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Educational Things to do in Spain

Top 4 Educational Touring Destinations in Spain

If you’re looking for educational things to do in Spain you’ll find that Spain has a rich and diverse history that spans back thousands of years across several empires, so there’s an abundance of information for knowledge-seekers to assimilate and enjoy during a tour of the country’s most important historic attractions. Whether you’re visiting for a short-term vacation or are planning on attending a university in Spain, if you’re the adventurous and curious type, then you’ll definitely want to take the time to become acquainted with the nation’s unique background, geology, scenery, and people.


When you’re itching for some educational things to do in Spain you can start by checking out the following 4 intriguing and edifying attractions. And if you’re trying to explore the city while getting your studies done, it might be smart to look into a custom essay paper writing service


Educational Things to do in Spain


Educational Things to do in Spain


Educational Things to do in Spain


The Sagrada Familia Church


Probably one of the most Pinterest worthy educational things to do in Spain is touring the Sagrada Familia Church. This architectural masterpiece and the surrounding complex of buildings are one of Barcelona’s most notable landmarks, designed by famous architect Antoni Gaudi in the style of Art Nouveau. He also designed the stunningly sculpted Casa Mila – a marvelous secular building that never fails to stimulate the imagination.  


Educational Things to do in Spain


The Prado Art Museum


The Prado is widely known as one of the world’s finest collections of rare and exquisite art, situated on Madrid’s renowned El Paseo del Arte, which translates to “The Art Walk.” This picturesque street deserves its name because it’s home to a slew of 5-star museums, including the CaixaForum, Reina Sofia National Art Museum, and Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Prado often makes the list of top things to do in Spain and it certainly makes our list of educational things to do in Spain! The Madrid museums are some of the first attractions students in Madrid encounter because there are a number of nearby universities and student living facilities. For example, the Collegiate apartments are located in the heart of the city and students staying here can take advantage of the culture that surrounds them.


UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the South of France, Educational Things to do in Spain

The Great Mosque of Cordoba


The Great Mosque of Cordoba, as it is fittingly named, is an extravagant movie-like masterpiece that’s considered by many to be the most impressive example of Moorish architecture in the world. The site is known as one of Western Europe’s most significant representations of Islamic culture, history, and art.


Educational Things to do in Spain


San Lorenzo de El Escorial


Almost 50 kilometers outside of Madrid lies San Lorenzo de Escorial, an extensive complex of buildings, monuments, and gardens that originally served as the summer vacation estate for Spanish kings. A day trip to this fascinating attraction is one of the quickest ways to learn about the history of Spanish royalty dating back to the 1500’s. There are truly some remarkable examples of Spain’s best architecture and art to be found here, so it’s definitely a spot you won’t want to miss.


Treating Yourself to a Little Bit of Nightlife


Once you’re done overloading yourself with fun facts and scenic sights, you’ll probably want to relax and unwind somewhere. Fortunately, Spain is home to many bustling nightclub scenes, especially in and around Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, and Benidorm. Of course, if you’re a student, then you’ll want to exercise discretion and moderation to keep yourself out of trouble. Although this can be difficult to do when you’re having the time of your life, hopefully after a long day of educational exploration you’ll be inclined to keep the night reasonably short.


There is no shortage of educational things to do in Spain. Whether you’re a student or you just want to enhance your culture, Spain is a must for the bucket lists of the intellectual traveler.

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