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Travel Tips for A Getaway That Will Make You Feel Like Royalty

A holiday is supposed to take you far away from your everyday life. What better way to escape the mundane than heading to a land of sunny beaches and spending parties? Florida is the luxurious destination where you can enjoy enthralling escapades a world apart from your everyday experiences.

Fairytale Get Away Travel Tips


Fairytale Getaway – Unique Experiences in Florida

Florida has the perfect mixture of culture, nature, and flamboyance. From the buildings to the beaches, Florida is rich in experiences that can make your holiday a magical one. Start your stay at a Luxurious beach resort to give your fairy-tale getaway a fantastic start. Spend your days enjoying extravagant excursions that give you a taste of Florida. Fulfill your fantasies of flying high over the blue waters of the Florida Keys. Relive the mermaid tales by visiting the secluded beaches. Feel like an adventurer in the Everglades National Park. Sail the seas in luxury from Florida. Florida is the perfect destination for your fairytale getaway.


Starting Point- The Don Cesar, St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach offers the best hotel to start your Florida holiday from. The Moorish-style pink hotel that overlooks the Gulf of Mexico is the perfect hotel to start from. The hotel looks like something out of a Disney movie. Sprawling estate is the first thing that can strike you when you reach your hotel.

The Don Cesar boasts a pristine stretch of beach for the resort patrons to enjoy at any point of the day. You can let your children enjoy the safe, well-watched beach while you sunbathe in peace. The service of the hotel extends to the beach as well.

Lazing away your day at the beach seems to mellow? Try out the various water sports rentals that Don Cesar offers.

With two heated outdoor pools, complete with poolside bar service, you do not even have to walk down to the beach to relax near water. After a long day exerting yourself with beach sports and activities, you can relax at the hotel’s jacuzzi or head for the spa. With a view of the ocean in front of you, you can let your masseuse pamper your body into bliss.


Go on an Off-shore Adventure

You cannot simply spend your days lazing on the beach when you are in Florida. St. Pete Beach is not the only place to explore in St. Petersburg, Florida. There are Viator tours that can give you unique experiences in Florida that you will fondly remember forever.

The wildlife around Florida is very unique. Viator’s dolphin tours allow you to be one with the marine wildlife on their Dolphin tours. The two-hour tour will enable you to snorkel in Shelly Keys with dolphins, occasionally manatees and other marine wildlife. Another Dolphin tour from St Pete Beach, by Viator, allows you to take a speedboat to get a view of the beaches and wildlife. Similar Viator cruises can take you to Egmont Key to have a close experience with dolphins.

Viator tours offer yachts on rent for your luxury sailing experience. You can book the yacht for the number of hours for which you want to sail. Book a sunset cruise for your family or as a group to enjoy the best sunset experience.

For more adventures, you can take off on paddle boat tours, go parasailing, sail a catamaran, ride a banana boat or go camping to Primitive Island. Viator can even take you on a day trip to Walt Disney World to continue your fairytale holiday. Explore tour packages from St. Petersburg, Florida.


Fly to Miami Beach, Florida

When in Florida you must get a dose of the Miami life. Miami is the city that offers something for everybody. From the fantastic Art Deco District to the palm-lined Miami Beach, Miami needs to be on your visitation list. Getting from St. Petersburg to Miami does not have to take a few hours on the road. All you need to do is Book Miami Helicopter Charter Online from St. Petersburg to Miami to save hours on the road. Book Miami Helicopter Charter Online to continue your luxury holiday in Florida. When you Book Miami Helicopter Charter Online you can book helicopter tours that can take you over the city as well as the Keys. The best views of Miami can be viewed from the helicopter tour that you book.


Stay at the Carillon Miami Resort

Continue your royal holiday at Carillon Miami Resort in Miami. With a 750-foot long private beach, you do not have to fight for sunbathing space. Enjoy your stay at the Suites overlooking the beautiful blue Atlantic Ocean. A stay is Carillon is all about wellness. Take time of taking care of your body at the spa, beauty salon, and fitness center. Take care of your mind with in-house therapies. Your stay at the Carillon will leave you rejuvenated. Explore all the wellness and health packages at Carillon during your stay.


Go on a Beach Adventure

In between spa, sessions take some time to get to see around Miami. Viator tours have a plethora of different tours that can help you get a juicy bite of Miami experience. Missing out on a tour of the Everglades is never an option. Viator allows you to take an airboat tour of Everglades along with a Bay of Biscayne boat tour.

There are a few Viator day trips to the Bahamas that you can book too. Ferry trips to Grand Bahamas can allow you to go jet-skiing or snorkeling in stunning blue waters.

You can head away from the waters and enjoy the city. There are various Viator tours of Miami city. The Big bus and Double-decker bus tours can take you around Miami city. The Duck tour adds to the list of unique experiences in Florida, where you can get a land and water tours of Miami using the same vehicle. Visit Viators to book your desired Miami tours.


Plan your trip to Florida with space for unique experiences. Explore all of Florida by booking the right hotels and the right tour packages. Make your fairytale holiday to Florida one to remember.


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