Belgian Beer and Chocolate, Walking Tours in Brussels

Rich of its culture, inheriting the same from French and Flemish communities of Belgium, Brussels is a great city to live in and travel to. With a number of Old Churches, Museums, and a few beautiful parks, Brussels becomes a great tourist attraction and has a good number of Travellers visiting it every year.  Also, Brussels is famous for its Beer, and its Chocolate. You remember the taste of Belgian Chocolate? Well, if you ever had that, you sure do.  If you are looking to explore, consider doing one of the walking tours in Brussels!

But, is that all about Brussels? Not really, there are more than 35 Monuments present in Brussels alone, which you as a tourist can visit, and apart from that there are people who are always looking forward to holding a Stag do in Brussels. The reason being its amazing Belgian Beer, for which you can have a walking tour too. This blog post is to introduce you to the same.


What is Belgian Beer and Chocolate Walking Tour?


As the name suggests, it is a Walking Tour in Brussels. Just that, on this Tour, you will get to taste Traditional and Synthesized Belgian Beers and Chocolates. This makes a great deal for all the Foodies traveling to Brussels. Also, it is a great opportunity to meet Like Minded Travellers, in a completely New city otherwise. Talking of the duration, the Tour will take 4.5 hours to be done, and is available in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and German languages. Starting from Rue du Marché aux Herbes in Brussels, it ends after a few blocks. For all the other important details, you can read from the sections below.


Major Highlights of a Belgian Beer and Chocolate Walking Tour in Brussels:

As mentioned in the section above, this is a true Joy Ride for all those who love Food, and are always up for trying something better. The infamous Belgian Chocolate and Belgian Beer combined on a Walking tour will truly be a great deal for the 80 Euros that you will be spending.


Also, have a look at the major Highlights of the Belgian Beer and Chocolate Walking Tour below:

  • An exciting walk in the centre of the city
  • A Chance to visit some of the most exclusive Chocolate shops
  • You get to taste at least 10 Chocolates
  • You get to learn about Belgian Beer Styles and get to sample at least 6 of them
  • Go and see the Beer boutique and local bars around the whole place
  • You will also get a 10% discount on 2 shops that you visit on this Walking Tour

Well, mentioned above here are some of the major Highlights of the Belgian Beer and Chocolate Walking Tour, to know what exactly is included, and what you won’t be able to avail on the ticket to this tour, read below.

What all is Included, and what all is not?

It totally makes sense to ask this question, when you are paying 80 Euros, for a Walking tour at the center of the city. Well, the list of the Inclusive is right here.


The Tour Includes:

  • Chocolate Tasting
  • Beer Tasting
  • A Tour Guide who is Friendly, and might even be Funny
  • Nice company in the form of Like-Minded travelers
  • Cheese and Cured Meats


The Tour doesn’t Include:

  • Bad Chocolate
  • Bad Beer
  • A Boring Tour Guide
  • Henneken
  • Bud Light


And, the best thing that you will always get on a Belgian Beer and Chocolate Walking Tour is lots of Love. The vibe is just going to be amazing, and I bet you will love it. So, the next time you get to Brussels, do take this exciting tour.

Final Words:

Apart from everything that you can do in Brussels (which generally comprises of either a Stag Do, or local monuments seeing), a nice walk for the Belgian Beer and Chocolate Walking Tour, is something you can go for. You can easily get in touch with any Local Tour guide, or look over the Internet for the next Belgian Beer and Chocolate Tour.

If you’re learning about being in Belgium why not take a short ride to explore fairytale castles in Luxembourg!


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