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Follow Our Upcoming Family Adventure to Quintana Roo Mexico to Explore the Wilds, Culture, and Mayan Mythology

It’s Adventure Time!!!!


After hearing so many great things about Mexico (and after having a very small taste of it last year), we decided to set up a ten-day adventure in Quintana Roo. Our mission; to show you how luxury, adventure, relaxation and culture CAN exist in one of the most colorful and beautiful countries in the world, Mexico! But, before I delve into the details, I want to tell you what brought us to this killer adventure in the first place…


Ever since the Little was born I have been DYING to take him on a trip with some upper level adventure opportunities, in that Indiana Jones meets Tomb Raider sort of way. I had a pretty solid idea of what we wanted to experience for our perfect summer “Indiana Jones Adventure” (which is what this trip has officially been named in our home).


There had to be eco-adventure, luxury, all-inclusive convenience and wildlife. Of course I wanted all of that wrapped in breathtaking landscapes steeped in ancient culture and mythology. And of course there had to be GREAT food. Oh, and we wanted it all without flying halfway around the world. Now is that too much to ask?


Quintana Roo


Why Quintana Roo?


Words can hardly describe Quintana Roo. It’s a perfect destination for any family looking to enrich their lives with culture, adventure, beauty, serenity and some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Mexico gets horrible publicity in the US, and for that so many US traveling families are missing out on incredible experiences. We chose Quintana Roo for its Riviera Maya, Isla Holbox and Xcaret destinations.


These beautiful destinations, packed with adventure at every turn, are anything but your typical run-of-the-mill family vacation spots. I mean don’t get me wrong, they are tourist destinations, but they go much deeper than what meets the eye.






Xcaret Park and Occidental Grand Xcaret: A Destination on Its Own


We chose Occidental Grand Xcaret in conjunction with our plans to visit Xcaret Park. Xcaret Park offers a natural environment made both by mother nature and mostly by men and women of local Mayan villages. It showcases Mayan and Mexican culture woven in a crystalline river setting and is home to various wildlife and marine life.


It also hosts eco-adventures like swimming in an underground river, through dark caves, speed boating, swimming with sharks and a manatee experience. It’s home to a spectacular night show highlighting the many beautiful cultures of Mexico, a perfect way to wrap up a day of adventure and exploration.


Why Occidental Grand Xcaret: Most recently I stayed with this property when Xcaret Park had me over for the Sacred Mayan Journey, an annual reenactment of an ancient Mayan tradition. I found it to be a lovely experience.

  • Convenience to Xcaret Park, you can walk to the park entrance from the resort or even sit back and let someone row you there
  • Acres upon acres of walking trails through tropical foliage, pools, hacienda-styled buildings and ancient Mayan ruins meet the lush tropical Riviera Maya coastline at this all-inclusive resort
  • Hassle-free experiences with excursion ticket offices on location


Isla HolboxGideon under the Creative Commons License


Isla Holbox: A Place to Let Go and RELAX


Home of the famous coastal hammocks, Isla Holbox is a retreat. It’s a place to take your watch off, leave your shoes inside, and grab a book. It’s a place to siesta and get swept away in the awe of rolling turquoise tides and warm breezes.


  • Just RELAX
  • Feel a million miles away without paying for a trip across the globe
  • Pure, tropical culture
  • Luxury seaside boutique hotels, we chose Villas Flamingos


Tulum Ruins Bjørn Christian Tørrissen – Under Wikimedia Commons License


The Riviera Maya: Jungles, Coastline, Luxury, Adventure and Ancient History Come Together

In my opinion the Riviera Maya, albeit a tourist destination, is an exclusive destination where ancient footprints meet eco-adventure. It’s a place to look beyond your beach resort and journey to places where even more culture, mythology and adventure awaits.


  • Coastal Mayan Ruins of Tulum and more
  • All day guided adventure tours
  • Mayan Villages where you can experience Quintana Roo at its most natural cultured environment
  • Luxury boutique hotels on the beach, we chose Allure Agave Acanto


About Mexico Boutique Hotels 

We are very proud to say we’ve been sponsored by Mexico Boutique Hotels for both the Riviera Maya and Isla Holbox accommodations for this trip. This in no way will shape our opinion of our journal entries. Mexico Boutique Hotels is a curated collection of boutique hotels in Mexico for the discerning traveler. Just because you like feeling like Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider doesn’t mean you have to sleep like them…


Banner Quintana Roo

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Beginning June 13-23 we will share with you our daily journal entries over ten days in Quintana Roo. From the turquoise shores of the Mayan cultured Riviera Maya to the relaxing serenity of Isla Holbox, we will be getting into all kinds of fun stuff. We’ve teamed up with amazing sponsors like Mexico, Xcaret, Riviera Maya, Mexico Boutique Hotels, and the all-inclusive Occidental Grand Xcaret for 10 days of eco-adventure, Mayan culture, tours and luxury.

Join us every day as we post in real time on our favorite social platforms the best of these incredible destinations, hotels, and eco-adventure tours. We’ll be sharing family tips on traveling to Mexico, photo journals, and what to expect along with our personal stories. So the next time you’re thinking family adventure time, you can get all the info you need right here!


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