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Dancing baby Groot Video

Dancing Baby Groot Video, this Will Make You Smile Anytime

Marvel has reigned supreme when it comes to exciting post-credit scenes, and all veteran Marvel moviegoers know not to leave until all the credits are done and the lights come on.  There have been many post-credit scenes where talk of it has dominated the internet and given nerdgasms everywhere, such as the start of the Avengers Initiative or Thanos’ first appearance, but the latest post credit scene that’s gone viral has taken many by surprise, and apparently that includes Marvel. I’m referring to the post-credit scenes from Guardians of the Galaxy, and it’s not a spoiler if you still haven’t seen the movie yet, where baby Groot is dancing to “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5, while avoiding the gaze of Drax. James Gunn, the director, revealed to Yahoo! Movies that he was the one performing the actual dance moves and it was just re-rendered as baby Groot. It’s a 44 second clip and Marvel has officially released it for those who haven’t seen it or can’t get enough of it.

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This scene created a huge demand for a dancing baby Groot but the problem was none were available, and not even from Marvel. In this day and age where merchandise factors into decision-making, I have to commend Marvel and James Gunn on adding a scene that was meant to be rewarding to fans and not just a way to push another product. But I also have to commend them on recognizing the high demand and responding by announcing an officially licensed Dancing Baby Groot bobblehead figure by Funko as part of its Pop! line. If you’re not familiar with Funko they’re a popular toy company that manufactures collectibles ranging from bobbleheads to plush figures based on pop culture. They’re a huge hit at conventions as well when they offer exclusive merchandise that sells out in record time. And if a bobblehead figure isn’t your thing, Marvel promises a fully battery-operated dancing baby Groot by the holidays.

Dancing Baby Groot 2

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