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portal router review, portal, wifi, router

Dear Santa – Thanks for the Portal Router Review

People seem to think that bloggers are technologically gifted. Every time I say I am a blogger or mention writing for a blog, the tech questions always follow. And while it is true that many bloggers are tech savvy, I am the exception. I am a technology killer. From cell phones to the xerox machine at work nothing is safe from my super power to make devices want to troubleshoot themselves. So when I agreed to do the PORTAL router review, I panicked a bit once I reallllly thought about it. I am the girl after all who technology seems to hate.

PORTAL Router Review

portal router review, portal, wifi, router

Guys, this router is the exception to my troubleshooting woes! PORTAL was engineered for demanding urban users and tough crowded environments that normally lend themselves to lagging wifi. With patented technologies that enable PORTAL to access special protected fast channels not available to traditional consumer routers you get lag-free gaming and smooth, fast 4K video streaming throughout the home.

Ground Breaking Technology

PORTAL introduces three ground-breaking technologies to disrupt the staid and stagnant home wireless networking industry

  • FASTLANES™ – A multi-channel, zero-wait DFS technology that provides access to multiple uncrowded fast channels in the radar-protected portions of the 5GHz spectrum, yielding between 3x and 5x more wireless capacity than conventional retail routers today;
  • SMARTLANES™ – A wide-area, self-optimizing network technology utilizing active traffic and interference avoidance that automatically configures your network, and dynamically steers your devices to the optimum fast lane channels to give your devices fast, consistent and more reliable WiFi access;
  • NETWORK AUTOPILOT – A family of advanced technologies available soon, including adaptive auto-mesh enabling multiple PORTALs to be bridged together both wirelessly and wired for extended coverage. Also, intelligent network steering ensures your smart devices seamlessly transition between 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks and roam between multiple access points, plus active intrusion detection and rolling code guest networking for secure, no-touch guest access.

portal router review, portal, wifi, router

One of my favorite things about it is the design. Bye bye, ugly routers that you want to hide behind the couch and hello beautiful portal! It’s sleek white design makes it blend into your decor no matter what style. It doesn’t look like a router at all! It has a bad ass vibe that says “I’m fast…I’m cool” and we couldn’t agree more.

And man is this thing fast! There may only be 2 humans in our house but our devices certainly make it seem like we’re more populated. Between our cell phones, laptops, smart watches, iPads, and even wifi cameras we are always feeling the lag of our interneting abilities. I didn’t think I would be able to tell the difference between our old router and portal. Good god was I wrong!

portal router review, portal, wifi, router

I had no “loading” errors on my iPad when I watched Netflix and no once did the Apple TV give us the never ending loading search screen. Paint me impressed, color me a fan! portal, you have won me over. WELCOME TO THE MCKENNA HOUSEHOLD!




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