koh Phi Phi. Although there are many Phuket attractions that make the island popular, Maya Bay has its own uniqueness that makes it famous. The beach is known for being a picturesque fairy-tale strip that is dominated by a soft sandy white shore lie and beautiful limestone rock formations that cover the crystal clear emerald waters. On the island, a lush green forest adds a final touch to make it a perfectly dreamy tropical paradise. 


Travel to Thailand in summer
Koh Phi Phi, Thailand


Koh Lipe


If you have always dreamt of going to one of those snowy white beaches in the Maldives, but could not do so because of the incredibly high prices, you can head to Koh Lipe and live your dream. Koh Lipe is the most beautiful, yet the most underrated island in the country. Unlike, other islands in the country, Koh Lipe boasts a so sandy white shoreline covered with beautiful rainforests at the back and turquoise waters at the front. The island is accessible mainly by longtail boats and is known for its zero motor activity, which makes it extremely quaint and exotic little paradise.


Koh Samui


Koh Samui has suddenly become a very popular stand-alone destination and the main reason why many tourists come to Thailand. The island now has its own airport but is also reachable by sea using ferries or speed boats. Koh Samui is now a well-developed island with all the infrastructure and amenities that are built without destroying the natural vibe of the place. The island manages to retain its tropical vibe with its thick rainforests, sandy shores, and high cliffs. Koh Samui also offers some great activities and attractions, including water sports and decent nightlife, so you do not need to worry about getting bored when visiting here.


Temples in Koh Sumui, Destinations in South Asia


Nuwara Elle


A dreamy destination is not necessarily always about beaches. At times, it can also be beautiful highlands that you can find solace in to beat the heat and the scorching glocal warming. Nuwara Elle is a beautiful hill station located in Sri Lanka. The valley sits amidst tropical mountain peaks and is known for its exceptionally pleasant and breeze weather, that offers an excellent cool respite from the hot and humid tropical weather. The valley is reachable by a road or rail journey from the capital city of Colombo. The train route that passes through the tea plantations is an exhilarating sight. The valley is famous for its beautiful botanical gardens and well-trimmed plantations along with a well-developed infrastructure that will leave a European vibe in an Ancient tropical island country.


There is so much to do in these amazing destinations in South Asia that you’ll never want to leave. Each destination offers guests a unique experience filled with fun and wonderful things to do. There is something for everyone!

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