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Uncover Mexico’s Best Spa, Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa in Riviera Nayarit

If you have made it your travel mission in life to discover the hidden destinations gems of the world, then Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa in Riviera Nayarit along Mexico’s Pacific coastline is a must. The stunning landscape sets a rustic backdrop for your exploration and this rural vacation will be one to remember for a long time to come. The area offers a perfect blend of barren but beautiful nature and charming colonial towns. 


Mexico’s Best Spa


Palladium Hotel Group Spa
Photo Palladium Hotel Group


Located here is also Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa. Designed to offer its guest the most relaxing and serene experience imaginable, it is the perfect place to stay when discovering this part of Mexico. The spa is accommodating to both families and couples, making sure that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Still not sure? Here is what you can expect from your visit. 


A one-stop-shop for all your travel wishes


The unique location of Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa allows for a one-of-a-kind experience. The vast area of the spa facility includes a multitude of choices when it comes to food, relaxation, and activity. In the immediate surrounding area, there is also the possibility of exploring everything from small quaint fishing villages to buzzing nightlife. The climate is pleasant and the area has a limited rain period between June and October. 


Palladium Hotel Group Spa
Photo Palladium Hotel Group


The spa facility offers a selection of 517 luxury rooms, leaving you with the option of choosing, based on your own preferences, the most suitable one for you. Aside from the exclusive and beautiful accommodation alternatives, there is an ample selection of both bars and restaurants as well. Enjoy both local and international inspired cuisine and choose whichever option has your taste buds dancing. If you afterward feel like actual dancing, there are options for that as well. 


One thing that makes this destination a true one-stop-shop for all of your travel wishes when it comes to exploring something new as a family, it is the Family Selection at Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa. A hotel within the hotel that offers exclusive facilities was everything from dining to activities have been engineered with the youngest members of the family in mind. 


Palladium Hotel Group Spa
Photo Palladium Hotel Group


Perhaps it’s not your family you are traveling with, maybe the office kick-off event is on the horizon, or perhaps you are looking for a place to tie the knot and you would like to go somewhere that is new, exciting and unexplored by most. Then this is the perfect destination as Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa caters to those needs as well. However, as the name suggests, the spa facility really is one of the most striking features of this place and it truly takes relaxation to a whole new level. 


Discover this hidden gem for yourself 


If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, something unique, something, well, truly memorable and you have a love of all things off the beaten track, then this is the place for you. Bring your family, go alone, with your partner or travel with friends and discover one of Mexico’s hidden gems. 


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