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Universe2Go, Universe2Go review, technology, at home planetarium

Universe2Go Review – Cosmic Galaxy Travel at Your Fingertips

Remember when you were a little kid and you had the red viewfinder that looked like binoculars and you clicked through different pictures? Hold that thought. Remember when the iPhone first came out and they had that gnarly night sky app? Hold that thought too! Now, say those to had a baby. And add modern-day technology to it. In one word: EffingBadAss(so bad ass 3 words turn into 1). That is what Universe2Go is. It is a planetary adventure, no space suit required!

Universe2Go Your Personal Planetarium

I am someone who bought the Night Sky App the day I got an iPhone and still looks at it when I go to bed. I have always been fascinated by outer space. This gadget  is a total space junkie game changer. Like legit guys, it turns any location into your own personal planetarium. There is no need to filter out light pollution and no waiting til the wee hours of the morning hoping to catch a glimpse of that comet.

Universe2Go, Universe2Go review, technology, at home planetarium

So let’s talk about why Universe2Go should be your next tech buy. The Universe2Go viewfinder is a two-piece augmented reality system for your smart phone, though cell service and wifi are not needed, it turns any location into a personal planetarium.

Aside from the general badassery that comes from holding the stars in your hands, Universer2Go also has a comprehensive audio guide that explains what you are looking at. It has stories, facts, and mythology for all 88 constellations, planets, galaxies, star clusters, and interstellar space. It’s perfect for both the casual stargazer and hardcore hobbyist.

The Universe2Go viewfinder is easy to use and perfect from all ages. Grandpa AND the littles in your family will all be tugging at your sleeve to let them use it next. Universe2Go is also incredibly user friendly. Once the smart phone is in place, users tip their heads up, down, to the left or to the right to navigate the menu. Right in your hands and at the tip of your fingers, the night sky is now yours to explore.


Universe2Go, Universe2Go review, technology, at home planetarium

The interactive Universe2Go viewfinder makes that experience even more exciting by using a smart phone and an accompanying app. The app, available for both apple and android systems, is used to create a digital picture of the night sky. Simultaneously, using GPS and modern smart phone sensors, the user can see the night sky through the transparent front of the viewer, superimposing this digital picture over the real starry sky and creating a complete picture, regardless of lighting or weather conditions.

If you ever wanted to go to space camp or have Kennedy Space Center on your bucket list of places you want to visit, Universe2Go is the toy that will get you there in the meantime! So, get away from the city lights at night by grabbing your Universe2Go, explore the night sky, and be the astronaut you always dreamed of being! Houston, we have made visual contact.

I was sent a free product for review, it in no way shapes my opinion.

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