10 Essentials When Traveling with Babies

Babies are the joys of a parent’s life. However, traveling with babies can be stressful if you’re not prepared.


When you have a child, your life changes completely. You no longer live for yourself. Rather, you happily live your life for that little bundle of joy that chose you to raise and protect them. 


Of course, having a baby doesn’t mean that your life stops. While your main priority is loving, caring for, and protecting your child, you still have other responsibilities or events that require your attention.


Sometimes, those responsibilities or events require you to travel with your baby. So, here are ten essentials to keep you prepared and less stressed when traveling with babies:


traveling with babies, stroller


Traveling With Babies – What You Really Need

Travel Stroller


You may think you will carry your baby everywhere during your travel, but the reality is that, eventually, you will need to put them down. When that time comes, you want to be prepared, preferably with an item more mobile than a pack and play. 


That is where the travel stroller comes in. This stroller should not be your everyday stroller. It should be smaller and lighter so that you and your baby can scoot around from the airport to the theme park and everywhere in-between, without an issue. 


Comfortable Baby Clothes and Shoes


Yes, you have an adorable outfit for each day of your trip, but that cute, stuffy outfit that will look so good in pictures will only stay on for the picture (if you’re lucky). Plus, those uncomfortable but adorable clodhoppers you bought will just encourage your baby to learn how to take them off.


So, for everyday wear, you want to bring comfortable clothes and shoes. Remember, this is an adventure for your baby too. You don’t want uncomfortable clothing and shoes to keep your child from having fun and being themselves.


child safety while driving, car seat


Travel Car Seat


Much like the travel stroller, you want to have a travel car seat that is light, and easy to bring with you. It is better to get a travel car seat, instead of your normal car seat, so that when you get home, you can be sure your regular car seat is waiting for you. 


Don’t Forget Diapers


Of course, most moms and dads, at some point, practically sleep with fresh diapers by their bed. However, when you are traveling, the right amount of diapers can elude you, and you certainly don’t want to get caught without them.


Even if your baby is older and potty trained, you may want to bring diapers just in case. Traveling is stressful and stimulating for babies. It is better to bring diapers and not need them than to rush out and get them. 


If you are visiting a place where you might be swimming, don’t forget the swimming diapers. 


traveling with babies, bottle, formula




Always have some baby formula on hand when you are traveling. Even if you are breastfeeding, you want to make sure you have some formula for an emergency. 


When you’re traveling, you never know what could delay you, and the last thing you want, when you’re trying to solve an issue or figure out your next move, is a hungry baby.


Wet Bags


Whether your baby gets into a wet area, spills juice, or you are dealing with another form of wetness, it is a good bet they will have wet clothes at some point while you’re on the go. 


Therefore, it is always good to have a wet bag at the ready. That way, you can just stick the clothes inside and continue with your day.


traveling with babies, pacifier


Pacifier, Lovey, or Blanket


You do not want to be without your child’s favorite soother when you are traveling. Again, traveling is stressful for a child, just like it is stressful for an adult. Babies don’t know what is going on, why everything is so loud, and who all these people are that want to hold them.


Thus, having their favorite toy, pacifier, or blanket on hand at all times will give them something familiar to focus on so that they can calm down. 


Travel Bed


Every trip is an adventure. Part of that adventure means you don’t always know exactly where you will end up in a day. While that is all part of the fun, you do want to have an easy-to-use travel bed to set up for your little one. 


That way, you can travel freely, knowing your baby will always have a clean and comfortable place to lay its head. 


baby bag backpack


Diaper Backpack


When you are traveling, you want to make everything as compact as possible. Although, if you’ve been a parent for more than five minutes, you know babies are anything but compact. 

Fortunately, bringing a diaper backpack is a great way to keep all the essentials in one place, while also giving your shoulder a rest from a conventional diaper bag. 


First Aid Kit


Traveling takes you to many unfamiliar places. Even at home, accidents can happen. Although,  when you and your baby aren’t familiar with the terrain, the chance of an accident increases.


So, you need to be ready. Always have a first aid kit with you. That way, if your baby does get a bump or scrape, you can take care of it immediately.


If you keep these suggestions in mind and make sure you are prepared for the trip ahead of time, then traveling with babies will be easier. 


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