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Luxury: Villas in Mykonos

If you have ever been in Mykonos, you already know it: you can smell luxury on the air. As the island has become a favorite summer destination for hundreds of celebrities, stars and jet-setters, the tourism industry had to follow accordingly. Today Mykonos has become one of those few places on Earth where you can find absolute luxury.




Stunning luxury villas

Villas in Mykonos offer extreme opulence to their guests. Millions of euros have been spent on their decoration and the world’s top architects were hired to build some of these unique gems.

Mykonos Luxury Villas come with an attractive package of amenities and services. You will have your private swimming pool, your beautiful landscaped garden, probably even your own, private beach. You will also have a lot of inner space, as Mykonos Villas available for rent come up to 450 square meters.

Mykonian style Villas attracts the rich community from all over the world every year. As a result of this, after spending a wonderful time to these unique properties many of them get interested in Mykonos Real Estate by buying one Villa or plot for their own private use or an investment.



Extraordinary concierge services



Mykonos concierge services come to fulfill every wish of their clients. You can find them in most 5 star hotels, luxury villa rentals or at independent agencies. Here are some examples of the services you can get:

  • VIP transportation. You can rent a luxurious car, a luxury yacht or a helicopter.
  • Experienced staff. Butlers, drivers, bodyguards or chefs will be ready to do their best whenever you need them
  • Special events planning. Either it is a stylish wedding or a prestigious party, you can have a team of experts working hard to meet your expectations. You can have a private chapel for your wedding or a group of entertainers for your party – anything is possible in Mykonos.
  • Gift or personal shopping. Too busy having fun and relaxing to go shopping for you or your beloved ones?  No problem, just describe what you want and it will be delivered to you.


Private cabanas in the most beautiful restaurants



If you don’t like to be with the crowds, as the most famous Mykonos restaurants attract hundreds of guests daily, you can have your own cabana on the beach, just a few steps from the sea. Cabanas offer privacy and space even in the most visited beaches of the island. They can be small decks with shades and lavish sunbeds or even small luxurious apartments where you can rest or swim in your private pool. Book your cabana at your favorite beach restaurant early and relax at your own space. Order some delicious dishes or special cocktails and enjoy the sandy beach, the hot sun, the clear waters, and the amazing sea views.

Some of the restaurants that offer cabanas are:

             -M-eating at Mykonos town
            – Katrin at Mykonos town
            – Bill & Coo at  Mykonos town
           – Jackie O’ at Super Paradise beach
             -Nammos at Psarou beach
            – Scorpios at Paraga beach
           – SantAnna at Paraga beach
           – Principote  at Panormos beach



Gourmet dining


Mykonos is a Mecca for fine dining lovers. You will have a lot of options: different cuisines, world-famous chefs and a variety of styles. As all Greek islands, Mykonos has the freshest seafood you can ever get to your table. Here is a good opportunity to try fresh fish cooked in different ways and flavored with the most exotic spices. Meat and vegetables are also fresh and come from the local market. Gourmet restaurants usually have a great wine and champagne list, which sometimes includes some rare and very expensive wines. Ask the chef which one will be more suitable for your menu and enjoy!

Some of the best gourmet restaurants in Mykonos are:

  • Petasos at Platys Yialos. Fusion cuisine with Sushi and Asian influences
  • Kiku at Leto Hotel in Chora Mykonos. Japanese dishes with a Greek twist
  • Scorpios at Paraga beach. A boho-chic style restaurant serving tasteful Mediterranean dishes
  • Koursaros  Restaurant in Chora Mykonos. Sushi and fresh fish menu in the heart of town
  • Ling Ling at Chora center. Chinese cuisine from the world-famous chef Ling Ling Hakkasan


Luxury transportations

Transportations in Mykonos can be suitable for a star or a king. Luxurious vans with or without a chauffeur, luxury yachts with a full crew and helicopters can easily be found for hire. There are many VIP transportation agencies on the island that can offer safe, luxurious and high-quality vehicles, manned with qualified and experienced staff.


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