Emerald Bay Tahoe Wedding: A Wonderful Wedding Destination

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places in the world, it exhibits a truly fascinating history. Tahoe Weddings are exceedingly beautiful and appealing. Emerald Bay and South Tahoe are excellent choices couples looking to marry in Lake Tahoe. The bluff that overlooks Emerald Bay has a stunning aerial view to offer. A wedding takes place in a secluded area that towers 300 feet over the lake. What a heavenly experience for those exchanging their vows!


Emerald Bay Tahoe Wedding


Emerald Bay and South Lake Tahoe are the perfect spots for a wedding ceremony. It is a National Natural Landmark. The scenic beauty of the bay and Lake Tahoe make this a great location for Lake Tahoe wedding, photographs, and memories. Lake Tahoe offers amazing mountain wonderlands alongside A-list Hotels, dining, and entertainmentSouth Lake Tahoe is a spectacular place to visit and have your magical wedding ceremony. Wow your Guests with this breath-taking Lake Tahoe wedding venue! Or elope to our mountain paradise. (very romantic) 


If you are looking for a naturally spectacular outdoor wedding, this stunning location has it all! Warm beaches Wilderness excursions (including the Rubicon trail), ski resorts, water sports, casinos, high-end spas, incredible food, A-list Music and comedy shows. The list goes on and on! You have a choice of intimate beach retreats, rustic mountain lodges, historic stagecoach stops, and luxury resorts waiting to welcome you for a weekend or quite weekdays with your loved ones.



If you are hoping to find the perfect wedding location, look no further than these Lake Tahoe wedding venues. In Lake Tahoe, you are sure to find an abundance of beautiful locations to choose from all of which are conveniently located around the lake. 



The Best Ceremony Venues in Tahoe



High Mountain Wedding clients marry on the beaches and bluffs of Tahoe. There are different popular wedding locations from which they can choose. Based on their popularity and number of guests, Tahoe’s Best Beach Sites include Lakeside Beach and Regan Beach Park. Lakeside Beach is a perfect spot for toes in the sand affair and one of Tahoe’s best wedding sites. The Regan Beach offers Majestic tall pines above a park like setting lake front. On your wedding day both these beach locations will hold up to 100 guests and both have separate venue fees.



Emerald Bay has been an awesome experience for many of our happy couples. This amazing venue is one of the most photographed places in the world and the most spectacular wedding location in Lake Tahoe. Celebrating your special day on the bluff of Emerald Bay will be a most exhilarating experience and one that will be remembered forever. This wonderful wedding venue provides panoramic scenic views as far as the eye can see. It is one of Lake Tahoe’s premier wedding locations. Emerald Bay has a guest limit of 25.



Of all Tahoe wedding locations throughout Lake Tahoe, Sand Harbor and Logan Shoals are the best for sunset weddings. Lake Tahoe is the top wedding location for an intimate and romantic wedding. These venues are situated on the east shore of Lake Tahoe. At Logan Shoals your vows and ring exchange will take place in a semi private nook several hundred feet up the side of a mountain area that overlooks the deep blue colored lake. Sand Harbor has amazingly beautiful clear water beaches.



High Mountain Weddings most scenic and wonderful locations include:

  • Emerald Bay (up to 25 guests perfect for just the couple.)
  • Lakeside Beach
  • Regan Beach Park
  • Sand Harbor Nevada state park (great for small groups, sunset in the summer and anytime spring,winter,fall)
  • Logan Shoals vista point. (amazing views for small groups.)
  • Paradise Park


These Tahoe Wedding Locations are adjacent to many wonderful amenities in the South Lake Tahoe area. High Mountain Weddings will work with you to create a dream ceremony that will be a a memorable one. Lake Tahoe can give you a spectacular setting, our professional execution and incredible natural beauty will make your wedding day a perfect one.






Lake Tahoe provides a naturally beautiful scenario along with world class facilities. We will be happy to include our local knowledge and professional guidance. 530-577-6030 (available evenings) The natural beauty of Lake Tahoe and its diverse settings is waiting to provide your magical year round Wedding destination.



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