Tips on How to Do Your Next Winery Visit Like a Boss

Taking a trip with friends can be a wonderful way to get away from home and enjoy some quality time with the people you love. Of course, you are going to run into the classic obstacle of “where should we go.” When you want to have a bit of fun, you might find it interesting to think about visiting a winery. Trips to vineyards and similar locations can be invigorating, allowing you and your closest friends the chance to bond and indulge in a bit of delicious drinking.


Before you book your trip, there are a couple of tips to take into consideration. Follow these ideas and you will be able to maximize your enjoyment.


Tips For Enjoying Your Next Winery Visit


Responsible Drinking


The most important tip to remember when visiting a winery is to hire a designated driver. You are going to be sampling and drinking a lot of wine during your visit. Even though tastings do not require you actually swallow the wine you’re sampling, you are more than likely going to enjoy yourself with a few glasses during each tour. When everyone in your group is drinking, getting around can prove to be a bit of a challenge. Under no circumstances should anyone in your party attempt to drive after any amount of drinking.


Visiting a winery comes with a bit of responsibility. Be sure to arrange for a ride in advance. If you are traveling far for your winery visit, rely on a car service or private driver. Ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft can be unreliable in wine country, especially the wine regions far from a city like Alexander Valley, Dry Creek Valley, and Russian River Valley in Sonoma County. If you’re traveling with a large group, you might even find it useful to rent a Palm Bay bus or limo to enhance your trip and add a touch of excitement. Find the right Alexander Valley wineries for your trip, and be sure to think through all the details of how you’ll be getting around.


Early Arrivals


Another important tip to consider during your trip is arriving early. You might not want to wake up early on vacation, but it will help you to enjoy the visit a bit more. Wineries can get insanely crowded during peak hours, especially if your trip falls during one of the busier seasons. Book a reservation with Sonoma wineries that are open by appointment only to avoid the lines and have a more intimate experience. In order to beat the crowds at tasting rooms, you need to get to the winery as early as possible. Many locations host early bird tours, allowing you to get a fresh start on your experience without feeling like you’re crammed into a room with strangers.


Take time to look at the events available at the winery you plan on visiting. There might be some interesting things happening during your excursion. If you get to the winery early enough, see what other activities you and your friends can explore for after the tours are finished.


Be Bold


You are going to be offered many new and interesting wine blends during your trip. Be sure to say yes to as many choices as you can. Be bold and try new flavors you’ve never had before. The more you explore, the more you’ll learn about your tastes and hone your skills as a wine fan.


Taking a trip to a winery with your friends can be a wonderful decision. Find the perfect spot for your vacation and see what kind of fun you can discover.

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