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8 Ways to Keep Your Baby Calm on Road Trips

Road trips with an infant can be very stressful and tiring. Luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be that way all the time.


If you compare a flight with a baby with a road trip with an infant, the former is much more comfortable since you have a lot more freedom when it comes to road trips.


Not only that, but you also won’t have to be anxious about disturbing anyone during road trips.


Also, you can park along rest stops or other destinations along the way. Planned trips can be more fun especially if you travel with Next Vacay since they can provide you with an overview of your whole trip.


Whether you’re going somewhere familiar or exploring the cityscapes of unfamiliar territory, you might be surprised how comfortable you and your baby would be during long road trips by following these simple tips we have for you today.


So now sit back and relax because we will discuss tips on keeping your baby comfortable during road trips.

road trips, baby

8 Tips for Keeping Your Baby Calm on Road Trips 

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If you’re alone with your baby during road trips, everything will be harder than you think. To start with, you have to focus on driving to avoid having accidents.


At the same time, you also have to take care of your baby whenever they need something, and of course, you can’t drive at the same time.


So if you’re planning to take care of your baby on road trips, make your life much easier by having someone with you to help with your baby.


Having that extra pair of hands while driving will address any issue with your baby, like preparing a bottle, wiping up the mess, during the baby’s boredom, etc.


Then, if you’re tired of driving, you can change duties and have the other person drive or vice versa. It’s a neat division of duties that you can interchange whenever you need it.

road trips, baby

Drive at Night

It’s probably a bit uncomfortable and tiring to drive at night, but you might want to do the former if you’d rather have a baby constantly needing affection and attention all the time with no exit in sight.


In addition, driving at night means that your baby will be asleep all throughout, which means fewer duties for you since they won’t be hungry, annoyed, or bored because they’re asleep.


This is especially true if you have no one with you to take care of the baby on road trips. 


But of course, it’s also quite dangerous if you don’t have much sleep and rest the day prior. So again, it’s always having someone to be with you during a night drive so you can take a break and sleep for a while.

road trips, baby

Skip the Scenic Route

One of the joys of driving is that you can take the scenic route to see some beautiful scenery on the way and if you travel with Next Vacay, you’ll know where to find them.


However, these beautiful sceneries are in the countryside or where there aren’t many buildings in sight.


This also means that it’s going to be hard looking for help with directions or buying supplies when needed because you’re in the countryside or somewhere with little civilization.


With that said, just skip the scenic route entirely. Instead, you should plan out your route where there are a lot of pit stops, supermarkets, and other essential places so help and supplies are accessible when you need them.

road trips, baby

Learn Some Baby Massage Techniques

We all get stiff and uncomfortable sitting in a car for a long time. We often complain about this and just move on but not for babies.


When they get bored or uncomfortable, they will cry, and of course, it’s pretty annoying when you’re driving.


To avoid them experiencing stiffness, you should learn some baby massage techniques to keep them comfortable and without pain.


One of the most common things is to gently massage their feet and legs, which often calms and makes them comfortable.

road trips, baby

Sing Simple Camp Songs

Babies can also get bored like adults, but unlike those who just whine and complain, they voice their boredom through constant crying.


Before that happens, you need to have some tools at your disposal that you can use when this happens.


One of the most effective ones is simple camp songs. And no, if you’re wondering if the radio will do the trick, it won’t. So instead, try to pick songs with simple melodies that they can also try and sing.


And even if your baby can’t sing just yet, it will keep them entertained and probably clap their hands because they’re having fun.

road trips, baby

Bring Snacks

If camp songs don’t work, then maybe snacks will. You can bring bottles for your babies since it’s tasty and distracting for them, which you can use to have quiet time.


However, if your baby is still nursing, you might want to plan for some stops on your road trip for you to nurse them once in a while, which is easier if you travel with Next Vacay.


If you’re planning to bring snacks, pack healthy ones. You can try whole-grain cereals, bite-sized chopped fruits, and cheese cubes.


However, keep your snacks in a small cooler to keep them fresh and safe. Also, if your baby is prone to choking, you can look for a good stopping place to stop and feed your child during your road trips. 

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Try Movies

A movie probably will if your food and songs don’t distract your baby. Not only will this keep them comfy, but it can also serve as a distraction for your baby.


However, only do this when you’re on a long road trip since they tend to get in the habit of expecting movies every time they are in the car. If you don’t mind this, then go ahead.


However, this is much better if your car has a rear entertainment system where your baby can watch a movie.


If it’s something from a smartphone or a tablet, you might want to avoid that since babies can’t exactly handle things properly, especially when the route has some rough patches.


But if your baby is old enough to handle it, then it’s probably possible.

road trips, baby

Admit Defeat

If you’re tired or frustrated, or if everyone in the car can’t take a second inside the car anymore, then the best decision is to just stop and have a break.


No matter how prepared you are for a long road trip, there will be a time when you can’t just take it anymore and just go out and stretch your legs. You can find a good place like a rest stop or a hotel if you travel with Next Vacay.


If you want a safer place, then a hotel is preferable, especially since some offer cribs and even strollers for visitors with a baby in tow.


And with that, you and your baby will be able to take a break and be ready to head out to the long road again tomorrow.

road trips, baby

Final Words

Road trips are fun and exciting. You might think bringing a baby with you can be less than that, but you’re wrong.


Sometimes, it’s more fun being with a baby, especially when you plan how to make them comfortable during the long hours on the road.


If you’re looking for tips on making your baby comfy for road trips, then the tips above will help you greatly. Don’t forget to pack the essentials as well! 

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