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5 Hotels You Should Check Out If You Travel With Pets

When it comes to animals, not many hotels will approve of such. However, there are some hotels where animal lovers can wine and dine while they admire and interact with wildlife. It provides a chance for visitors to interact with nature and have the best time of their visit. Below are the top hotels for animal lovers. If you love to travel with pets or have always wanted there to be more animals in your travels, here are some great places to check out.


5 Hotels Every Animal Lover Should Visit




Dog Bark Park Inn


This hotel inn has everything you need as a dog lover. It is one of the most exotic places for animal lovers. Found in Idaho, it spells exotic when you check into the hotel. It is dog-themed from the outside and when you get on the inside. You will find carved art pieces which will set the mood right. It prides as being the biggest Beagle in the world. Due to its natural uniqueness and by the fact that it is animal-friendly, visitors who are also animal lovers flock the Inn. Even their food is dog themed, which adds to the thrill of the stay.




Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge


It offers a great ambiance for animal lovers. It is the best place where you feel like you are doing something right for the animals. If you are into cats, then Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is the best place to be. There are daily visits to see the cats that have taken refuge in Turpentine Creek. It has great views where you can meet members of the cat family like the cheetah, lions, and tigers. You can even take the entire family with you for a fun-filled and exciting adventure to the wildlife refuge in Eureka Springs.




Sol y Luna Lodge and Spa


If you are a horse lover, then you should stop by Sol y Luna Lodge and Spa once you are in Peru. It is a magical and yet exotic hotel to stay in. The Peruvian Paso horses are the main attraction and way of entertainment in this lodge and spa. The horse breed is rare which makes this hotel one of a kind. The best thing to look forward to once you check into this hotel is the horsemen dancing to the famous Peruvian Mariera beat. Visitors are also invited to try out the dance once the horsemen are done, which can be quite fun.




Giraffe Manor


As the name suggests, you will fine dine with giraffes. It is a sanctuary of giraffes where you will feast with giraffes whether you are outside the hotel or in your hotel room. It is based in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. As a visitor, you will get to interact with giraffes while you feed them and take breakfast at the same time. The tranquility of the hotel and the environment will have you coming back for more. It has great staff and food with great climate o enjoy a memorable vacation. You can take photos of the giraffes and enjoy the magical sunset as you experience greatness at its best.




Red Mountain Resort


Check into the Red Mountain Resort in Utah and experience the true value of nature. It allows visitors to have their way when it comes to animals. Visitors can go hiking to the Snow Canyon State Park or the Bryce Canyon, depending on preference. While hiking, you are allowed to take with you a puppy or a dog just as a companion. It is a great way to exhale and enjoy nature to the fullest. It allows you to appreciate animals including dogs and horses while you volunteer in animal welfares. It is a way of giving back to the animals which can come with a rare kind of satisfaction.




If you want to declare or show your love for animals while you unwind, those are the top hotels you can check into. Have you visited any of these? Are they on your bucket list?


Guest posted by Leah Green, a novice web writer whose aim is animal protection. Organizations like Max Polyakov Animals Foundation make efforts to improve the life of every little creature. Learn more about their activity and achievements.



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