WiFi is Revolutionizing Our Entertainment During Air Travel – Here’s How

Without WiFi on flights, air travel can become seriously boring, to say the least. Seeing the sights out of the windows as you explore by car or train can keep you satiated, but air travel falls rather short when it comes to such advantages – especially if you don’t have a window seat.


With WiFi on flights now quickly becoming standard, travel boredom is becoming less of a problem with each passing year. So what opportunities can this open up that were never possible before? We take a look at a few that look ready to stand the test of time.


Here Are Some Ways to Use WiFi on Flights


Catch Up On Work


Long flights especially can be a great way to catch up on things like emails, contracts, proposals and best laid plans. As a travel blogger, I find a long flight as a great opportunity to write and edit articles. If I can make my time sitting in one place productive, then at least it’s not time wasted.


Work On Your Budget


Crunching numbers can really pass the time, especially when those numbers are your family budget. Why not use this time to get ahead and figure out ways to save more money? Who knows, next time you fly it could be for a family trip that you saved for.


Game Away the Hours


Of the modern options, perhaps none are as pronounced of various types of gaming. These range from traditional gaming-dedicated devices to simple apps and games on your phone.


The Nintendo Switch has been making waves recently as not just an incredible gaming system, but also a console that lends itself fantastically to in-flight and online mobile play. Part of this is due to the dual control sticks, each of which can separate to allow two players to enjoy various games at once. Alternatively, go a step further, and use two consoles to keep four players entertained. Just remember to connect to your most local region, otherwise lag might become a problem.


For a more adult gaming choice, we could instead turn to the increasing reliability and availability of online casino games. These can be played on most mobile phones and tablets these days, and even offer a wide selection of free bets and bonuses to make getting started easier than ever. Latency is less of an issue here, making these some of the more reliable choices for WiFi-enabled gaming.


A Good Old Book


We would be remiss if we didn’t cover the old classic of reading on flights, and with eBook readers, this is now even more accessible. If you’re anything like us, what you want to read depends heavily on your mood, which makes the act of carrying a single book onto a flight a losing strategy. Modern devices can, of course, store hundreds of books, but by connecting to the WiFi on flights you’ll be able to download a book to suit your mood as you go, or even view your favorite news publications. This is quality on-demand and you can get it the air. 


Block Out the World


Our final recommendation, for those who would rather attempt to catch up with some rest, is to invest in a decent pair of noise-canceling headphones. Couple these with a playlist from Spotify or even a YouTube rain sound stream and you’ll allow the fuss of the other travelers around you to go largely unnoticed. 


In Closing


WiFi on flights is increasingly common but is yet to be the standard on all flights. But should you be lucky enough to have access to the internet with your airline, you should be aware that it can bring a lot more than just Facebook or correspondence. A bad flight can leave everyone in a bad mood, so tackle this head on and your chances for a fairytale adventure will be that much greater. 

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