Gambling in a Casino Abroad? 10 Things to Consider for an Enjoyable Experience

Although the travel world has been somewhat chaotic lately, once things begin to return to normal, it is pretty likely that gambling in a casino abroad will regain its popularity and continue to grow as a popular trend.


Before new travel restrictions were put in place,  an increasing number of travelers were seeking both a holiday and an opportunity to gamble in some of the best casinos all over the world.


Part of this is due to the live casino experiences available through online gaming systems which have given people a taste of a real casino experience, making them want to go and check it out for themselves. So, if you plan to travel and gamble, here are 10 things you should consider when gambling in a casino abroad. 


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Tips for Gambling in a Casino Abroad

Exchange Rates


Quite naturally, our brains are hardwired to think about currency in our native country. So, you are used to the value of 10 pounds and what that means. It is essential, therefore, that you understand the exchange rate.


In some places, you can end up spending a lot more than you realize if you forget to calculate the exchange rate. For instance, 10 pounds is the equivalent of 20 Australian dollars. So be sure to work out in advance what you can afford to spend. 


Be Aware of Tipping 


In some places, it is culturally suggested that tipping in a casino is expected. In other countries, it is not. And it’s not just that you shouldn’t tip dealers. In Australia, it’s illegal to tip dealers, and therefore you can both get into trouble.


In America and most of Europe, it is expected that you will tip the dealer and you will be considered very rude if you don’t. You also need to consider tipping your wait staff and concierge staff.


Hotel Wifi


You will find that many casinos have free wifi in rooms, and you can actually play free online versions of some of the in-person games they offer. Many casinos also have wifi extended into their bars, cafes, and even on the beaches, so you can get in a little playing time away from the casino floor if this suits you. 


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Tourist Security


As a tourist, you are going to be quite obviously sticking out from the crowd, and therefore sadly a target for pickpockets and small thieves. It is vital that you keep your money and other documents safe. And this probably means locking away in your hotel room safe anything you don’t need to carry.


When it comes to cash and mobile phones, you should keep them in a zipped bag or pocket on the front of your body, not carried in rucksacks on your back, as this is much easier for thieves to target.  


Manners Cost Nothing 


If you go into a casino with a John Wayne swagger, you’re probably asking for trouble. Just remember, manners cost nothing, and you should be humble and polite to your hosts.


Even if you are a particularly good player and seem to have had a lucky streak, it is still proper to use manners and say please and thank you.


Free Drinks 


Many casinos offer bettors free bar facilities, and this can be incredibly dangerous, so you need to take great care. It is very easy to get caught up in drinking, especially when you’re on vacation and gambling in a casino abroad.


Of course, many casino businesses want you to drink enough to lessen how strictly you monitor your spending and increase the likelihood that you will keep playing when you should really stop. 


Dress Code


Another thing that varies between facilities is the dress code, and again you can cause offense to locals if you don’t get this right. Some casinos have a very traditional and formal dress code, whereas others are more relaxed, and you can wear just about anything.


It is important you check on what is expected, even if the dress code is casual because sometimes there are little nuances to consider. For example, in some casinos, flip-flops are banned and men cannot enter bare-chested, no matter how hot it is outside.


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Learn the Rules 


It is also good to learn the rules of the most common games that you think you might like to try out. Before you even fly to your destination, you could read up on the rules of roulette, poker, and any other games you fancy.


The tables can move quite quickly, and as a beginner, it is easy to get wholly baffled and left behind if you do not even understand what is going on. It won’t take long to have a quick online session and learn the basics of any game. 



Tax Rules


Generally, you have nothing to worry about when you are gambling in a casino abroad if you are on holiday. If you are not a tax resident of the country you are visiting, you will not have to pay any local taxes on your winnings. You are only considered a tax resident if you have spent more than 183 consecutive days in a country.


However, you should also be aware of the laws in your own country regarding gambling. For example, in the UK, winnings from online or venue gambling are tax-free but that is not the case everywhere. 




Finally, try not to take yourself too seriously. Gambling in a casino abroad can be a great way to have a lot of fun, and if you win, it’s an added bonus. But getting upset when you lose isn’t going to help your holiday be any more enjoyable; in fact, it’s just going to make you miserable.


Whether gambling in your home country or touring casinos abroad, it’s essential to set a budget and not put yourself at any financial risk. Just accept that you are playing for fun, and if you happen to leave with a few more pounds than you started with, so much the better.

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