To Fly or Drive?  7 Reasons Why Road Trips Are Better Than Flying

Did you take any road trips with your family when you were growing up? If so, you know that these are some of the most epic memories you’ll ever have. Road trips allow time for bonding and shared experiences, and that’s the stuff memories are made of. If you need more convincing, here are 7 reasons why road trips are better than flying.


To Fly or Drive?


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It’s easy to bring your pets


Have you ever tried to travel with a 50-pound Labrador retriever? It’s not so easy on a plane. There’s the challenge of getting through the airport, finding a potty spot during layovers and worrying about your pet’s wellbeing in the cargo area.

It’s not exactly a walk in the park in the car when it comes to traveling with a pet, but it’s so much easier. You do have to worry about space unless you have one of those new, comfortable SUVs or a spacious minivan. And you also have to worry about your pet’s comfort during the ride. Not all pets are comfortable in the car right away, but some tips and tricks will make the ride easier.


The journey is as important as the destination


When you fly to your destination, you’re tense pretty much the entire way there. Airports aren’t fun for anyone, and flying is a major source of anxiety for a lot of people.  With a road trip, you can relax and have fun along the way. Play road trip games, have some snacks and plan fun pit stops to pass the time. When you look back, you’ll barely be able to separate the journey from the destination.


It’s easier to navigate


Sure, the plane does all the navigation for you. But once you get to your destination, you’re on your own (unless you rent a vehicle). When you drive to your destination, you always have your car and GPS to rely on. No need to rent a car, take a cab or figure out which train to take. It’s easy to reroute from a wrong turn in the car. Getting on the wrong train is another thing entirely.


You can follow a flexible itinerary


With road trips, you aren’t really tied to a set schedule, you can add pitstops or take them away. You can even stay longer at your destination or come home sooner. All you have to do is get into your car and drive.


You can save money


Let’s say you’re traveling with a family of five. Roundtrip airfare per person is about $600. That’s $3,000 just in airfare. You still have to spend for parking or transportation to and from the airport. Depending on how far you’re going, you’ll probably only spend a few hundred dollars in gas. For example, round trip cost to drive from Newark, NJ to Orlando, FL is about $225 at today’s gas prices. That leaves plenty of money to cover car maintenance expenses and get a hotel room for a night or two.


You can cancel last minute


Anyone who has ever canceled a flight last minute knows that you just can’t do it without paying an arm and a leg. Even if you have traveler’s insurance, you still need a valid reason to cancel. The insurance only covers you in case of true emergencies.

With a road trip, you only lose money on any deposits and potentially lodging costs. It’s much easier to cancel a road trip than it is to cancel a flight.


You can explore your homeland


Although the idea of exploring an exotic land sounds exciting to most people, it can be just as exciting to explore your own state. Think about your trip like you’re a tourist and visit all the popular spots. You’ll get a better appreciation for where you live when it’s done.


There’s nothing wrong with taking a flight to your destination, but road trips have a lot more character. They’re more flexible, and they teach us that we should be slowing down to enjoy the journey. But if you are interested in flying, compare the lowest prices to your dream destination right now on my all new Travel Now Page. Just choose where you want to go then select all the major travel sites and watch them compare for the lowest price online! Travel does not have to be expensive! You just have to do it like a pro! Good thing you’ve got a travel pro bestie! 


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  1. I adhere to road trips, except for short-term family events, such as funerals, which are of course, unscheduled and happen during the work term. I like the freedom of itinerary that a road trip offers.

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