10 Memorable Anniversary Gifts for Your Partner 

Everyone wants to give their partners memorable anniversary gifts. The problem is figuring out what those gifts should be. The following are 10 thoughtful options you can consider when searching for anniversary gifts for your partner.


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Anniversary Gifts for Your Partner – Something for Everyone

1. Bobbleheads


If you want something cute but also funny, why not consider a bobblehead? Yes, this is another example of those custom anniversary gifts just mentioned, so you know why it might be special.


What you do is send in a picture of yourself and a picture of your partner. The bobblehead makers will take those images and make bobbleheads out of the two of you. It’s a fun gift that will be memorable. You can keep them in your house or put them in your car.


2. Personalized Picnic Table


The idea is simple. You will be personalizing a wooden mini picnic table. Both names will be inscribed on the table, which can be folded up and carried anywhere. It’s a fun gift that you can use whenever you want.


With this picnic table, you can celebrate in the middle of nature and bring a little wine and some of your picnic favorites. It’s a great way to spend more time outdoors together.


3. A Personalized Song


If you’re a songwriter and can sing, then you’ve got this. If you can’t sing, don’t worry about it. You can have a song made for your partner, and all you need to do is find an artist. Some artists are willing to write a song and sing it to your beloved.


The artist could send you the audio so that you can play it and make this one of the best anniversary gifts for your partner. The artist is going to ask you a few questions about your relationship and work your names into the song. It’s a beautiful idea that you’ll definitely remember.


4. The Photo Blanket


One thing to consider is a custom anniversary gift like a custom photo blanket. People tend to like these gifts. They may like them because people don’t usually give unique gifts like this, or maybe it’s the thought you have to put into the gift. For the photo blanket, you can have a collection of family pictures printed on a beautiful and comfortable blanket.


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5. A Real Painting


You probably have a picture that you both love. Well, why not send that image to an artist and have them paint it on canvas. Yes, a real portrait of you two and the love you share will definitely make a great gift.


Now, if you want this to be one of your best and most memorable anniversary gifts, then you have to do a little homework. You’ll have to make sure the artist you’re hiring can get the job done. Look for reviews, and make sure you pay attention to past artwork. If everything looks good, then what are you waiting for?


6. Hand Casting Kit


Another sweet and wonderful idea is a hand casting kit. The reason this could be one of the best anniversary gifts for your partner is because of what it represents in the future.


You clasp hands in the casting material and wait for the material to set. After that, you’ve created a miniature cast of the two of you holding each other’s hands. Given enough time, this is going to represent so much because of all the things you’ve been through over the years.


7. Meal Delivery Subscription


There are times when people don’t feel like cooking, and that’s okay. Maybe you can incorporate that into the gift you decide to give this year, which should explain this suggestion of a meal delivery subscription. This could be one of your most thoughtful anniversary gifts for your partner.


You are going to have to find a meal delivery service that offers the meals you both want. The company must observe your dietary preferences, but this could be great. You can use a subscription service as long as you want. There are a few different services, such as Blue Apron, that are out there.


8. Gourmet Edibles


Consider chocolates, chocolate-covered strawberries, or any other type of edible you might want to give. If you are a beef lover, You can also select Beef Jerky Gifts by Manly Man Co.®. This is a great gift because you both get to enjoy it, and it’s delivered straight to your door. Again, make sure the ingredients match your dietary preferences.


You don’t want your partner to think you didn’t take their preferences into account when you were thinking of what to give them this year. You should consider adding a note. The note makes this gift stand out. Work on what you want to say. You’ll have more than enough time if you’re planning this early enough.


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9. A Dance Class


Have you and your partner ever wanted to learn a particular dance? If so, then you have a golden opportunity now. You can purchase a class to help you both learn this dance you’ve been hoping to learn for a long time.


There are a lot of reasons why folks want to do something but never get around to it. With this gift, it puts you both in a situation you can’t really escape. After you do it and learn this dance, you’ll both be so happy you finally did it.


10. Kombucha Starter Kit


If you both love kombucha, why not consider making it at home. It’s an easy process that requires a little patience. You will have fun together learning how to make this delicious drink, and you’ll start to play around with the flavors. Maybe the two of you can come up with the perfect brew mix.


You can give it a name that combines both of you and share it with all your friends or family members. Doing something like this together is part of the gift, which is especially good for those who don’t always find the time to spend together. Check out Amazon for some options.


These are just some of the many great options you have when buying anniversary gifts for your partner. Hopefully, you find something worthwhile that you know your partner is going to love.

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